It doesn't get up anymore! 5 actions to recover sexual potency in men

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sexual potency in men

For the friends of #TeamZenzsual, who read and write to us on social networks, today we want to share several practices that you should include in your daily life to recover and improve your sexual potency. So let's get to the point!

But, first things first...

What is sexual potency?

Many men tell us that they suffer with their partner, because "he doesn't get up" or "he gets up but goes down very quickly". And many, the truth do not know what they are asking.

The first thing you should know, friend , is that sexual potency has more facets than erectile —that is, the penis stops. To fully understand it, you must consider aspects such as libido —the ability to want to have sexual encounters with your partner— and of course, your overall health. Which is undoubtedly related to whether or not you can have sexual encounters, as well as the physical resistance to endure them.

It is important that you know that the erection depends on three parameters: speed of erectile response to stimuli, achievable degree of rigidity of the penis in a state of erection and ability to maintain an erection.

The mechanism in the male body that produces an erection is complex . Don't underestimate it! Because factors intervene on it: psychological, vascular, hormonal, neurological, etc., all of them conditioned by the state of your libido and your health.

So that you understand it in the clearest possible way . In short, an erection occurs when the corpora cavernosa of the penis fills with blood. This makes your penis grow (enlarge) progressively as well as increase rigidity.

So, the greater the blood flow , the faster the erection. Clear right? The more volume of blood that can enter, the stiffer the erection. The longer the blood remains inside the penis, the longer the erectile response will last.

It is these three variables : flow, volume and time, which determine the erectile quality or erection.

For this reason, any program or technique aimed at providing more sexual potency must not forget the organic and psychological aspects that condition the libido and the general state of health of the man.

Doc… I can't get up anymore! What I do?

There are several things that a man must do when he feels that he has lost his sexual potency. From TuSaludIntima we want to give you as many tools and products as possible to help you, especially in this matter of sexual potency.

Why does sexual potency decrease in men?

Well, there could be several causes . Among them we tell you that you should keep an eye on: stress, depression, anxiety, poor diet, not exercising regularly, excess alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances.

All of this can affect your loss of sexual potency! But do not go thinking that this can only happen to "the old" or when you are over 60 years old. No!

From the age of 25 , a man may begin to suffer a reduction in testosterone levels, which, combined with other causes, can affect your sexual potency and virility. Something that can be more severe than normal when you get older.

But do not worry! That in TuSaludIntima we share with you in this article, a series of natural practices that will help you recover your sexual potency naturally, or improve it if you feel that it has diminished. Take note!

5 practices to recover your sexual potency naturally

#1 Identify the cause

Friend, the first thing you need to do to address lack of sexual potency is to identify what is the cause behind it. This will make it much easier for you to combat the problem, especially if the reason is mental and emotional, such as stress or depression. At TuSaludIntima we can offer you SexCoaching sessions with specialists who can help you identify and treat the loss of sexual potential.

#2 Improve your diet

Poor nutrition is one of the main causes of loss of sexual potential. So this must be changed if you really want to get your manhood back. Following a balanced and healthy diet is important. But, to get a good erection and perform to the maximum, there are a series of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that should not be missing from your diet. This is the case of vitamin B3, essential for the proper development and functioning of sex hormones. You can find it in nuts, legumes, red meat, tomatoes, eggs, milk and brewer's yeast.

#3 Include Citrulline in your daily diet

Citrulline is an amino acid that favors our cardiovascular health, because it has an antioxidant action. This substance has the ability to relax blood vessels and boost our immune system. Citrulline is converted by our body into arginine and nitric oxide, which is useful for the development of muscle mass, energy, strength and blood circulation in the intimate area.

Note that before we said that to have an erection it is necessary for blood to circulate to the penis. Citrulline precisely helps more blood flow to your member, which stimulates a better erection.

How can you ingest citrulline? You can do it with the nutritional supplement that we have for TuSaludIntima and that is called Libizenzs Men . This completely natural supplement brings a combination of amino acid herbs such as citrulline and zinc, which acts as an internal regulator of testosterone production, which translates into more strength, energy and vitality for men. In addition to lowering the percentage of body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Keep in mind that Libizenzs Men is a nutritional supplement that is not intended to treat or cure diseases. And it is contraindicated in men with a history of cancer, dependent hormones and in the case of having a chronic disease it is necessary that you consult your doctor.

Citrulline can also be found in some foods, such as:

  • Watermelon and melons contain a high proportion of this amino acid.
  • Vegetables like onions and garlic
  • Protein foods like salmon and red meat
  • in milk
  • In some legumes such as chickpeas and soybeans;
  • In nuts like almonds and walnuts.

#4 Do not neglect your sexual desire.

In addition to helping you with citrulline to improve blood circulation , Libizenzs Men also helps to increase your sexual desire for men. Thanks to its ingredients such as: Maca Root, Korean Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongka Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha. In addition, zinc and magnesium are fundamental minerals that you can add to increase libido, since they directly affect testosterone levels. Seeds, chocolate and red fruits are some of the foods rich in magnesium and zinc.

Selenium is another essential mineral for the development of sex hormones, since it is found mainly in the testicles. The human body requires a very small daily amount, so do not overdo the consumption of foods that include it.

#5 Perform physical exercise on a regular basis.

If you want your member to be a true champion in bed , you must exercise. Practicing cardiovascular sports such as swimming or running — jogging or running — provides much more powerful erections. So no excuses! to be a true God of sex. You should dedicate two or three days a week to exercise.

And, above all, you must be a constant person. Also, it has been shown that Kegel exercises , about which we have written a lot on the Zenzsual Blog, for men strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve erections and, in general, your sexual encounters.

Finally… and very important! Talk to your partner.

Couples work better if they work together! If for any of the reasons mentioned, you feel that you are or have lost your sexual potency, it is best that you discuss it with your partner. So that together they face and overcome the situation.

From TuSaludÍntima we care about the health of both, so that they can grow with great health, well-being and with the balance they need to always enjoy healthy sexuality. We will be here to continue sharing more information to help you along the way.

Visit our website , follow us on our social networks @tusaludintima @doctoraklarasenior and @tu_ginecologa and leave us your questions and comments to continue this conversation and help you stay healthy and sexually happy.


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