Your sexuality is transformed when you are breastfeeding

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In the postpartum we are so overwhelmed that our intimacy takes a backseat, but over time you can implement some adjustments to overcome this moment, pick up the pace and move to a new level of relationship with your partner.

The approach to sexuality during the breastfeeding process is often an almost invisible aspect of women's health during this period. The important thing is that you find out about the changes that our body experiences during the postpartum period, to take the actions that allow you to continue enjoying a healthy sexuality; finding in it a space to disconnect from the new responsibilities and get along with your partner, because we know that motherhood entails important challenges.

Sexual relations are perfectly compatible during breastfeeding , the interesting thing is that many of the hormones involved in sexuality also participate in breastfeeding, so it is normal for most women to experience pleasant sensations when feeding the baby for this via.

But since everything is not Disneyland, the ideal is that you go back to your intimate routine gradually to solve those novelties that may make them uncomfortable, either due to physical discomfort typical of postpartum, the action of hormones, fatigue or mixed feelings. of the mother and father.

Take note of the main changes you may experience:

Hormonal changes : during lactation in women, prolactin levels increase and estrogen levels decrease, which can generally cause:

  • Decreased libido : Maternal sexual desire may decrease during the first 3 to 12 months after delivery in most women.
  • Changes in your mood : it is completely normal for the baby to get the most attention from his mother during the first days after birth, thanks to the increase in endorphins. However, due to this hormonal change, you can also experience the symptoms of postpartum depression. If you're feeling sad, anxious or depressed, it's okay to seek professional help and have an open conversation with your partner. The key is to let yourself be helped and look for solutions, not guilty ones.
  • Dyspareunia: This is pain during sexual intercourse . If it was a vaginal delivery, the episiotomy causes painful intercourse, that hinder pleasure. For this, it is recommended that caresses, games and affection should prevail to cope with the situation before penetration, using a lot of lubrication to combat vaginal dryness, (which appears due to hypoestrogenism).

    Doctors recommend using a quality lubricating gel to hydrate the intimate area, which also facilitates tissue regeneration. Our Zenzsual Intimate Gel is a safe and effective alternative completely free of hormones, which can be used while breastfeeding.

    Women with dryness are more prone to developing secondary bacterial or yeast infections due to inflamed tissue and an increase in the pH level. The use of Zenzsual intimate gel will help stabilize the pH level, increasing your natural defense system against infections in the intimate area, without leaving a greasy feeling because it does not contain oils or glycerin. In addition, it contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, a component that hydrates and helps in the regeneration of tissues. And it is compatible with the use of condoms or sex toys, without harming us.
  • Pain in the breasts: because they are the main ones involved in breastfeeding, the nipples are usually more sensitive and react with pain to caresses, during this time of adaptation. Above all, in those women who have suffered wounds or cracks in their skin, due to the effect of suction and the inadequate grip of the baby's mouth during learning of both.

Keep in mind that in this part of your body, the Zenzsual Intimate Gel also soothes and hydrates, repairing damaged tissues.

What can you do?

The combination of all these elements creates an atomic bomb that harms the sexual life of the couple , which can lead to sexual dissatisfaction for both. The woman due to the lack of desire and the new physical and emotional discomforts. And on the part of the man, when feeling rejected or distanced from the real situation that the woman lives.

Patience, communication and mutual support will be part of the solution:

  • Talk to your partner and explain that for a while the intimate encounter should not focus on stimulating the breasts in particular. To avoid this pain, you can suggest diverting caresses and attention to the rest of the body.
  • Explain what happens to your vagina if you had a natural birth. Also, it's important that you understand what vaginal dryness means and what you can do together to fix it.
  • Remember that, giventhe drop in desire and sensitivity of your body, you will need to spend more time warming up beforehand. With a lot of patience and dedication to stimulation and exaltation of the senses, you will be able to recover normality.
  • The use of intimate gel is essential these days so that the vulva recovers its condition and the tissues once again have that rosy sponge appearance.
  • Spend some time alone . Whether it's in that little bit of rest when you have the support of a family member or friend, or when the child sleeps. It is important that you maintain the emotional and physical connection with your partner so that sensuality gains space in your mind and in your body.
  • Communication of the couple is not a luxury! Considered essential in the maternal kit. Don't take anything for granted. Don't let either of you feel left out. The arrival of the baby means a lot of news for both of them, which they must solve together; without looking for culprits, supporting himself to the extent of his possibilities.

The contraceptive effect of breastfeeding

Exclusive breastfeeding, if you contemplate taking the baby at least every 4 to 6 hours, even during the night and while menstruation does not appear (MELA method) - can be 98% effective as a contraceptive in the first 6 months.

In any case, IT IS NOT AN INFALLIBLE CONTRACEPTIVE METHOD! You should consider that, during the first 3 weeks after delivery, it is not advisable to use any method that has the estrogen hormone, such as the pill, the patch or the ring.

Already after the first month postpartum, all contraceptive methods are compatible with lactation: whether they are condoms, copper intrauterine devices, diaphragms and with some precaution regarding milk production, oral administration pills, vaginal ring or implants ( who use combined estrogens and progesterone). Always consult your doctor to prescribe the best option for you.

when the tide goes out

According to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding is ideal during the first two years of the baby's life. WHEN THE CHILD IS NO LONGER BREASTFEEDED BY HIS MOTHER, you can strengthen your libido, regain energy and stabilize your hormonal balance with LIBIZENZS , a nutritional supplement, with a formula that combines natural ingredients that are beneficial for your sexuality, among which are:

    • MACA ROOT, high in essential amino acids, used for years to help improve sexual desire and increase energy levels.
    • HORNY GOAT WEED , used to increase blood flow and intensify sensations, as well as other components that act like the female hormone estrogen.
    • TRIBULUS , widely used as a general health supplement and testosterone boosting supplements, to help control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
    • ASHWANGANDHA, used in India to improve sexual desire in women. Shown to normalize the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates our response to stress.
    • TONGKAT ALI , which stimulates the release of free testosterone, reduces fatigue and improves well-being according to studies. Improves stress hormones and mood parameters.
    • ZINC , an essential element that helps prevent anemia and fatigue, a known cause of low sex drive.

You can start with one LibiZenzs pill a day, for a week, to measure the evolution. It is worth noting that it should always be accompanied by a healthy diet and physical exercise to achieve the ideal balance. And of course, your doctor always has the last word.

However, it is important to highlight that, at #TuSaludIntima we DO NOT recommend the intake of the LibiZenzs nutritional supplement during the lactation period. You should always consult your doctor beforehand.

Count on us to solve the doubts that arise with maternity and lactation. We are here to help you take care of your health, ensuring the well-being of the couple in this new role as a mother. We also put the Zenzsual products in order and we invite you to follow us on our social networks @tusaludintima @doctoraklarasenior @tu_ginecologa and on our YouTube channel "TuSaludIntima".


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