Erectile dysfunction: what you need to know to overcome this situation.

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erectile dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of those situations that many of the men in the Zenzsual team go through in silence. In this article we want to share the information that can help you face and overcome this problem in your intimate health.

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What is erectile dysfunction?

We say that there is erectile dysfunction when the man is unable to achieve sufficient penile rigidity to allow full vaginal penetration. That gives rise to an orgasm with ejaculation in the woman's vagina, resulting in a satisfactory sexual relationship. Said incapacity must be manifested persistently in order to be considered as an alteration in the sexual health of men.

Age is the most important risk factor for suffering from erectile dysfunction of any degree, and the older you are, the greater the severity of the process.

It is estimated that 30 out of 100 men suffer from some type of erectile dysfunction. That it can be more or less severe, although these figures can vary since many of the men do not consult their doctor about this problem or do so late.

According to data from the EncienDe survey , carried out with more than 1,600 participants (doctors, pharmacists and men with and without erectile dysfunction), 48.5 percent of those affected delay their visit to the doctor for more than a year.

The most frequent alterations linked to erectile dysfunction are vascular and especially arteriosclerosis. In this group are people with high cholesterol, smoking, diabetics and people with high blood pressure. Also due to damage to the vascular supply, people who have suffered trauma to the pelvic bones or who have been treated with radiotherapy.

How can you identify if you have erectile dysfunction?

It may be obvious, but believe it or not, many men cannot distinguish whether or not they have erectile dysfunction. If this is your case, the symptom of dysfunction is the difficulty or impossibility of achieving an erection or maintaining it before or during sexual intercourse .

This is something that can happen suddenly or gradually. Some men slowly lose the firmness of their erections or the duration of their erections.

In other men , especially when it is largely due to psychological factors, the problem can occur unpredictably and can improve at any time.

Despite difficulties with erections, they can still have normal orgasms and ejaculations without a full erection .

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What is the treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Now that you know what the main symptoms are , it is important that you know that there is a possibility of treatment. And the first thing you should do is see your doctor so that he knows your case in detail and gives you the necessary help.

A determining factor in the success of the treatment is having the participation of the couple and, together with them, defining expectations and choosing together the treatment route to follow.

Although most patients will benefit from symptomatic treatment , that is, without relation to the cause, on some occasions an emotional approach to the problem may be vital, through the accompaniment of a psychologist specialized in sexology .

These are the most common treatment options that your doctor may prescribe:

  • Oral administration of a tablet containing : sildenafil citrate, vardenafil or tadalafil. These drugs work, when there is sexual stimulation, increasing the blood flow of the penis.
  • Penile injections . They are second-line treatments, which use drugs that the patient himself injects into the bodies of the penis. They have some side effect that should be avoided with good patient training.
  • Penile prosthesis . In a third line of treatment, there is the placement of a prosthesis in the penis. This is perhaps the last option to use due to its invasiveness. The satisfaction rate is high, but it is not free of complications.

As you will see, there are several options to deal with erectile dysfunction, so it is vital never to give in to discouragement.

It is also important to differentiate the disorder from impotence or erectile dysfunction in the elderly, since there are several misunderstandings.

As a result of the aging process in the case of men , there is usually a longer refractory period - this is the time necessary for a new erection after an orgasm -. Age also seems to affect the time it takes to become aroused, to get an erection, and to ejaculate. And all this is considered completely normal.

From TuSaludIntima de Zenzsual, we hope that this information serves as a first orientation , if at this moment you are going through this alteration in your sexual life, but keep in mind that you always go to your doctor, support you with your partner and follow all the indications to continue your life healthy and happy.

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