The 7 truths of aphrodisiac foods

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aphrodisiac foods

Scientists say that no single food has been shown to increase sexual desire in men or women. The truth is that, since ancient times, we have been listening to the different cultures of the world, recommending the consumption of certain foods or meals capable of improving the sexual experience of the human being.

In #TuSaludIntima we do not intend to reveal the questions of such a hypothesis , but we do want you to take into account some elements that we consider important about your diet and sexuality, which we share below:

  1. Food plays a very important role in health and therefore occupies a prominent place in our sexual response. A balanced diet with all the essential nutrients helps support female health. On the contrary, if we abuse sugar, alcohol or simply do not include a balance of food groups in our daily diet, we will be putting the hormonal response responsible for our sexuality at risk. So, say no more, eat better and you will have a healthier life and, therefore, a better sexuality.

  2. Aphrodisiacs can have a powerful placebo effect on our sexuality: if we eat a food with the firm belief that it will influence our sexual appetite, what do you think will happen in our minds? It is possible that it can positively influence our sexual response, because we are activating our sexual thoughts, generating erotic fantasies, imagining what a good time we are going to have with our partner, preparing for the occasion and creating expectations about ourselves that we could without Knowing it, we are promoting precisely that activation of desire that we want to create with the aphrodisiac, just by using the power of our mind”.
  3. They told me it was good! We constantly hear this phrase in our conversations with men and women from #TeamZenzsuales, who succumb to the temptation of taking some substances or medicines that have not been verified by the health authorities, just because they believe that it helped someone else increase their sexual desire. Know that you probably won't have a more powerful effect than a good seafood dish, exquisite chocolate or cinnamon tea. And in the worst case, you could be putting your health at risk by ingesting substances mishandled by people who are not certified for this purpose.

    Regardless of their aphrodisiac power, only those products that are shown to follow the regulations on food supplements will be safe for health, when they are taken under the right conditions and taking into account possible drug interactions.

  4. If I eat more aphrodisiacs, will I have better sexual performance ? Fake. All in excess are bad. And this also applies to food. While it is true that if you eat better you will stay healthier, do not think if you eat a dozen oysters 3 times a day at night you will be a stud or a sexually insatiable woman.

  5. Aphrodisiacs do not solve couples issues. Problems in the relationship can have a negative effect on the libido of either partner. Those couples with emotional distancing or that one of the two is going through a process of anxiety, stress or depression; must be comprehensively addressed by medical specialists. You should not put all the responsibility on aphrodisiac foods to reactivate desire and revive the relationship.

  6. The foods you should include in your shopping list! If you want to know more details about which aphrodisiac foods you can include in your diet, in this article you will find some aphrodisiac recipes, which you can improve here . And also take into account these foods that it is better not to consume.

  7. Do not believe in easy solutions and false promises , although we can take advantage of the benefits of the so-called aphrodisiacs, and rely on a healthy diet to improve our sexual response, you must face any situation or inconvenience responsibly:

    1. The first thing is to go to the doctor to validate that your health is going perfectly.
    2. You can also request an appointment with specialists in sexuality and women's health, such as the Zenzsual team through their #SexCoaching sessions to investigate the causes and possible solutions.
    3. In parallel to your comprehensive health care, you can help increase your libido or desire by taking a nutritional supplement like LibiZenzs , a libido booster with natural ingredients specially created to regulate hormone levels and recover lost energy and desire. On our website #TuSaludIntima you can read all its benefits.

Let's get to work on your relationship!

To try to be happy along the way and grow together, avoiding differences and difficulties, which always appear. For our part, we are waiting for you week by week on the blog #Zenzsual for the care of #TuSaludIntima with recommendations that aim to care for your health, your sexuality and your femininity at each stage of life.

Follow us on social networks as @tusaludintima @tu_ginecologa and @doctoraklarasenior, and we will gladly answer your questions with the utmost professionalism and responsibility, from woman to woman.


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