Your vagina ages too: start taking care of it on time!

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Just as we see that the skin of the face and body droops or loosens over the years, the skin around your vagina also goes through the same process and is not exempt from suffering the ravages of time. This is something normal, it is not a disease, but it can come to you before its time and cause some discomfort around your sexual life.

Due to the implications it has for your health and well-being , we consider it very important to speak clearly about vaginal flaccidity and give you some advice to alert you to the importance of taking care of your feminine health, because everything has a solution and you can prevent your vagina from aging more than normal. reviewing your habits and lifestyle, and if necessary you can introduce some changes or start the indicated treatment.

What is Vaginal Flaccidity?

Do you have a feeling of ease in the intimate area? Do you notice loose or flaccid skin?

You may be in the presence of the dreaded vaginal flaccidity or vulvar flaccidity (from the external part of your genitals), but it is time to act and resolve the situation with the advice of your doctor, accompanied by the tools you have at hand and the recommendations that we give you in Zenzsual.

Vaginal flaccidity is caused by the loss of tone of the muscles that embrace or surround the vagina, due to genetic factors, hormonal changes and lifestyle. It is not a disease, nor a dysfunction, nor a defect, it is simply part of the natural aging that occurs when the body undergoes a biological change.

Although it does not prevent you from enjoying the sexual act , the problem begins when you lose the sensation of the penis rubbing against your vagina and this situation begins to affect your sexual desire and your self-esteem, causing feelings of insecurity.

What causes vaginal sagging?

There is no single cause, but there are several factors that can cause it or accelerate its appearance. What we want with this article is that you know the causes and can improve those habits within your lifestyle that can put you at risk. Now let's review the main causes of vaginal sagging:

  1. THE AGE : it is obvious that if it is aging with the passage of time, the chances of your vagina becoming more flaccid and its skin beginning to droop increases. Also, OVER TIME WE BEGIN TO PRODUCE LESS COLLAGEN , which is primarily responsible for keeping skin firm. That is one of the reasons why from the age of approximately 40, you begin to notice the signs of aging on your skin and of course in the vagina as well.
  2. PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH: after childbirth there is a natural stretching of the vagina, it can even be greater when it comes to very long labor or when you have a tear or they had to use forceps to get the baby out.
    However, it is not an exclusive issue of childbirth , you can also develop this symptom due to a cesarean section. The simple pregnancy causes the skin and muscles of the vagina to lose firmness due to the pressure they suffer for 9 months. It should be said that, in addition, the incidence of having it increases with the number of pregnancies and deliveries.
  3. SEDENTARISM AND OVERWEIGHT : you know that both factors are negative not only for the skin of your vagina, but for all your health, and especially your female health. For example: your pelvic floor suffers horribly if you overload it with unnecessary extra weight, your sex life and your desire are hindered by being overweight and you also become more prone to suffering from urinary incontinence, prolapse and a series of diseases additional, that just to mention a minor consequence, will lead you to inadvertently pee anywhere.
  4. HORMONAL CHANGES: Physiological disorders that occur during climacteric and menopause are strong triggers for vaginal flaccidity. In these there is a hormonal imbalance that increases the loss of vaginal firmness due to the changes suffered by the mucosa that protects the area. It is a fact that vaginal flaccidity afflicts up to 63% of women between the ages of 25 and 45 who have had at least one birth.

How to prevent your vagina from aging prematurely?

Like the other parts of your body, this tissue requires care, adequate nutrition, nutritional supplementation such as LibiZenzs , which has an anti-aging effect by helping you gradually restore testosterone levels, improving energy and vitality that we lose with age.

There are several methods to prevent vaginal flaccidity and reduce the aged appearance of the vagina and vulva, without the need for surgery. Here we share some that can help you:

  1. Exercises for your Vagina : Do Kegel exercises several times a week. Its objective is to stimulate the internal and external muscles of the vagina to tone the entire area.

