Erotic movies on Netflix that you should watch with your crush.

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9 erotic Netflix movies you should watch with your crush.

If you are needing to recover the lost sexual desire, you came to the ideal article for you. Every day, men and women, in our social networks, ask us for help, because either one or the other feels that they have lost their desire. At TuSaludIntima we come to the rescue!


Where does sexual desire begin?

Before anything else, you must know where the desire originates, in order to be able to walk the path of recovering it. Because yes, friend or friend, sexual desire recovers, feeds, and is maintained throughout our lives.

We call sexual desire —sometimes called "libido"—when you feel like having sex, or when your mind, and especially your mind or body, gets excited at the thought of doing something sexual. Such as masturbating, having sexual thoughts or fantasies, or having sex with a stranger.

We always emphasize that sexual desire begins, above all, first in our mind . In our brain. So if at any stage of your life, such as menopause in the case of women, or due to stress in the case of men , you feel that "desire has gone" it is precisely in the brain where you should start. to resume the path of your happiness and your sexuality.

Of course, our sexual desire is influenced by physical factors, such as vaginal dryness , menopause, a chronic disease medication, pregnancy, lactation, among others. Psychological and emotional factors such as anxiety, stress, the couple's routine and in general how we face daily life also influence. All of the above can cause our desire to run in the opposite direction to ours.

If this happens to you, the solution may be easier than it seems . Part of that solution, to regain your sexual desire, starts in the mind. As we already said. That is why we always suggest, for example, that you go through erotic readings , an excellent way of telling our brain: I'm still sexy and I love pleasure! It's very simple, erotic readings give our brain material to fantasize about, and from there to when the spark ignites again it can only be an instant.

But, if the readings are not given to you much, and you are more visual. So, you're in luck, because that's what we want to share in this article. Movie options that can help you, also to stimulate your mind and your libido.

Remember that, although it sounds trite, maintaining a daily exercise routine and eating healthy, also helps keep our desire active. This is where our Libizenzs nutritional supplement , based on natural herbs, can be the perfect partner. To help you raise desire naturally, improve energy and your general well-being.

Thus, by stimulating your mind and supporting you with Libizenzs, sexual desire will be a gasp on the way. ;)

9 erotic movies you can watch on Netflix


The story of a first love from adolescence and the incredible intensity with which the characters played by María Pedraza and Pol Monen experience it. Newcomer Esteban Crespo is more interested in showing us the emotional ups and downs of his characters, but he doesn't shy away from showing us the passion of their sexual encounters.

#2 Nymphomania

A woman who defines herself as a nymphomaniac tells the story of her sexual life to the man who saved her from a beating in an alley. The disaffected account of a torrid sexual epic. By Lars von Trier, with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgård.

#3 Kiki, love is made

Paco León offers us here five stories linked by the common bond of sexual affiliations such as dacryphilia, eliphilia, somnophilia, harpasophilia or polyamory. All this with a clear comic component so that the viewer approaches it as naturally as possible and with a cast full of well-known faces from Spanish cinema.

#4 Newness

With the Spanish Laia Costa, this time accompanied by Nicholas Hoult. The film directed by Drake Doremus tells how two young people meet through a dating app and it doesn't take long for them to start a torrid relationship. The problem is that boredom ends up making an appearance and his way of remedying it is not going to be exactly conventional...

#5 Rocco

Documentary about Rocco Siffredi, probably the best known porn actor of all time. Specifically, it revolves around his last year behind the scenes, offering an overview of the pornographic industry through his eyes.

#6 Elisa and Marcela

In an LGBT vibe. Spain, 1901. Elisa Sánchez Loriga adopts a masculine identity to marry the woman she loves, Marcela Gracia Ibeas. Story based on real facts. Drama directed and co-written by the award-winning Isabel Coixet (My life without me), with Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernández.

#7 Infidelity

A classic. But we still wonder who can cheat on Richard Gere? The film tells how intense passion threatens the stable marriage of Connie, a typical suburban mom who embarks on an erotic affair with a younger man. Diane Lane and Richard Gere let passion drive them to the darkest end in this romantic drama.


The eternal fantasy of doing it with a mature woman. Set in the south of France, three friends in their forties navigate the waters of heartbreak and friendship as they embark on passionate romances with younger men.

#9 Perverse Addiction

Talking about women who are unstoppable. Having an understanding partner, two children, and professional success is enough for many, but not for Zoe. Her sexual appetite for other men makes her insatiable. The first feature film based on a bestselling novel by erotic fiction writer Zane.

We are sure that these movies will be very helpful to reactivate that libido . One last Tip: while you watch the movie with your partner, keep the Zenzsual Moisturizing Gel at hand , based on water and with hyaluronic acid, so that at the hottest time of the night, it helps you have a soft and pleasant touch. between penis and vagina.

We hope you enjoy it!

While you enjoy, remember that it is in your hands to try to lead a healthy and full life, it is very easy and only you can achieve it.

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