Does your partner want nothing at all? It's not infidelity, he has a low libido

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have low libido

The man also experiences some episodes where the lack of desire or sexual appetite is present. It is a situation that can happen to anyone, due to a decrease in libido that manifests itself when it is difficult to initiate or respond to sexual activity in the face of stimuli that used to provoke it before. At Zenzsual we help you understand and resolve this situation so that your relationship is not affected.

How to know if it is your case?

Symptoms of low desire or libido in men:

  • Apathy at the idea of ​​having sex.
  • Voluntary reduction in the frequency of sexual activity.
  • Disinterest in all sexual behavior, whether stimulation by visual means, words, touch or masturbation, sexual fantasies, erotic material, or perceived lack of attractiveness in potential sexual partners.
  • Sometimes you have sex just to satisfy your partner.

Why can a man have a drop in his libido?

Common Causes of Loss of Desire:

  • Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, stress, or relationship problems are often the cause.
  • Low blood testosterone levels.
  • Chronic kidney disease can cause a decrease in libido.
  • Some drugs, such as those used to treat depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, or advanced prostate cancer, can reduce testosterone levels or interfere with the mechanism necessary for an erection to take place, taking as a consequence a decrease in libido.
  • Sexual desire tends to gradually decrease with age, manifesting itself after many years of normal sexual desire.
  • It may be a chronic problem resulting from a traumatic sexual experience or learning to suppress sexual thoughts.

What to do if you have lost sexual desire?

Low libido for a long time can alter your relationship . Depending on the cause, expert advice is always recommended to discuss the issue, evaluate the possible reasons and address the solution from a comprehensive vision.

You can begin to address the situation by implementing some changes in your lifestyle, which we share with you below:

  1. Look for a serious diagnosis : based on the description of your symptoms, the doctor may indicate an analysis or laboratory study to determine the concentration of testosterone in the blood. If testosterone levels are low, he may indicate some supplements of this hormone and other measures to level your hormones.
  2. Raise your testosterone levels: although testosterone is the main hormone involved in a man's sexual appetite, there are also other hormones that are part of this process, as well as certain physical and mental aspects that have an impact, since desire is awakened from of a physical, hormonal and psychological interaction.

    Although there are some therapeutic treatments and supplements that the doctor will indicate, at Zenzsual we offer you LibiZenzs (in its new male version) , a nutritional supplement dedicated to today's active man, which allows you to increase sexual desire and level your testosterone from a combination of natural ingredients that enhance your virility with our natural formula.

    You can start by trying LibiZenzs, accompanied by the implementation of some changes and improvements in your lifestyle that accelerate positive results , among which the following recommendations stand out.
  3. Psychological help: Psychological counseling helps to redirect relationship problems to understand the importance and influence of psychological or physiological situations and their influence on your sexuality.

    Here are some tips that may be helpful:
    1. Pay attention to depression: when you're depressed, seek treatment as soon as possible, not only to regain sexual desire, but to stabilize your life in general. Only a professional can help, and depending on the case, they will decide if it will be with therapy, medication or other options.
    2. Fight Anxiety and Stress: Try various anti-anxiety techniques to relax. Yoga, tai chi, painting mandalas, exercising, going for a walk, going to the beach, going to the movies, etc. Choose the one that works best for you, according to your lifestyle.

      When there is stress, a hormone called cortisol is produced excessively , which causes the rest of the hormones to become unbalanced, of course also the sexual ones. In addition, more enzymes that break down testosterone are produced. So, to regain your sexual appetite, focus on doing more relaxing activities.

      SexCoaching: To address all aspects of the psychological issue of your sexuality or your lack of desire, at Zenzsual we have “ Health, Life and Sexuality Coaching” sessions with specialists in the subject, as a good option for you to talk to respect and listen to an expert opinion.
  4. Improve your lifestyle to have good health and therefore improve your desire:
    1. Include physical exercise in your routine: the important thing is to stay active, you can go for a run, swim or go to the gym. In this way you will improve your blood circulation to the sexual organs and increase the production of endorphins, which help improve mood.
    2. Do not be a victim of Obesity: it is said that men who suffer from obesity can produce up to 50% less testosterone, therefore, it can decrease your sexual appetite and affect your self-esteem.
    3. Stop Alcohol: Excessive drinking is totally detrimental to sexual arousal and also prevents you from having erections.
    4. Get enough rest: Studies show that when a man sleeps just 5 hours a night for a week, he sees his testosterone levels drop by 10-15%. Don't forget that getting enough sleep increases libido!
  5. Eat a balanced diet with foods that improve sexual desire: Although there is no clear scientific evidence, your libido can improve by eating a balanced diet and including foods that increase your sexual desire due to their composition. Here are some of these superfoods:
    1. The avocado that thanks to vitamin E, can improve the production of sex hormones.
    2. Chocolate is capable of releasing phenylethylamine and serotonin, which contribute to a better mood, which in many cases leads to more sexual desire.
    3. Bananas increase energy, it is rich in potassium, fiber and antioxidant vitamins.
    4. Oysters are known worldwide as natural aphrodisiacs.

This list is long, it includes chocolate, strawberries, watermelon, spinach, honey, ginger, among others. We promise to write a next article on our blog just to give you more recommendations of the so-called aphrodisiac foods! And if you want to know a little more about the contraindicated foods for a Zenzsual night, here we leave you the link where we can delve into it.

In short, there are many men who currently have problems with libido, and at the end of the road, we all agree that intimate relationships are very important in everyone's life , because we associate it with something positive and pleasant. For this reason, the essential thing is that you start paying more attention to your lack of desire and that you can give a solution to the apathy that you are feeling, immediately implementing the simple steps that we share in this article.

At Zenzsual we work every day to help couples have a pleasant sexual life , and to make this possible, we help you approach women's health from a holistic perspective. This motivates us to continually share tips, techniques and treatments to recover sexual appetite and maintain that balance that we all need to be happy.

Be sure to follow us on our website and on social networks look for us as @zenzsual , where we have products, such as Zenzsual intimate gel and VagiYoga , that help women (and their partners) in different stages of the sexuality. We are always ready to help you solve your doubts and share some very effective tips through our SexCoaching sessions, which are very helpful in these cases.


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