9 ideas to have a really HOT Valentine's Day this year.

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9 ideas to have a really HOT Valentine's Day this year.

Friend, it is time to prepare your mind, body and soul because the most romantic day of the year is almost here. And at TuSaludIntima we are ready to help you make this Valentine's Day truly HOT and of course very healthy for both partners.

To achieve this, today we share 9 passionate and sexy ideas that you can do with your sweetheart not only on this day, but throughout the whole year! and that does not imply a fortune. So let's get down to business! take note and put it into practice.

Ideas to have a really passionate Valentine's Day

You know what, having sex is pretty much the only V-Day activity that doesn't require a reservation or an expensive Uber. But! That doesn't mean it's any less special or noteworthy.

In fact, giving a little thought to sex on Valentine's Day , for all of you who write to us saying you've lost your sex drive, can be a great way to start getting it back. Just the simple fact of what that day will be like with your partner.

Therefore, if you feel that you have lost your sexual desire a bit , we want to remind you that there are many ways to turn up the heat, because as we always say, desire begins in our mind.

Stimulate your sexual desire, it can start with a romantic date to live a new sexual fantasy, such as sharing an erotic movie or simply a prolonged caressing game. The possibilities are so many!

Just remember that whatever type of sexual encounter you decide to consent to on this V-Day, do not neglect the care of your intimate health. Nothing better than feeling healthy, safe and happy with your partner. Regaining or raising your sex drive includes things as simple as snuggling, taking a bath together, or just sharing a big pepperoni pizza and chatting afterwards. Everything is possible and it helps!

These are the ideas that we want to give you today for your Valentine's Day.

#1 Have a massage session

No matter how cheesy or clichéd it may seem, having an erotic massage session can be fantastic for both of you. Sure, you could book a couples bougie massage somewhere, but you can also feel relaxed and happy at home. Which is great because then you can quickly go from intense foreplay to deep penetration.

Zenzsual's TABU LUB lubricant can be ideal for having that erotic massage. A silicone-based, this is a long-lasting product, which allows a soft touch sensation, without being sticky, compatible with natural latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms. It is the perfect ally for anal sex, and those hot and intimate moments.

#2 Using a sex toy together

While sex toys are great for some alone time, they're also great for partner activities. Since only about 18 percent of women reach orgasm during penetrative sex alone, using a toy that adds a little extra clitoral stimulation may be ideal.

Zenzsual's VagiYoga is an excellent option . The pelvic floor muscle rehabilitator can not only help you prevent urinary incontinence. Due to its vibrating function, it is the ideal toy for alone or with a partner to help you stimulate your clitoris and the entire area around it. We are sure that they will enjoy it a lot, while you take care of your vagina.

#3 watch some sexy tv

If you're more of a low-key couple, who prefers nights on the couch to nights out, why not lean into their usual hobbies by making them sexier? There are many erotic shows and movies that get the vibes flowing better. Watch something erotic like Bridgerton or even American Horror Story , and if they like it, they can consider recreating their favorite scene. If not, just doing it on the couch while Regé-Jean Page… licks a spoon in the background can be a great way to spend Valentine's Day.

#4 Try some light BDSM

If you want to refresh what BDSM is, you can go here . You don't have to turn into 50 Shades of Gray here, but if both you and your partner are interested in exploring dominance or submission, maybe Valentine's Day is the time. After you chat (and get consent, of course!), grab a pair of handcuffs or a blindfold and play around with some power-based dynamics that are very BDSM. Just make sure you take it easy, communicating and validating everything as you go.

#5 Play some erotic and Zenzsual game

This is a great activity if your partner is competitive. There are a lot of sexy games on the market. You can find a card game where each card asks you a question or challenge and you have to answer. It can be really very erotic and fun.

#6 Watch ethical porn together

If you have never paid for pornography before, now is the time. Find an ethical porn site with content geared towards the female gaze, aka porn where the woman actually seems to be having a good time and is believable. Watch it with your partner—touch—and then see what happens.

Leave the Zenzsual Moisturizing Gel nearby , so that when the HOT moment comes and the penetration is in the vagina, it helps you prevent any pain or discomfort while keeping you hydrated and safe. It will be the best of moments!

#7 …Or read porn together

There are other ways to enjoy porn if watching it is not your thing. Pick up a BDSM book or read an erotic story aloud, concentrating on the juicy parts. If you're not one to read, explore audio porn . There are tons of content to choose from based on your preferences, so please spend some time exploring before you share what you each like. You know, like storytelling, but make it sexy.

#8 Do it somewhere you've never done it before

This means friend... Getting up from the —same— bed. Seriously! If you have an empty house/apartment/bedroom, take your shenanigans to the bathroom, to the couch, to the kitchen table, to the washing machine (turn it on, believe us). Maybe even open the blinds, if they're into a little voyeurism.

#9 Write down your fantasies!

As exciting as it is for your partner to whisper their fantasies to you, the truth is that saying those fantasies out loud on the spot can be stressful. " Putting pen to paper could help you unlock your sexual confidence ," Corrado says. Schedule a time a week in advance to write the letters—with the fantasies—and then exchange them on Valentine's Day. To make things even more fun, read the stories aloud. Voices, costumes, and props are highly recommended in this idea.

And get ready with Libizenzs from Zenzsual, so that the desire is as high as possible. Remember that Libizenzs is a natural nutritional supplement that gives energy, increases sexual desire and improves your muscle mass. In the case of men, Libizenzs Men, in addition to increasing desire, helps to improve and sustain erections, due to the vasodilator characteristics of citrulline.

As you will see, all these ideas for the hottest Valentine's Day of your life are not complex to achieve. It all depends on you! and of course a fundamental ingredient: love. We are sure that it will be not just one day, but many who will enjoy happiness and health together.

THE ZENZSUAL KIT has everything you need for Valentine's Day : the Moisturizing Gel with hyaluronic acid, to be well lubricated and pain free. VagiYoga, the pelvic floor rehabilitator that you can also use as a sex toy. And finally, Libizenzs, our natural nutritional supplements that help you increase desire and energy. Find them here today and take advantage of the season discount.

Happy Valentines! Happy Valentine's Day!

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