World Sexual Health Day: Pleasure in times of COVID-19

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World Sexual Health Day

World Sexual Health Day is celebrated on September 4, as an initiative to promote sexual health, well-being and rights for all. This action started in 2010, as a proposal by Rosemary Coates, who was president of Australia and has become a flagship strategy for the World Association for Sexual Health whose recommendations we must put into practice from home

"Sexual Health" is understood as a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality that requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relations , as well as the possibility of having pleasant and safe sexual experiences, free from all coercion, discrimination and violence; according to the definition of the World Health Organization.

In the celebration of World Sexual Health Day this year, the theme chosen was: " Sexual pleasure in times of crisis due to COVID-19" , a very timely topic given the new global situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 ), which requires special attention due to the confinement, social distance and hygiene measures recommended for its control, as well as the health, social and economic consequences after the de-escalation of the aforementioned measures to return to normal life.

The COVID-19 infection has arrived at different times in each region of the world , with different levels of impact and attention, bringing with it a set of significant social effects on people's sexual health, on couple relationships, on family relationships, in social relationships and in our mental health, without delving into economic difficulties and job loss, which become the main sources of concern.

Among the negative consequences of the pandemic , it should be noted that this unprecedented situation increased existing inequalities between women and girls, as well as the risk of intimate partner violence, exploitation, sexual abuse, and intrafamily violence as a result of growing tensions in the home. for confinement. In addition to increasing the risk of contagion for women, who represent the largest workforce in the health and care sector in the world, being in the first line of action.

But we must also highlight the positive aspects that the pandemic brought to our sexual health, which represent an opportunity to celebrate and promote sexual pleasure and highlight the possibilities of accessing a pleasant sexual life, free of coercion, motivating people to seek positive results from sexual activity, exploring their bodies and relationships.

And that is where in #TuSaludIntima and #TeamZenzsual we want to stop, because it is our duty to remind you of the importance of individual protection, that we are responsible for our lives, which must continue and that sexuality is an inseparable and essential part of Humans.

What has confinement helped us?

By spending more time at home, we have more opportunities to:

  • Explore our body more calmly and without pressure.
  • Recover those ways of expressing our sexuality that we had forgotten.
  • Try new forms of sexual expression, with greater knowledge of what we want and like.
  • Reflect on the role that sexuality has in our lives.
  • Being more aware of our sexuality, without falling into exaggerations that lead us to live under fear and external pressure.

And at this point in the experience lived in 2020, it is pertinent to ask ourselves:

  • How has confinement contributed to exploring our sexuality?
  • What new ways of experiencing pleasure will remain in your repertoire of favourites?

The World Association for Sexual Health invites us to focus on the positive aspects of the triangle: sexual rights, sexual health and sexual pleasure, given that programs focused on fear, danger, disease and death that are associated with sexual behavior often produce effects opposite to those desired, on the other hand, health programs that incorporate sexual pleasure improve attitudes and knowledge about sexual health, couple communication and safe sex practices as part of each person's sexual repertoire .

The decision not to neglect your sexuality during this pandemic is in your hands!

And from home you can also take advantage of the pandemic, taking into account these recommendations that we give you in #TuSaludIntima:

10 tips to take care of sexual pleasure while the pandemic lasts!

  1. Take advantage of self-exploration alone or as a couple . Always leaning on a good intimate gel like #Zenzsual, to avoid irritation and moisturize your tissues.

  2. Boost your orgasms by exercising your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises . You can use #VagiYoga to guide you and save your progress history, allowing you to see how strong your vaginal muscles are.

  3. Stimulate your desire with a healthy diet, exercising regularly and leading a balanced life. If you feel down and without desire, you can try a dose of the libido booster #Libizenzs which helps you recover your energy.

  4. Communicate better with your partner . If you don't tell him what you like or don't like. how could he guess? In sexuality, you must also reach agreements and negotiate, try new strategies that get you out of the routine.

  5. Give more space to sexuality in your brain. To keep your desire in tune, it is valid to have erotic thoughts throughout the day, read erotic literature or movies , which not only give you ideas, but also keep you remembering and stimulating your thoughts.

  6. Find out! Learn more about how to feed your sexual well-being. Taking ideas is valid. In our blog and in our different shows (available on our YouTube channel ) throughout the week we give you tips that you can try with your partner and give innovation to the relationship.

  7. Moisturize your genitals daily . Your vulva and vagina can suffer the ravages of dryness , either due to hormonal changes or our lifestyle. As a healthy routine, you should hydrate your vulva daily with a touch of intimate gel that contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, such as #Zenzsual, which protects against infections and regenerates your tissues.

  8. Take care of the cleanliness of your intimate area. Do not use soap on your genitals , because its components are very aggressive for its protective layer and destroy the natural pH. Instead, clean yourself with fresh water and if you prefer, use a product specially designed for the intimate area, such as the #Zenzsual cleansing foam , which contains high concentrations of cranberry extract to take care of infections in a natural way.

  9. The 1,2,3 against the coronavirus. Do not let your guard down and take biosanitary provisions with your partner if you did not spend the confinement together: rigorous hand washing and face masks as the essential maxims.

  10. Feed your spirit : staying calm and sane in times of uncertainty is also important. Meditation, yoga, keeping in touch with our loved ones and consuming content associated with well-being and relaxation practices on social networks add to the bill of a healthy life.

Through our social networks @tusaludintima @doctoraklarasenior @tu_ginecologa, on our YouTube channel "TuSaludIntima" and in our live shows, you can count on us to solve the doubts that arise around your feminine health and your sexuality these days in which which humanity has much to learn.

But it is your responsibility to take care of your bubble of well-being, beyond the challenges of the environment. Remember that you can also take advantage of the benefits of Zenzsual products to accompany you on this path of growth.


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