The best gift from Mom to Dad

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Father's day

We always talk about the importance of having a healthy sexuality as part of the secret to being happy and keeping our spirit young. And a key piece of that well-being is closely related to the way we carry out our relationship as a couple, for this reason, and for the celebration of Father's Day, today we suggest some gifts for dad that will also benefit you.

Being a father entails the same responsibilities, fears and loves as being a mother. And we are not going to enter into the controversy of who gives more. The truth is that when we decide to have children it is with them that we get together. That person who will accompany us to raise them through thick and thin, with the best intentions. For that reason alone, it is worth giving him an excellent gift on Father's Day, and why not? Always give him the best reasons to love and admire you more every day.

Everything is related to the idea of ​​giving more to receive more, of being grateful and happy with those we love, that's why today we leave you...

The 5 best gifts that you can give to the father of your beloved creatures:

1. More desire and passion:

If you notice that over time he doesn't feel like it and his energy has decreased considerably, you can try giving him a dose of Libizenzs Men , our energizing supplement specially designed for today's active men, which helps them improve their sexual performance. and enhance your virility, leveling your testosterone, from a natural formula, composed of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which stimulate your general well-being, as well as libido and sexual performance. In addition to contributing to maintaining muscle mass and athletic performance.

2. Give him a tool to manage stress and worries.

We know that life can get complicated with more frequent than we want, and that in turn, can affect our sexuality. Finances, children, work and the difficulty to agree on many aspects of daily life can interfere and reduce our desire.

If this is the case for you, a good gift option for Father's Day could be totake a SexCoaching session together , to talk openly and reflectively about the issues that concern you and find solutions together, giving love a chance that unites them On our website you will find several specialists who have extensive experience addressing relationship problems and paving the way for love to prevail.

3. More communication and fewer complaints:

Sometimes we can get caught up in our point of view being the one that prevails in the relationship. To unlock the matter, we suggest you put the discussions and complaints aside and focus on the solution and the future, always based on achieving better communication as a couple.

Keep in mind that, once the differences are overcome and with the agreements on the table, sexuality can be a way to bring them closer again and iron out rough edges. But this time, be the one who proposes to him to go to bed, because he also gets tired of having the initiative. Surprise him by taking the baton! And he thinks that may be the best Father's Day gift he needed.

4. Innovation for two! New Postures and Techniques:

Give him the option of choosing a new sexual position to try together. Imagine that you give him a card in a sealed envelope with a simple selection list, with the 5 sexual positions that you would dare to perform with him and try it that night, as a rewarding gift for both of you.

In our different shows that you will find on our YouTube channel "Your Intimate Health" we give you many ideas. And don't forget to have a quality intimate gel on hand in your intimacy sessions, like the one from #Zenzsual, to avoid discomfort from rubbing and regenerate the tissues of your genitals, if you use it daily.

5. Guide it on the map of your body:

If you've never told him, he doesn't have to know what your sexual preferences are, or what your most effective erogenous zones are. This Father's Day try the Exploration Game. Imagine that you are a map whose territories need to be discovered. The goal is to stimulate each part of your body and thus discover together (if you don't already know), those secret places where you feel more pleasure.

It seems like a gift to you, but you will be taking away from him the responsibility and pressure of having to figure out how to satisfy you on his own, and you will be giving him more space to enjoy. Once they have achieved it, reverse the game and begin to discover their favorite places.

As you have read, you don't have to buy the most expensive gadgets to make him happy. By yourself, with a lot of creativity and some professional help, you can do a lot.

Stay informed with the tips that we share every week on our blog , where we always leave you articles with many health and sexuality tips.

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