10 ideal gifts for an explosive Valentine's Day

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explosive valentine's day

If you still don't know what to give your partner on Valentine's Day, at Zenzsual we have been thinking about several ideal options for you to stand out this year and together make the most of the gift.

Friends of #TeamZenzsual to celebrate this Valentine's Day in style , start by identifying what are those little problems, discomforts or aspirations of your relationship that you want to improve or solve. For example, if you feel that you are distanced, that you need time together, that you are bored with the sexual routine or you have presented some discomfort such as vaginal dryness or you do not feel like it lately. That should be the perfect excuse to choose the best gift that benefits both of you.

So, it happens that Valentine's Day works its magic on February 14 and opens the opportunity for you to improve what worries you so much. And the best thing is that you can do it in the most loving way possible: with a gift for two! to help them overcome relationship challenges. Think what he would like to receive, put yourself in his shoes, go back in time and listen to his voice when he sometimes asks for things that you don't always give him.

What would he like?

If we talk about material things, most men like to receive a state-of-the-art technological gadget or sports item, which usually ends up being quite expensive. Instead, we suggest you give him a personalized coupon that says: VOUCHER FOR A DAY OF INTENSE SEX!, with which he can be just as happy. Best of all, it's going to be free and you're going to enjoy it as much as he does.

Thinking of helping you make it possible, at Zenzsual we conducted a survey to come up with this list with some feasible ideas to carry out with little or a lot of budget, so that you will remember that Valentine's Day as the best of your life.

We go from the simplest to the most daring and creative:

    1. A romantic dinner with aphrodisiac ingredients that turn the night on. In this article you will find some aphrodisiac recipes that we shared in December, which you can improve HERE . And also take into account these foods that it is better not to consume that day.
    2. A couple getaway to a beautiful place that includes a relaxing massage. The beach, the mountains, a hotel, an exotic bar, etc. But pick something that truly ignites the passion.
    3. Surprise him with truly Zenzsual lingerie. And it doesn't matter if you have a few extra pounds! Something lace, silk or a very soft fabric in your favorite color.
    4. A day off for both of us , without any tedious responsibilities. As long as it is not a reason for conflict or mistrust.
    5. Buy him a sex toy to use on you. Our #VagiYoga vaginal exerciser can be a good option, if you use it in massage mode.
    6. If you like to do it, plan a truly DIFFERENT Oral Sex session . Here in thislink we give you some techniques with a detailed explanation of what you should do.

    7. If you want to go further and it catches your attention, give it a taste of Anal Sex . But be careful, if you haven't done it before, you need preparation. In #UnaNocheIntimayZenzsual we explain the step by step so that you can enjoy it, without pain and without major pressure, and finally, have an orgasm out of the ordinary that way.

    8. Fulfill that fantasy that you have always asked for . And if you don't know which one to choose, tell him about yours without giving him too many clues to surprise him.
    9. If performing arts and literature are your thing, invent a dramatized reading of a scene from your favorite erotica or that movie of your choice, and present it to her in costume and all!
    10. For board game lovers, turn the classic Monopoly into a Lovopoly. Use some cardboard to make the board and with cardboard, photos and markers fill in each box, change the conditions of each box with penances or sexual games and all the tricks you can think of to have a good time, because finally the rules of the game you put them!

The important thing is that you manage to give free rein to your imagination WITHOUT TABOOS!

Yes indeed! To bring any of these ideas to life, we recommend having your Zenzsual Intimate Gel on hand to avoid discomfort that interrupts the magical night. And if you don't feel like it, start both of you now taking your daily dose of LibiZenzs to activate the desire and energy you need to endure the Valentine's Day jog.

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