    The muscles of the vagina can be weakened as a result of being overweight and sedentary. As with other muscle groups, exercise is key to strengthening them.

    In fact, there are several exercises focused on working on the pelvic floor, whose function is to tone this area and, incidentally, prevent problems such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction.
  2. Postpartum rehabilitation: adopt a pelvic floor rehabilitation routine. Ideal to recover the area after childbirth or diseases such as incontinence.
  3. Activate your sex life : have sex more often to increase the elasticity of the vagina and prevent atrophy and dryness.
  4. Get used to using an intimate gel daily : with full hyaluronic acid like Zenzsual's , to pamper your skin, hydrate it correctly, avoid the consequences of daily abuse and dryness.
  5. Maintain a healthy diet: to balance your body weight and maintain optimal collagen production.
  6. Do not stretch or mistreat the area : avoid scratching it strongly when you itch, it can weaken your skin.
  7. Do not exert too much force : lifting a lot of weight increases the pressures that weaken your pelvic muscles.
  8. No douching: Products that seem fancy to get rid of the odor in your vagina or to keep it clean usually only cause irritation or allergic reactions. 
  9. Take care of the hygiene of your vagina: Nothing like water to refresh your vagina! And if you think it is necessary, use SOAP WITH NEUTRAL PH , only on the outside. If you perceive any aroma, discharge or something strange in your vagina, it is best to consult your gynecologist before applying any product.


If you are already in the presence of Vaginal Flaccidity, you are in time to address the problem! Well, like most things in life, this one also has a solution. This symptom is normal and can be reduced with proper care. Also, it does not have to be an impediment to enjoying your sex life.

We are going to review some of the options that doctors frequently resort to, once all of the above have been exhausted.


It is a procedure through which laser energy shots are produced on the superficial layers of the skin that surrounds the vagina, in order to stimulate the production of collagen by the cells of that tissue.

In this way and progressively there is a reduction in the vaginal caliber and at the same time an increase in lubrication is stimulated, thus recovering the area surrounding the urethra, improving cases of mild urinary incontinence.

This method is one of the most modern and least invasive . It generates the narrowing of the vagina by heating, since when receiving heat the vaginal tissue produces more elastin and collagen. The results of this treatment are estimated to be 88% successful after 12 months of practice, the treatment is painless.

It solves problems such as loss of pleasure during intercourse and urinary incontinence that helps to recover vaginal tone. It also serves to redesign the intimate area giving it a more youthful appearance, reduce the labia majora or correct asymmetries.

THE RESULT IS NOT PERMANENT! and there is still no 100% acceptance by the United States government agency responsible for regulating food and drugs ( FDA - Food and Drug Administration)​. That is why it IS IMPORTANT that you inform yourself well about its side effects, although they are very few. And it is also key that you seek and advise qualified personnel for its realization.


It consists of narrowing or reconstructing the vaginal canal, joining the muscles with absorbable sutures. This vaginal closure intervention can only be determined by a specialist and is sometimes performed simultaneously with other operations for aesthetic purposes. This method is more invasive than the use of lasers and, worth noting, it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT IT BE CARRIED OUT ONLY IN EXTREME CASES , in which the vagina has suffered too much damage or stretching by qualified personnel.

Some of the risks of this method is suffering from bleeding or dyspareunia, which is the pain felt during intercourse. The operation can last from one to two hours and, depending on the degree of widening of the vagina, is performed under anesthesia . The postoperative period is done at home and will require the administration of mild analgesics and semi-rest.

After all, if you still don't have vaginal flaccidity, start taking care of your vagina to avoid it. These are simple actions that you must incorporate into your daily routine so that they can really be effective.

Your health and well-being comes first! 

We don't want you to feel insecure or uncomfortable because of the skin on your vagina. If you feel good about yourself, have a balanced life, and enjoy healthy sexuality, aging will be a joy .

The solution is in your hands ! And we at Zenzsual are here to help you. Visit us on our website and follow us on social networks.


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    Zenzsual :
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