10 tips to give him the orgasm of his dreams

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how to bring a woman to orgasm

The gentlemen of #TeamZenzsual #TuSaludIntima are an important part of this network and that is why today we invite you to get to know the female body better with these tips aimed at giving your partner the best orgasms.

Attention! If you are a man, this article is for you and if you are a woman, you are also interested , because today we share with them some key information so that they can better stimulate and achieve the maximum level of arousal, with the well-deserved happy ending: the female orgasm. So let's go straight to the recommendations:

1. It all starts in the brain

The brain is responsible for regulating the hormonal secretion linked to our desire and also rules over our emotions . He interprets the stimulations we give to our erogenous zones, decides if they are exciting and pleasurable, triggering a discharge of phenylethylamine, a compound from the oxytocin family that unleashes passion . This discharge is responsible for arousal and for the production of dopamine , which is the neurotransmitter related to pleasure and reward and is capable of making us forget our problems and pain when we are in the middle of an erotic moment.

If you want your woman to have memorable orgasms, stimulate her imagination. Play to fantasize, give him erotic movies and readings, try role-playing. The idea is that you prepare the ground by recreating with your imagination what you like and what you would like to experience.

2. The kiss:

When we kiss, our brain analyzes all the information that comes from our lips and secretes a series of neurotransmitters or chemical substances that produce some effects associated with the sensation of pleasure and well-being; and prepare us physically for sexual intercourse. Therefore, the erotic kiss hides a complex mechanism that causes sensations such as chills, heat, accelerates the heart and much more until it reaches excitement and orgasm.

In addition, in the exchange of saliva, the man transmits testosterone to the woman, which acts as a kind of aphrodisiac, which activates the woman's sexual receptivity. And after that, the brain is the one who determines if it likes it or not.

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3. The skin:

The lips and fingertips, despite their small dimensions, have the largest number of nerve endings in the entire body , hiding within them multiple receptors with great capacity to perceive, explore and transmit information to the brain. Use your fingers to generate pleasure, but also to feel it.

So powerful is the sense of touch in our sexuality that there are people who talk about having felt a Skin Orgasm and refer to that orgasmic sensation that occurs in the body, like a shiver runs down your spine, butterflies in your stomach and racing heart. It can also happen with that song that makes you feel a real discharge of energy that invades your body. It's almost like feeling an orgasm .

Then take advantage of the benefits of your fingers and the pleasure that the music produces, to cause sensations on your partner's skin, raising their level of arousal, even that night when they were discouraged.

4. The warm-up:

Learn to recognize the erogenous zones of the female body. Know what her most sensual and erotic parts are, know what attracts her and what she likes to identify what causes her modesty, disgust, annoyance, pain, and consequently enhance or eliminate it from the repertoire of sexual behaviors with her.

Then don't wait any longer! It begins to go through her entire body from her lips, her ears, her neck, her back, her thighs. Dedicate a few minutes to each one and remember everything you can feel in those forgotten areas.

5. The breasts:

Did you know that the nipple is super sensitive? When you stimulate it, it becomes erect like the clitoris. And this happens because the tip of the nipple has many nerve endings responsible for pleasure. If you play with the nipple gently and with a quality lubricant like Zenzsual's , you can make her feel vaginal palpitations and lubricate much better.

Begin by gently massaging the nipple, continue with the areola and remember that there is a very particular connection between the nipple and the vagina. When you stimulate it, it begins to generate oxytocin and causes the vaginal muscle to contract and palpitations to occur. There are even women who reach orgasm by stimulating their nipples.

Try to be delicate and not bite them, and if you want to try a stronger stimulation (with both of you agreeing), try some more intense pinching just before her climax, not before because you can rather generate pain and rejection.

6. The clitoris:

It is a much larger and more complex organ than you think , as it extends several centimeters under the skin and can be stimulated from different angles from inside the vagina.

Experts say that only 25% of women reach orgasm via penetration. Women reach orgasm more easily when they receive multiple stimulations and the clitoris is the king of female orgasms. Consequently, you have to know very well how to stimulate this part of your body with your fingertips.

It is so important in sexual function that the most effective way to obtain an orgasm is direct stimulation of the external part of the clitoris, the glans, manually or through the practice of cunnilingus ( with the mouth). But keep in mind that this visible area is just the tip of the iceberg, because it extends internally in ramifications on both sides of the vaginal entrance.

