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triple stimulation orgasm

International Orgasm Day is celebrated on August 8, which is why we are here to talk to you about triple stimulation as an option to try to promote better orgasms, especially those days when they do not come easily.

Orgasm is known as the pinnacle of sexual arousal. It is a powerful feeling and sensation of physical pleasure that includes a release of accumulated erotic tension.

Many women ask us for recommendations on techniques, tricks or strategies to achieve orgasm, because they have never felt it before or because their orgasms are becoming less intense/or frequent.

But before we talk about better stimulation, there are two areas to check out to boost your orgasms:

Your physical condition:

A visit to the gynecologist is essential to determine if due to any physical cause , medical condition or stage of life (such as menopause) you may suffer a drop in your libido or sexual desire, vaginal dryness , hormonal changes, etc. For it is important that you do not go to the gynecologist with the regularity that they indicate and not wait for problems to arrive. The idea is to strengthen TuSaludIntima and prevent the arrival of diseases that make your sexual life difficult.

Before going into the matter of physical stimulation, it is necessary to remind yourself of three fundamental aspects if you are having difficulties to have orgasms, basic conditions:

Your mental condition:

Our mental state also intervenes in our orgasms . Remember that the brain is the main sexual organ. That is why we must take care of our emotional well-being and our self-esteem, the ability we have to give ourselves to the moment, put worries aside and give orgasm the time it deserves. All this is essential to have a pleasant sexuality and fulfill all the phases of our sexual response until reaching orgasm.

It is not enough to strengthen our body on a physical level and be healthy if we feel insecure, uncomfortable or do not trust the partner that accompanies us. So the best recommendation we can give you is to work on yourself from the inside, to overcome your fears, your insecurities, put taboos aside and surrender to what makes us happy, and then strengthen that bond that unites you.

If you feel that there are many issues to be resolved in your life and in your relationship that prevent you from living a pleasant sexuality, do not hesitate to ask a psychologist for help and keep in mind that there are a wide variety of professional specialists in couple relationships, who they can help you. In our online store you will find #SexCoaching sessions with precisely that objective.

Having overcome the physical and mental issue, let's talk about triple stimulation:

Vaginal stimulation:

It is the most common stimulation. Many couples go straight to touching the vagina or inserting their fingers, penis, or sex toys, without spending time warming up beforehand. This is a common mistake that we come to remind you, because without spending time stimulating your entire body, you can have a poor sexual experience with difficulties reaching orgasm.

They must give the body a chance to kick in , go through all the phases of the female sexual response: starting with desire that ignites the spark, arousal that continues to plateau if all goes well, orgasm , and resolution . In this article we explain the details of each of the phases of your sexual response that you should know and understand.

Clitoral stimulation:

He has the primary function of making us feel pleasure. It is the most erogenous and sensitive part of a woman. Stimulating it can trigger a physiological sexual response.

If you want to increase your chances of having a vaginal orgasm , you need to stimulate the clitoris directly. This can be done with your fingers, your partner's tongue, or a sex toy. Experiment with different movements, forms of pressure, and strokes to see what works best for you. There are no established patterns, each woman is unique and her ways of responding to stimuli may vary throughout her life.

For clitoral and vaginal stimulation, remember to use a quality water-based intimate gel , such as Zenzsual's, to avoid discomfort, fissures or burns that interrupt the arrival of orgasm.

Anal stimulation:

The pleasure of stimulating the anus lies in the large concentration of nerve endings in this area, which are very close and connected to the sensitive area of ​​the sexual organs and the pelvic muscles responsible for orgasm, which increases pleasure.

The anal area is sensitive and reacts to caresses with sensations of pleasure. Anal masturbation consists of stimulating the entrance of the anus from the outside with one or two fingers or a sex toy to produce high doses of pleasure.

Little by little if it's your first time!

The objective is to stimulate it gently and circularly with silicone-based lubricants, such as Zenzsual's TabuLub , to relax the anal muscles and gradually and progressively (that same day or in future sessions if you wish) you can introduce a finger and gently access the anal canal.

How to start with anal stimulation?

  1. Start by playing touching and massaging the perineum area so that the anus relaxes.
  2. Then when you feel comfortable tell your partner (or yourself) you can caress the area around the anus and with the other hand you can stimulate the clitoris , until your body asks for more and you find the perfect moment to insert your finger.
  3. Once your finger is inside the anus, try moving it slowly in and out until you find the best rhythm for you.

triple stimulation

By that time you are already working on a double stimulation (clitoris and anus) which simultaneously generates greater sexual pleasure. And if you combine it with vaginal penetration you will be the queen of triple stimulation, which involves: clitoral stimulation + anal stimulation + vaginal penetration.

You can achieve this with the help of your partner or alone , at the time of self-exploration, using a sex toy like TriOrgasmic , a vibrator that facilitates the triple stimulation that we mention in this article: Clitoris, G-Spot (vagina) and Anal Point. . It has a soft TPE-based gel-like material that allows delicate friction, it is Latex Free (for those who are allergic to this material) and it can be controlled at different speeds, thanks to the independence of the two vibration motors.

It's time to try it friend!

It's time to have more and better orgasms because life is short. At #TuSaludIntima we remain focused on fulfilling our purpose of caring for women's health, and definitely, orgasms are part of a woman's sexual well-being. Join our support network and open a space for growth in your life.

Visit our online store TuSaludIntima to learn about Zenzsual feminine care products. And pay attention because on our social networks we keep posting informative tips that you can share with your friends, ask us your questions and comments.


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