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Are you afraid that it will hurt like the first time on your Valentine's date?


We understand how stressful it can be to get back into a relationship after a “long summer” of sexual abstinence. That is why today we want to tell you the story of Ana Gabriela, a follower who wrote to us asking for help, terrified because she had been without a partner for many years and is starting to date a man she really likes.

If you are in a situation like Ana's, you feel pain during your sexual relations or you are afraid of what may arise intimately in your relationship, today we will give you 3 key tools so that you do not feel anguished like the first time without being a virgin, for fear of being in pain or not performing well during your Valentine's date.

Ana Gabriela has been single for many years and has not allowed herself to be engaged in a long time, it being almost 15 years since the longest and most serious relationship she has ever had ended.

Currently, she's starting to date a man she likes and it finally seems like she's found the one; contemporary, divorced, stable, friendly and willing to start a relationship. She has already been dating him for several months and she is terrified because she knows that the moment of being intimate is inevitable.

All the insecurities that she has had in her life begin to surface, she feels like a teenager, she doesn't know how to act, if she should be daring and frank about what she wants, or if she should act like a young lady fresh out of the convent school ; She doesn't know whether to make the occasion for sex and buy the most daring lingerie she can find or wait for him to propose the occasion and act like a delicate maiden.

He has gone so long without having sex that he is afraid of feeling pain, he feels "Retro virgin" and he is afraid of not knowing how to act with this new partner, apart from his body is not the same and he has no idea how he is going to reply.

Does this situation sound familiar to you? Do you identify with any of Ana's fears and/or doubts? One of them will probably click on you.

Currently, the world is full of single women, single mothers by decision, divorced or widowed who want to have a partner, restart their sexual life and are torn between image complexes (or self-image) and doubts about how to behave in the age of the date-apps, the “me too” and the “body positivity”. That's why here we share these tools that will help you not feel out of place when you decide to return to the arena of relationships.

  1. Work on self-awareness

Ask yourself questions to understand what your feelings, thoughts, taboos and beliefs about sex are, this will make you have better experiences and achieve a better personal connection and with your partner.

Self-knowledge is not just a matter of genital self-stimulation, it means understanding what you like, what turns you on and what you enjoy with all five senses.

For those of us who come from homes and communities where the subject is taboo and at school the information in the sex education class did not go beyond a couple of very concise or difficult to understand pictures, it is always a good time to start learning, not only about sex but about our body and how it works.

It is not just a matter of sitting in front of the mirror to get to know our "private parts", but to see what we feel and seek to understand what happens in our minds, see how our body works, what turns us on, what stops us, or that predisposes us when it comes to intimacy.


  1. Like any other muscle in the body, if not used, it atrophies.

If you are one of that group of women who believe that because they do not have a partner there is no other way to be intimate… wake up!

You have the 10 fingers of your beautiful hands and with many tools that we will share with you so that you do not abandon your sexuality, unless you have decided to be asexual and that not having intimacy does not generate any type of anguish, anxiety, depression or feeling of loneliness. .

When you go to the gym you have toned, strong and active muscles, but if you stop exercising and lie down on the bed, the muscles become flaccid, atrophy, ache and it is difficult for you to move, right? The same happens with your vagina, if you forget that it exists, it atrophies, thins, dries up, becomes flaccid, loses sensitivity, stops feeling, and hurts when you use it again.

But where do we start? What's first?  

Here we leave you a first aid toolbox so that your vulva and vagina can quickly reactivate and lose fear of that new intimate encounter.

  1. Exercise your pelvic floor

Do not stop exercising your pelvic floor just because you do not have an active sexual life (for whatever reason), because not regularly exercising the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor can cause such flaccidity that your internal organs could descend internally and even outwards, causing urinary and fecal incontinence, that is, involuntary leakage of urine and/or feces, in addition to causing prolapses (descent of the uterus, vagina and worse still, the anal/rectal area) .

Orgasms are the best way to exercise your vagina and pelvic floor, so if you don't want this to happen to you, don't stop exploring your sexuality and sensuality just because you don't have a partner! Now, if you decided to never have sex again in your life (which we don't believe because for some reason you are reading this), you have at least the duty to do Kegel exercises to maintain your intimate health.

