The 10 essentials of women's genital hygiene

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female genital toilet

Because health is a priority and keeping clean protects us against some diseases and allows us to have a safer and more pleasant sexuality

  1. HOW MANY TIMES A DAY SHOULD I WASH? : Washing the genitals once a day may be enough, but if you do physical exercise or have a day with a lot of sweat, you can do it twice a day without any problem. Your common sense and smell can guide you. Remember that your vulva has a natural aroma that you must respect. You don't need perfumes or artificial aromas to feel clean.

  2. DO NOT USE COMMON SOAP: Your genitals have a different pH than the rest of your body, so you should use a product indicated for the intimate area and avoid using common shower soap . We always recommend using the Zenzsual cleansing foam for its properties that help control odors without soap and without perfume, it does not irritate or dry, suitable for sensitive skin, it keeps infections away and cares for the pH of the area, thanks to the cranberry extract organic and lactic acid it contains. In addition, it DOES NOT SWEEP the natural protective layer that it has or kill off the “good cops” (those bacteria that have the function of protecting you).

  3. NO SPONGES ON YOUR GENITALS: These types of personal hygiene products generally remain wet for a long time and tend to accumulate germs and bacteria that are transmitted to the vulva when washing it. We prefer that you use your hands to clean yourself better.

  4. CLEAN YOURSELF FROM FRONT TO BACK: You should not forget that technique that we learned as girls and it should be a mantra in your life. When you go to the bathroom and defecate, it is important that you clean yourself by taking your hand to the lower part of your back, insert it into your crotch and clean from the end of the vulva towards your anus, and most importantly, do not return to the back again. vulva with the same toilet paper in your hand, because you could drag the germs and cause a cross infection.

  5. MORE CARE DURING MENSTRUATION: cleanliness is key during these days , so it is important that you change your sanitary pad or tampon every 3-4 hours, and it is valid that you can clean yourself at the time of the change if necessary, especially those days when you are older bleeding. Do not sleep with tampons, prefer towels for the night, the use of menstrual cups is also valid on the days you consider. Like the rest of the month, do not use soap but an intimate hygiene product.

  6. WASH AFTER INTIMACY : You don't have to run out of bed as soon as you climax and interrupt the romantic bonding moment, but it is important to wash your genitals after sex to reduce exposure to bacteria that may have escaped during play and rubbing.

  7. COTTON MUCH BETTER THAN LACE: If you are one of the women who loves to wear sexy underwear every day of life, it is important that you learn to choose better each piece that you buy and wear, since polyester and synthetic fabrics are widely used in underwear or "Lingerie" can generate more heat in the genital area and cause less air to circulate. What fungi and bacteria that cause recurring infections love . Instead, we recommend that you start giving priority to underwear made of cotton fabrics, which are naturally lighter and contribute to the area's perspiration.

  8. COMFORT ABOVE ALL: Ditch tight-fitting clothing. Super tight pants do not benefit your female health, they are also synonymous with a warm environment in your genitals and less perspiration. Also, just imagine that they have you squeezed without light or air all day. Not easy! The truth is that in this way you are creating the perfect environment and the breeding ground for the generation of infections.
  9. DO NOT WEAR PROTECTORS DAILY : Leave them for those days of intense flow when menstruation begins or ends . You do not need to use them the rest of the days of the month, because you are causing an accumulation of your body's natural waste on the surface of the daily protector (which is often made of plastic), waste that oxidizes, smells bad and opens the door to infection. If you want to expand this topic, you should watch this video below, where Dr. Klara Senior , founder of #TuSaludIntima, who will surely convince you to lower the frequency of use of this product.

  10. Hydrate it: like any part of your body, your vulva is exposed to use and mistreatment, typical of its functions, not only during sex due to friction, but also during menstruation, with extreme climates and the products that we misuse on the vulva (such as soap in the shower and women who use perfumed products on their genitals as well). To this you must add that over the years our hormonal changes deepen some symptoms such as vaginal dryness .

That is why we always recommend using an intimate gel daily that not only hydrates, but also helps in the regeneration of your tissues. Try the Zenzsual intimate gel that has these properties thanks to its high component of hyaluronic acid, without artificial aromas, without glycerin, or oils and produced with a water base to care for it every day.

It is important to keep ourselves fresh and neat at all times of the day , to take advantage of this condition in our favor during moments of intimacy as a couple. Which is also key if you decide to have an individual self-exploration session , at which time you must keep your hands and sex toys very clean, using the same intimate hygiene product to care for these types of accessories so that they last longer.

Our final recommendation is that you never forget to include your personal care, your health and your sexuality, in the list of priorities for the day. Remember that through our social networks @tusaludintima @doctoraklarasenior @tu_ginecologa and on our YouTube channel "TuSaludIntima" and our live shows, you can count on us to answer any questions that arise about your female health and sexuality. And don't stop taking advantage of the benefits of Zenzsual products .


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