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Do men always have more desire for sex than women? Do men get aroused before women? These are typical questions when we talk about sex. Men have to always be ready, measure up, comply in bed, leave the woman satisfied. Undoubtedly, male sexuality is socially based on competitiveness and performance. But what are the needs and desires of men? They also deserve to feel satisfied, so, attentive dear reader, what we are going to share with you next are some things that your man wants and probably has not told you.

  1.   Take it easy: Sex doesn't have to be limited to penetration, they like foreplay too. Each person has their own pleasure code, so decipher your partner's. Using games, massages, toys and erotic accessories you will increase arousal and libido without you realizing it. Bring out your playful side! the experience of both will be more pleasant and fun.
  2.   Forget the bed from time to time: Nothing more exciting than improvised sex, surprise him in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the car or in other places... They like risk and the spontaneous .
  3.   Take control: "I like the idea of ​​being submissive in front of a dominant woman" is a phrase that men do not shout at the top of their lungs, but we know that many love being "subdued" by a woman. Have initiative, don't expect him to be the only one who makes an effort when it comes to sex, you can also ask him for a hot session, guide him and seduce him.
  4.   Dare to experiment: Your mouth is key to showing him that you care about his pleasure; Without a doubt, oral sex triggers your desire. There is no step by step to do it, it is a matter of exploring his genitals and discovering what he enjoys the most, it will be a truly wonderful experience for both of you. Take note! adding toys you can make it even more exciting.
  5.   Free yourself: Your most powerful weapon is security, nothing turns them on more than a woman who enjoys her sexuality to the fullest. Give him sexy looks every once in a while, moan, sigh, or make any noise that lets him know you're enjoying him. Do some sexy dance and choose a position where he can see those sexy moves, they love to see your body in action!
  6.   Be direct: You are responsible for your sex life, do not expect him to read your thoughts. Verbal communication is essential, probably your partner will love to know what you like and how you like it.

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Now yes! You already have some tools to take charge of your sexuality and that of your partner. Like us, they are looking for something more than penetration, the details are the most important thing when it comes to improving the sexual experience. If you want to drive him crazy, find out what turns him on visually and sensory; His likes are a treasure and you are on a mission to find him.

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We know that you are unique, so adapt this checklist to your style and that of your partner. Of course, be creative and prevent monotony from entering bed, sex may be very good between you but do not trust yourself, try to make each meeting different and special. We do not have the ideal recipe for you, since each person is different, but we hope that these "ingredients" will guide you until you find the "dish" that you both like.

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