Start by recognizing your genitals inside and out, keeping the muscles in the area toned, which not only guarantees better orgasms, but also allows you to prevent urinary incontinence in the long term, avoid prolapses and improve your orgasms.

Have you heard about Kegel exercises? Do you know our Vagiyoga? To better understand what it is about, here we share one of our videos where we explain how to use Vagiyoga , which is a device that is inserted into the vagina and works as a virtual personal trainer, guiding you step by step to maintain the muscles of your active and healthy pelvic floor.

  1. Discover your vulva:

It is very important that you previously prepare the environment where you are going to be and guarantee that there will be no interruptions, you can put on music, wear comfortable clothes, light a candle, refresh the environment... whatever makes you feel relaxed and calm.

With everything previously organized, sit in a place where you are comfortable, put the mirror in front of your vulva (external genital area) to see your genitals up close.

With clean hands, slowly run your fingers through the different parts of your area, starting from between the legs, reaching the labia majora, run them gently as if caressing them and vary the pressure on them. How does it feel to touch this area of ​​your body gently? remember, breathe deeply and slowly!

There is no rush, connect with the sensations of your body without expecting anything, just observe yourself, also go through the space between your labia minora and labia majora, until you reach the labia minora, doing it equally gently, since this area is much more sensitive, come back to take the tour varying the pressures when touching yourself, allow yourself to feel and discover how you like it best?

Light as if it were a feather or a soft caress, or with a little pressure? Or maybe you like other ways to explore yourself? Reach the clitoris, look at it in front of the mirror, touch it gently, varying the pressure just like you did with your labia majora and minora, does it feel different than on the labia or is it the same?

Take all the time you want to identify your sensations, dare to open your labia minora and look at the entrance of your vagina, stay there and observe it, touch it very gently inside and even, after exploring its sensations, dare to insert a finger inside the vagina.

It is important that whenever you are going to touch the inner part of your labia minora and before inserting your finger into your vagina, you use a water-based moisturizing lubricant, without perfume or color and with an appropriate pH for the area, so you will avoid discomfort and irritations. If it has hyaluronic acid, much better because hyaluronic acid regenerates, rehydrates and rejuvenates your vagina in addition to improving its circulation and sensations.

Feel the texture, temperature and all the sensations you have in each area; take time to explore yourself, this is a time for you, not a race. Identify which points or areas are more sensitive and/or more pleasant.

All women are different in that "V" zone, there is no one the same, none is uglier or prettier, it is simply unique! Remember: VULVA is the outside and VAGINA is the inside.

  1. Masturbation:

At least once a week, find time to masturbate alone, with no one around and no chance of interruption. What if I'm married? Even if you are married! And even more so, if your sexual desire or your pleasure have decreased. The idea is that you rediscover yourself and that you can get to know yourself better so that later, if you wish, you can become your partner's GPS and thus guide her to achieve your own pleasure.

Explore by summoning the list of fantasies you have and creating a comfortable space to be able to do it calmly (always vary your fantasies, don't leave just one fixed). If you are one of those who have never done it or do not feel comfortable, practice with the Yoni massage, just placing your hand on the vulva and connecting with your energy.

NOTE: The recommended frequency is only a minimal suggestion, if you want to resort to masturbation more often, it is healthy as long as it does not interfere with your relationship or with your daily activities, that is, it does not become an addiction. that affects your life. And when it comes to masturbation it is also important to use a water-based lubricant with hyaluronic acid, especially if you have noticed some degree of dryness or discomfort in the intimate area and even more so if you have felt it during sexual intercourse. The intimate gel with hyaluronic acid will help you avoid pain and discomfort during penetration as well as making masturbation much more pleasant. Test it! And you tell us.

Dear friend, recovering your intimacy is possible... here we begin by giving you 3 super powerful tools so that you can feel... or feel renewed and Intimately Powerful again , losing your fear of that "new first time", but we have more tools for you!

In our INTIMATELY POWERFUL Ebook you will find 150 more tactics and tools. We invite you to purchase it by clicking here . Whether you live alone or as a couple, you have the right to fully enjoy your sexuality and feel alive and Intimately Powerful !

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This product has been clinically tested and found to be safe for women of all ages, whether single or partnered. It is perfect for those who want a more lasting and natural lubrication during their intimate moments. It can also be used by men to improve lubrication and maximize comfort during intercourse and masturbation.

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