How to make love with a diabetic? 10 tips on diabetes and sexual health

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How to make love with a diabetic

This chronic disease affects our sexuality and we must know its impact to win the battle, using some solutions that allow us to live a healthy sexuality as a couple.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, people with diabetes can experience sexual problems ; the woman may present a lack of lubrication and pain, while the man may be affected by erectile dysfunction.

If you notice that your partner no longer enjoys the sexual encounter or has less and less desire to have relationships, you should talk to find the solution and continue living fully, because together and with professional advice, you will be able to solve it.

You and your partner are completely different people. Even if it hurts to see your partner suffer, it is he or she who has diabetes and who will need to follow a diet, take their medications, and make lifestyle changes if they want to avoid future complications. Even if you wish, you cannot be responsible for their care and control.

On the other hand, they will surely appreciate that you get involved in the subject , they can even attend informative talks together to learn more about diabetes, treatment and lifestyle to follow to control glucose levels.

It is key to know that people with diabetes can lead fully satisfying sex lives if they understand a few things about how diabetes can affect the body. Here are some recommendations to achieve it:

1. Use exercise to increase libido

Both men and women with decreased sex drive benefit from regular exercise as it improves blood flow and improves the function and sensitivity of the sexual organs.

2. Check the glucose level before making love

If your blood glucose tends to drop during physical activity or at night, having late-night sex can be challenging. Check your glucose level first to be sure of your status. If your blood sugar is normal or low, you may need to adjust your insulin or eat something before or after sexual activity; an intense session could cause hypoglycemia. If you use an insulin pump, consider unplugging it during intercourse.

3. Be careful if you make love after drinking

Both alcohol and vigorous sexual activity lower blood sugar, and combining the two can cause a dangerous drop. Be sure to check your blood glucose if you drink and have a night of passion.

4. If you notice that your libido is decreasing in the presence of diabetes

Consult your doctor about possible medical causes of your decreased sex drive. It may be associated with the use of some medications or a hormonal problem.

5. Pain in the sexual act

If she feels pain during sexual activity (especially women), her urine is cloudy or bloody, you experience a burning sensation when urinating, or she feels a constant urge to urinate, she should see a doctor. High blood sugar affects the body's ability to fight off invading bacteria. You may have a urinary tract infection. Avoid sex until the situation is resolved with the help of the gynecologist.

6. Use moisturizing gels

Vaginal dryness is common among women with diabetes, but this problem is easily fixed. Have water-based lubricants like Zenzsual Intimate Gel . In addition, when using it they can stimulate each other if there is little desire. A massage can be a good option. The relaxation it provides can help reduce levels of stress hormones, which can increase blood sugar. And this type of contact is a good way to connect with your partner and show interest.

7. Don't be afraid to mention an erection problem.

Sometimes impotence is a problem for men with diabetes. A wide variety of factors—for example, nerve damage and blood circulation problems—can contribute to erection problems, as can certain blood pressure medications that many diabetics take. Between 50 and 60 percent of all men with diabetes over the age of 50 have erection problems. The doctor will not be surprised at your condition.

8. Ginkgo biloba to improve circulation

This herbal supplement improves blood circulation. Since an erection is basically a hydraulic issue—blood flow to the penis—taking gingko biloba regularly can lead to better erections. However, consult your doctor first, as this supplement may interact with other medications.

9. Mood swings

Both high and low blood glucose levels can alter your partner's mood , there will be times when they are more irritable and others when they can become depressed. The best recommendation is not to think that it is something personal or an attack, talk to your partner and give them space, remember that for your partner it is a complicated situation and difficult to assimilate.

10. Avoid paternalistic attitudes

The important thing is that you don't become a policeman. Giving your partner commands like "don't eat dessert" can cause problems. The best thing to do is to suggest that they eat something healthy and that your partner make the decision that works best for them.

Remember that he is an adult and you cannot force him to take care of himself. What you can do is communicate your feelings and assure him that it is also important to you that he or she take care of themselves and maintain a good quality of life. Instead of judging your partner for not eating right or exercising, initiate the change yourself and encourage them to make these changes together.

There are many challenges to overcome diabetes in the field of medicine , while that happens it is in your hands to try to lead a healthier and more pleasant daily life and sexual life. So the best thing is to get to work on it, to strengthen the relationship with your partner every day with the tools you have and obtain the healthy benefits that sexuality offers us.

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