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Start 2020 by putting into practice the recommendations that we gave you last year to improve your intimate life and solve those sexual doubts that you do not dare to tell anyone.

What better way to start the year than by eliminating bad habits and being more planned? On this occasion we have summarized so that you do not waste time and concentrate on devoting space to what truly benefits your life and your sexuality. For this reason, below, we have compiled the 10 most read articles so that you can get straight to the point, starting with the most popular topics for our #TeamZenzsual, of which you are a part.

1.- 5 truths about multiple orgasms

(Posted July 2, 2019)

Much is said that some women may experience consecutive orgasms of the same or different intensity, needing more stimulation in some cases. Find out what you can ensure to achieve more intense orgasms, take note of some techniques and positions that will help you become a multi-orgasmic woman.

2.- Do you feel pain when making love or has the desire disappeared?

(Posted on October 1, 2019)

Pay attention to the alarms that tell you that you may be living with a Sexual Dysfunction. Lack of desire, little arousal or pain during sexual intercourse may be some of them. Begin to solve it by implementing the simple changes in your lifestyle!

3.- Your vagina ages too: Start taking care of it on time!

(posted on 09/17/2019)

Just as we see facial skin loosen over the years, the skin around your vagina is not exempt from suffering the ravages of time. Although it is a totally normal aging process, it can come to you sooner than expected and cause some discomfort around your intimate life. Don't let that happen! Know the possible causes so that you do not repeat negative patterns, exercise your pelvic floor and start taking care of yourself with the instructions that we gave you in this article.

4.- Your intimate area also needs hydration!

(Posted July 16, 2019)

Hyaluronic acid doesn't just diminish your wrinkles. It is a true ally when it comes to keeping the skin of your vagina healthy, combating uncomfortable dryness and giving it a natural, firm and regenerated appearance. Take advantage of the benefits that Zenzsual's intimate gel offers you in this matter.

5.-How to recover sexual desire after 40?

(Posted July 30, 2019)

Have you ever felt like an alien just because you'd rather read a good book or go to bed than have sex with your partner? Let me tell you that you are not the only one. It is a recurring situation that you can solve with LibiZenzs and the tips that we share here.

6.- Endometriosis: suspect it if you have painful periods, pain with sexual intercourse and difficulty getting pregnant

(Posted August 13, 2019)

It occurs when tissue similar to the endometrium (which is the lining of the uterus) is found in areas outside the uterus; causing chronic inflammation that worsens every month with menstrual bleeding and usually causes pain. Although there is no definitive cure, it is important that you see your doctor to start treatment soon to help you avoid major problems and not become a disabling disease with the arrival of each menstruation and deprive you of your decision to want to be a mother.

7.- What every woman should know about the pelvic floor

(Posted July 23, 2019) 

It is possible that if you ask a friend where it is and what the pelvic floor is for, you will receive a silence in response or simply change the subject. What you should know is that if those muscles weaken, you can suffer from urinary incontinence, prolapses, sexual problems, or lower back pain. Tell your friends! So that they begin to pay more attention to this important area of ​​our body and start your Kegel Exercises with the help of our VagiYoga.

8.- Kegel exercises, do they really work?

(Posted June 11, 2019)

Kegel exercises are known for their effectiveness in increasing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, improving symptoms or even eliminating urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse or descent. Its constant practice benefits the enjoyment of sexual relations, because they help to maintain the proper functions of the intestines, the bladder and the female sexual and reproductive system. If you have never done them before and you feel more lost than ever with the issue of exercising these muscles, our VagiYoga will be your best ally.

9.- The sexual differences between them and them

(Posted August 20, 2019)

Our body is designed to respond differently to the stimuli that invite us to connect. In this article you will learn how to exploit those differences to your advantage. But it is super important that you know your tastes and preferences well first of all!

10.- 10 foods that you should NOT eat before a Zenzsual meeting

(Posted August 6, 2019)

Gastrointestinal problems by mistake end up being a reason for gynecological consultation, because we confuse them with inflammation of the ovaries, belly pain or with some problem in our reproductive area. The truth is that a poor diet or carelessness in the presence of a gastric disease, can be responsible for an unforgettable explosive night, and not exactly passion, but memorable for ruining a pleasant evening. Learn to identify the foods that do not benefit you those days.


What are you waiting for to take advantage of all these tips to grow with your relationship, your sexuality and be happier. At Zenzsual we will accompany you to trace the route that best suits you to age healthy, live a full sexuality, empower yourself with your well-being and promote the growth of your sentimental relationship.

This year we continue strongly through our website sharing relevant content for you, about your female health, your life as a couple and your sexuality. In our online store you will get our Zenzsual intimate gel , our libido booster LibiZenzs , in its two versions for women and men , as well as the VagiYoga vaginal exerciser and the new intimate cleansing foam that comes to complement your daily grooming routine, taking care of the pH of your vulva and keeping it cooler than a head of lettuce. Give yourself the opportunity to treat yourself to any of them this year.

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