What size do you prefer when feeling pleasure? Here we confess openly!


penis size

If you are gluttonous you surely want a larger one, if you are classic you go for the medium ones, if you are reserved you will prefer a smaller one. It's time to confess: what is your preferred size? In this article you will find out if size really matters when giving pleasure

In good time we are going to talk about this topic that crosses our minds at all , but about which we speak little, for pain of being judged. Run now to measure your partner's penis, because you will surely be curious to know who you have in bed. And read the full article so you can answer if size really matters that much to you?

Let's start with you! Where do you stand with the capacity of your vagina?

Did you know that the size of the vagina varies from woman to woman, according to the stage of her life and if her pelvic muscles are strengthened through exercise. If you analyze it, you will know that your vaginal canal can widen and return to its place at different times in life, thanks to collagen and elastin, among other details of the nature of our body, that allow it to get so small, to the point of power. squeeze a finger, or so big that it has enough space for the exit of a baby at the time of delivery.

The truth is that, in general, the vaginal canal measures approximately 10 centimeters deep, from its entrance to the end, when you reach the neck of the womb. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT! That the pleasure zone that gives you the greatest sensations is located only in the first 5 centimeters of depth


Depending on your anatomy and the capabilities of your pelvic muscles. That's why we always emphasize the importance of doing your Kegel Exercises to keep them strong like a rock and can work in your favor in every sexual relationship. And we help you do it with the use of our VagiYoga, our vaginal exerciser with which doing your Kegel Exercises is easier.

Do you know what the ideal penis size is?

Now let's talk about the penis and its sizes:

It is said that you are in the presence of a MICROPENIS when at the moment of the erection it measures approximately 6 centimeters or less.

An AVERAGE PENIS usually measures around 13-15 centimeters

A VERY BIG PENIS , less frequent to see, is one that exceeds 15-17 centimeters.

Then you can already have a reference of the sizes of the penises in general. However, the size does not always have to do with the pleasure they can give you in bed. There other issues come into play such as the mental aspect, which is under your total control and which you can dominate at will, because we always tell you that the BRAIN is your main sexual organ. So activate that imagination.

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What can I do if it is too big?

Although you may not believe it, many women complain that their partners have a very large penis and that is why they constantly feel pain during sexual intercourse, which interferes with the pleasure they can get. When in the presence of very long penises, they can bump hard against the cervix or move organs with each thrust.

There are also frequent experiences of women who have pain when the man has a very thick penis or they have a very narrow vagina. Additionally, let's remember that the head of the penis is slightly wider than the rest of the body.

Don't worry, here we give you the solution in both cases:

1.- In each relationship, use a quality intimate water-based gel, which facilitates the entry and exit of the penis in case it is very wide. The daily use of the Zenzsual intimate gel will also help you to widen or tighten the area, gaining flexibility thanks to the moisturizing and enrichment of the tissues provided by hyaluronic acid and all its components.

2.- Learn to give yourself the Perineal Massage if you have a very narrow vagina . This will help you gain space little by little. It is very useful when the entrance of your vagina becomes very small, due to a lot of contraction, vaginismus or any other cause. You can do this massage alone or with your partner, as a way to expand that area, step by step without major trauma. Here we leave you an explanatory video that we shared in the show#UnaNocheIntimayZenzsual that we had Dra. Sofia Herrera and Dra. Klara Senior with María Marin .

3.- Practice new positions , avoid those where there is direct penetration. For example:
    1. Use the knees of containment so that in each movement the penis does not come so strongly to the end and it hurts.
    2. Position yourself on top of him to control how far to go without pain , the Kunyaza technique where the man is sitting and the woman is on top (see the videohere ) .
    3. Another option is to lie on your stomach with a pillow at your waist to raise your hips.

      In short, there are many options, but it is key that they talk a lot about the subject, communicate continuously without embarrassment and with great affection, to reach the ideal position for both of them.
4.- Learn to concentrate and relax the area better to give it amplitude. With Kegel Exercises you can do it with greater awareness and control of the relaxation of your pelvic muscles in your favor (this technique is known as the Reverse Kegel).

    Focus and practice women that for everything there is a solution!

    How to get pleasure if it is very small?

    In the case of small penises, we receive fewer complaints. How many times have you masturbated with just your fingers and achieved an orgasm? I assure you that many times. So don't doubt that a small penis can achieve the same.

    Size is a more common concern in men, due to repressed fears regarding whether or not to meet their partner's expectations. The reality is that in most cases the size does not affect the feeling of pleasure, much less the relationship. The most important thing is the chemistry that exists between the two of you and that you know each other well!

    We must start from the idea that most female orgasms are via the clitoris and not the product of penetration. What the woman in her partner definitely values ​​is the security she has, the movement of her body during sexual intercourse, the tricks to give her pleasure, knowing her body and the erogenous zones that produce the greatest sensations, respecting her directions and invite her to discover new things together.

    The most important thing is that you know your body to guide your partner efficiently. If you know the position you like, how you like to be turned on, where you prefer to be touched, what you like to listen to, etc. etc We assure you that there are no reasons for you to have a bad experience.

    Another aspect in defense of small penises: they give you the opportunity to learn to contract your pelvic muscles more in order to tuck them in and feel more pleasure. This need to exercise your pelvic muscles and have them strengthened at all times, in the long term also favors your health in other aspects, because you avoid possible urinary incontinence or a prolapse of your organs later on.

    In conclusion, if your partner has a small penis, you like it a lot, you are happy with it, try it in several ways, but please: do not belittle men with small penises! Maybe they surprise you and have more to give you in a long life of pleasure.

    In our Monday show with María Marín "An Intimate and Zenzsual Night" we speak openly about this controversial topic. Here we leave you theLINK so you can see the complete video and take note of the best techniques for you.


    • Alejo Navarro

      El artículo no miente, sinembargo como todos los demás eluden el tema del pene ideal que da más placer. Es impresionante como les cuesta decir eso. No es ningún pecado decirlo.

    • Arnus Reyes

      Me encantó el artículo, muy interesante y sin duda de mucha ayuda, te sube bastante el ánimo saber este tipo de cosas, muchas gracias

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