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Some love it, others hate it and even stigmatize it, but the important thing is to know the risks we face when using this type of intimate hygiene products that can help, but not so much if you use them incorrectly. In this article from #TuSaludIntima we teach you how to shield your feminine health when using them

The daily protectors are a feminine hygiene product that has the function of absorbing the vaginal discharge that we expel during the day or at those moments when our period or menstruation is leaving. This daily discharge can be uncomfortable for some women, but it is worth clarifying that it is totally normal and healthy, because it is the mechanism that your body uses to keep that tissue moist and clean naturally.

Using daily protectors is an easy and quick way to stay fresh and clean, however, many times we forget to take into account some measures to take care of our feminine health and avoid problems.

How often should I change my daily protector?

The daily protectors should be changed at least every 3-4 hours, since, with the humidity of the intimate area, the clothes you wear, the exercise you do, the weather and the day of the month (according to your menstrual cycle), they meet its function before or after this time.

By changing it every 3-4 hours, you will avoid the bad smell that occurs when the flow remains locked up there for a long time, oxidizing after contact with the air and attracting bacteria and fungi that cause infections.

Do daily protectors serve to control our odors?

We don't recommend using those with artificial scents, as those additional chemicals can alter your pH, cause vaginal dryness, or simply hide potential bad odors that signal the presence of an infection.

What are the best daily protectors on the market?

Among the options you have in your country, prefer those brands whose cover is made of cotton and not plastic, since cotton is a natural fabric that facilitates perspiration, does not cause irritation when rubbed and when filled you quickly realize, a sign important to change it more frequently.

Is it true that panty liners cause infections?

What causes the infections is the misuse of the daily protectors, the neglect of intimate hygiene by leaving it for more than 3 hours or not removing them before if they are very wet. By using them for a long time and without leaving a few hours of rest every day, you expose yourself to the accumulation of fungi and bacteria that cause infections.

There are women who have allergic reactions to its components and it produces contact dermatitis and even vaginitis.

Above all, maintain daily hygiene. Wash the vagina daily in the shower with a special product for the intimate area without soap and, most importantly, remove the flow and urine with plenty of water.

Depending on the amount of your flow or menstruation, you should frequently change the protectors, towels or tampons to avoid accumulation of secretions or flows.

What to do if the daily protectors give me allergy, itching, irritation or excessive flow?

You must be attentive to the symptoms that may give you signs of the presence of a vaginal infection.

Discontinue use and see a doctor if you experience itching, pain, irritation, bad odor, profuse discharge, or change in consistency of vaginal discharge. Remember that those daily discharges should have a whitish, creamy-clear or crystalline color when they come out of your vagina (because if hours pass, it oxidizes and turns yellowish). It is super important that whenever you have doubts you consult the doctor.

If you can eliminate them better!

If you generate an allergic reaction, it is better that you stay only with your cotton tights and change them during the day. This way you allow your vulva to perspire, discharge the flow and recover its tissues naturally.

In the event that they harm your vaginal health, the best recommendation is that you forget to use the protectors daily, thus avoiding repeat infections and dermatitis, saving money by not having to buy them anymore, and not contaminating the environment with their components. and avoid other health complications.

How to choose the best daily protector?

But if you are one of those women who always uses them without complications:

Choose one that has a cotton cover. Avoid those that have a synthetic mesh that can hide the amount of flow and forget to change them, plus the material can be more irritating than others.

Don't wear them 24/7. Remember that your vulva will be trapped without being able to breathe, because we put the pantyhose on top of it and cover it with thick fabrics like jeans. At least let her get some fresh air at night when she sleeps!

Change them every 3 hours. Having several in your wallet will allow you to do it quickly when you go to the bathroom

Be rigorous with your regular hygiene!

We recommend you wash your intimate area on the outside daily with the #Zenzsual cleansing foam and apply a little in the groin to avoid the smell of sweat. It is a product for the external genital area WITHOUT DETERGENT, with hyaluronic acid and lactic acid to guarantee hydration and balance the pH of the area, organic blueberry extract to improve the local defense system, with bisabolol, which is a chamomile derivative to prevent inflammation and ingredients that control odor, for daily use and cleaning.

After intimate hygiene to take care of infections and stay hydrated, we also recommend using a small amount of the #Zenzsual feminine intimate gel , —outside and at the entrance of the vagina— because it has high concentrations of vegan hyaluronic acid, which allows you to maintain the Balanced ph, rehydrate tissues and ward off infections, thanks to its formula: hormone-free, water-based, paraben-free, glycerin-free and not tested on animals.

In the following video, Dr. Klara Senior @doctoraKlaraSenior gives you her opinion as a woman and as a gynecologist on the use of daily protectors, listen to her and leave us your comments or appreciations.

To obtain Zenzsual products, visit our online store www.TuSaludIntima.com And on our YouTube channel #TuSaludIntima you will find many of our videos with very useful ideas to improve your intimate life and take care of your feminine health.


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