If you want to stimulate her clitoris and she agrees, place Zenzsual intimate gel on your fingers, which has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, and in addition to facilitating rubbing and movement, it hydrates and recovers the tissue. Start from the outside in (don't go directly to the clitoris because it is very sensitive and can hurt). Go touching the vulva around the clitoris so that you stimulate all the sensations in the area. Start with the labia majora (the ones that are furthest out).

Below we share an illustrative video with 3 basic movements for clitoral stimulation that you can also learn.

7. Penetration:

You can think about penetration, after you have stimulated her whole body and she is really aroused and lubricated. Well, women reach orgasm more easily when they receive multiple stimulations.

According to a study published by The Journal of Sex Research in 2006, only 49.9% of women reach orgasm through vaginal penetration alone . In contrast, when penetration is accompanied by manual stimulation, the figure was 70.9% and reached 72.8% when accompanied by oral stimuli.

She should not feel pain at any time during penetration. We always suggest having a good intimate gel on hand to accompany that moment. Choose your gel very carefully, prefer a water-based product (no oil), which has a balanced pH to avoid infections in the vagina and provides something more in the nutrition and hydration of the tissues, such as the Zenzsual intimate gel which has a high component of hyaluronic acid.

Regarding the speed of penetration, it must be directly proportional to the speed of stimulation of the clitoris and another erogenous zone, to achieve continuity in the sensations and greater intensity in it. And a lot of communication to know how to identify when it is the ideal moment to go faster or slower!

8. The positions:

Choose the position that best suits both of you, depending on the size of your penis and the preferences that she expresses. On our social networks #TuSaludIntima by #Zenzsual, as well as in the different live shows we have throughout the week (Mondays with María Marín, Thursdays with Paula Arcila and Fridays at the #Zenzsual #Meeting answering questions), we constantly share different techniques and sexual positions, as well as the benefits of each position, giving you options so that you can choose and try, according to your preferences.

In the variety is the spice! By trying different positions you can give him access to a world of stimulation that he may not have known about, and you give him excitement, curiosity and interest for the next night together.

9. Assertive communication:

Without optimal partner communication, it is difficult to control the rhythm, speed and depth of penetrations and you are more likely to cut off the emotion, preventing orgasm. Propose simple communication codes: up, down, faster, slower, and if they are confident they can say more interesting things to each other: “don't stop, hit me harder, put it in deeper, faster, etc.”. This facilitates concentration to reach the final goal: orgasm.

10. Orgasm:

And when the long-awaited orgasm finally arrives. She feels involuntary contractions from her genitals, uterus, and anus, which some describe as a cramp, explosion, or relief. Physically you will notice that your breathing and heart rate is at its maximum, the spasm or movement of the feet may persist and a flush or red color may appear on the skin of the entire body. The clitoris, vagina, perineum, and uterus contract, and the nipples point. Some women may also secrete excess lubrication during orgasm, muscle tension, loss of balance, and dilated pupils.

Then comes the Resolution, when the woman is invaded by a feeling of relaxation throughout her body. Blood leaves the genital area, the genitals return to their original size and position, breathing calms down, and blood pressure returns to its normal level. And unlike the man who enters a refractory (recovery) period, if the woman is stimulated again she can reach another orgasm immediately.

Take note! open your eyes and observe every sign of her body and her physical reactions and her non-verbal expressions that, for sure, you can make her reach heaven.

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    Me interesa sus contenidos. Ahora se que si todo depende del cerebro. Y tambien conocer las reacciones del cuerpo y Saber controlar
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    Hola Benjamín
    ¡Gracias por tu comentario! Me alegra saber que nuestros contenidos te resulten interesantes.
    Es fascinante descubrir cómo todo comienza en el cerebro y cómo nuestras emociones y sensaciones están tan conectadas con nuestra mente. Conocer las reacciones del cuerpo y aprender a controlarlas es un proceso lleno de descubrimientos. Nos gusta saber de que profundizando en este tema. Si tienes alguna otra pregunta o necesitas más información, ¡no dudes en preguntarnos!

    ¡Te invito a que visites nuestro blog en el enlace que te dejo aquí! En él encontrarás una variedad de temas interesantes que estoy seguro te fascinarán
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