The great thing about being a mother, without giving up being a woman!

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Mother's day

This Sunday, May 10, we celebrate Mother's Day and it is well worth the opportunity to share some recommendations to balance our roles as a mother and as women of integrity, without neglecting our individuality and our life as a couple, making the best effort to be happy. Keep reading these tips that you can apply!

If you have already decided to read this, it means that you are one of the women who give themselves an opportunity to turn the page, move forward, grow and move on even in the best of times. Regardless of the successes and failures that we have in our history or the current doubts or insecurities. Today is a good time to act for your happiness!

The good news is that you are not the only one who has come to feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of motherhood and that you have inadvertently sacrificed other areas of life (and yourself) to fully fulfill the parenting and continue doing everything else that is expected of you. You can rest easy because that feeling of exhaustion and of living without time is more common than you think, but that does not mean that it should be like this for eternity, since by introducing small daily adjustments everything can change for the better, recovering the lost balance.

Let's get to work! Keep in mind that there are 3 focuses that we cannot neglect in the search for the famous balance of roles in our lives:

1. Take care of your body

You are the priority! If you do not have a healthy lifestyle , in the future it is likely that you will get sick and you will not be able to be present for your children or for your partner; postponing for later the opportunity to be happy. Here are some of the unavoidable tasks:

  • Do your annual checkup . The gynecologist and the family doctor are your allies.
  • Eat healthy . More vegetables, fruits and proteins and less fats, sugars and processed foods.
  • Include your Kegel exercises daily . You can help yourself with #VagiYoga if you are new to the task and want to measure your progress. You will find it on our website
  • Take a few minutes a day to pamper yourself:
    • Use your #Zenzsual intimate gel daily to hydrate your genitals and prevent infections.
    • Never sleep with makeup on. Take care of the skin of your face and your body.
    • Take a relaxing infusion before bed or when you wake up to disconnect or gain time to take care of your tasks.

2. Take care of your mind

  • Study and learn more about what you are passionate about . If you are a professional, update your knowledge. If you could never study, it is time to learn a trade, following what moves you and drives you to give your best: cooking, painting, crafts, sewing, DIY, writing, shopping, administration, history, theater, whatever catches your eye the most.

    But so that you can achieve it and do not give up trying, it is a priority that you can plan , because we are sure that you do not have plenty of time. Organize your day and respect the schedules you define. Surely you will perfect the technique of doing your hours better, opening space for the satisfaction that you achieve by doing what you like.

    At the beginning, and depending on your lifestyle , you can dedicate more or less time to it, but feeling those small advances will give you those moments of happiness that no one will take away from you and will encourage you to go for more. Think that it can serve you as therapy and relief for when you need it, if you are sad, upset or need to breathe alone for a few minutes.

    These are details that make the difference and keep you grounded! We did not say that it will be easy and fast, but it will surely bring you a lot of personal satisfaction and it can even become a profitable business.
  • Read more! Reading will give you another way of seeing the world, it will stimulate your imagination, it will improve your vocabulary and it will allow you to have other perspectives, criteria and arguments, even new ways of thinking that will surely enrich you.
  • Organize your priorities, plan your life, set achievable goals and work to achieve them. This way you will lower the pressure by having an idea of ​​the direction where you are headed.
3. Take care of your spirit
  • Learn to meditate to have better conversations with yourself
  • Practice yoga. With the proper postures, body movements and exhalation , you will release tensions or loads in the body that could be obstructing your vitality.
  • Find faith. It is an inner resource that allows you to go further.
  • let off steam Give yourself the opportunity to be heard and free yourself from burdens.
  • Breathe . More oxygen in your body translates into greater energy generation and control of your emotions.
  • When there are problems, distance yourself and return to your safe zone. Take a breather and take energy to continue.
  • Remember that everything happens. Nothing lasts forever and what is the end of the world for you right now, at some point it will be a memory.

4. Take care of your life as a couple

Life as a couple also needs dedication and attention . Although we know that love changes over time, it is also key that we cultivate it day by day with small details that feed that relationship and keep them interested in each other.

Here are some tips that we are always remembering on our social networks @doctoraklarasenior, Dr. Sofía Herrera @tu_ginecologa and @TuSaludIntima:

Cultivate love and passion daily!

  • In difficult times ! Without a doubt, we can all be more flexible and empathetic with our partners. Forget that you are fighting a battle, rather think that they are accomplices and that they bet on the same team even in disagreements. That means putting yourself in the other's shoes, making yourself respected, but listening and forgiving is also important.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to plan happy moments ! Be the one who includes the romantic dinner, the wine together, the getaway to a hotel, the night for two on the week's agenda. Simple things but that connect and revive the present love.
  • Let it surprise you! You don't have to control everything. From the restaurant, the food they will choose, the color of the shirt, etc. Rather, because you don't get carried away and appreciate every gesture of love, be compassionate (which doesn't mean being submissive), let yourself be surprised by your partner's small achievements and celebrate them with him, even when it's not a big deal for you. Respect his space, and please show him confidence and security with your actions.

    It's as simple as saying thank you because he washed your car , brought you your favorite dessert, or simply gave you a surprise hug in the hallway before dinner. Do not magnify the ideal of the perfect life, with preconceived fantasies in your head of what perfect love is, because it is about daily life, real life that can be wonderful enjoying the small moments, only if we put a little of attention.

And what to do with the children?

The first months of life babies demand more attention , but as they grow they give you more space. Do not exaggerate in the role of overprotective and involve the father in the tasks that together they must assume in the upbringing, because the family is a company that the two decided to carry out and with a little help they will achieve it.

To gain greater spaces of intimacy, they must work together to create a life routine for the children with independence, lots of love and security. And do not hesitate to ask your trusted circle for help:

  • Children must have a fixed schedule at bedtime.
  • Children should normally sleep in their room.
  • Children get to spend one weekend night a month with their grandparents.
  • Save so that from time to time, they pay for the services of a trusted babysitter to take care of them for a while and they can go to dinner, to the movies or to a hotel.
  • Plan that on vacation they can have separate rooms in the hotel to rest alone at night and have a good time and with the family during the day.
  • Teach children to respect the closed door of mom and dad's room (taking care of those moments of privacy at home).
  • Show them by example that life as a couple is a good option with love, respect and fidelity at all times.

They are small, but significant differences that little by little are opening up the spaces that they need together!

We know that life as a couple can be complicated , that we never stop getting to know each other, that we are different and that it is difficult for us to accept the other as it is. That is why it is important to maintain a close and deep dialogue with our partners , enhancing our ability to listen and understand, putting ourselves in the other's place and looking for solutions together, as a team, from a position capable of accepting mistakes and forgiving in the process. path, but giving strong signals that we are committed to walking the same path together.

We know it sounds easy but it's not!

Living simultaneously the role of mother and wife is usually complicated . That is why it is valid that you can feel overwhelmed by these challenges and to help you overcome itwe make our #SexCoaching sessions available to you , so that you can talk to our team of specialists trained to accompany couples on this path and find some answers.

While everything is happening today, you can feel proud to have the medal of honor for being a mother and do everything in your power to continue living next to the person you love and who loves you; being the best version of yourself with your family, your friends and giving your best in all spaces.

We invite you to read more articles like this on our #TuSaludIntima blog , where we always share health and sexuality tips aimed at promoting your well-being. There you will also find the #Zenzsual products that we develop for this purpose.

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