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Have you ever taken a mirror to see what your genitals are like? If your answer is "no", continue reading... Talking about the vagina is still taboo, even for us, many of us don't know the parts of this area of ​​our body well and how they work. We know you've had a thousand questions about your vagina, you've probably turned to Google to answer them, but you're not satisfied with the information you found or left with more questions. For this reason, today we want to talk about the vulva, a part that is rarely talked about, but that is wonderful. Join us to meet her!

To begin with, what is the vulva?

In short, they are all the female genital organs that you can see: the labia, the clitoris, the opening of the vagina, and the urethral orifice. A common mistake is to confuse it with the vagina, but the latter is really part of the interior of the organism and the vulva makes up the external part. If you have doubts about the differences between the vulva and the vagina, don't worry! With what follows you will understand a little better.

These are the most frequent questions we have received:

Do I have a “pretty” vulva?

The million dollar question! As always, self-awareness is essential. Find a mirror and use it to recognize the natural shape, color and texture of your vulva. There is no perfect appearance, your vulva is different from the rest. It is scientifically proven that women have 8 types of vulva and, although there may be many more, we will tell you which are the most common.

  1. The "Barbie": It is the scarcest, because the labia majora are larger than the labia minora, therefore it is narrower.
  2. Inflated: It is similar to the previous one, although it has much thicker labia. This type of vulva tends to stick out through clothing, so it can be uncomfortable for those who wear tight clothing.
  3. Butterfly: It is the most common, it has the labia minora similar to the wings of a butterfly and these are larger than the major ones. In addition, the clitoris stands out, so its stimulation can be easier.
  4. Tulip: It looks like a bud about to bloom, the labia minora stick out between the major ones, but not quite.
  5. Horseshoe: It is similar to a horse's shoe, it has an opening at the top and its labia minora are larger than the labia majora.
  6. Swan: It also has protruding labia minora, they are much larger than the major ones and the clitoris is very visible.
  7. Olympic torch: It is characterized by having a hood that covers part or all of the clitoris.
  8. Bata de cola: The labia minora are large and shaped, and they also completely or almost completely cover the labia majora.

As you can see, there are many types of vulva, this area being very sensitive to sexual stimulation, allows fertilization, is the means of blood outlet during menstruation and has the ability to expel the baby during childbirth. It's perfect! Be proud of its shape and its color.


Is it normal for it to itch?

It depends, the labia majora and minora are covered by very thin tissues and the clitoris has many nerve endings, so you are prone to itchiness in this area. It can also arise from rubbing against underwear, from playing sports or from using inappropriate soaps. A proper hygiene routine can help you prevent a possible infection, yes! Do not hesitate to use the Zenzsual Female Cleansing Foam , it is made from water, it does not contain perfumes or parabens, so it will help you clean your vulvar area naturally, as well as prevent darkening and strong odors.

Now, if in addition to itching you notice ulcers, blisters, or abnormalities in your vaginal discharge, you may have an infection, make an appointment with the gynecologist!

Does the appearance of my vulva change after having sex?

No! When you're excited, your vagina stretches, dilates and lubricates before penetration, it adapts to any shape and size, but always returns to its natural shape. However, do not overlook hydration, using the Zenzsual Female Moisturizing Gel , with which you can prevent dryness and improve its appearance, since it has a high percentage of hyaluronic acid and is designed for the delicate skin of your vulva.


What do I do if pimples appear on my vulva?

The pimples down there are not a serious alteration, you can have them due to hormonal changes during menstruation, certain types of hair removal or wearing synthetic underwear that does not let your skin breathe. Don't try to remove them! Better wear cotton underwear and keep your vulva as clean and dry as possible, remember that everything comes from the inside, for that our Zenbiotic Probiotics are an excellent option to take care of your immune system and your vaginal health; Its components reduce the chances that the pH of your vagina will become unbalanced and fungi will appear. If you use it regularly, the pimples you have at the moment will disappear on their own.


Is it normal to have it swollen during my pregnancy?

Pregnancy changes your body in all aspects and one of these is reflected in your vulva, during this stage it can become inflamed and pigmented. This does not stop when the baby is born, which is why we recommend protecting your bladder and urinary tract before, during and after your pregnancy, but how? Bye Bye Cystitis is the perfect solution, it has antioxidant properties and a series of natural extracts that will help reduce inflammation and reduce any discomfort in your genitals. Be sure to talk to your doctor to ensure you won't have any problems taking it.

We know that many doubts remain in the pipeline, but we hope that you have understood a little better how your genitals work. You are surrounded by a thousand beliefs that can leave you feeling insecure without justification. On this occasion we want to leave you a message: There are no "normal" vulvas, there are no "normal" relationships, there are no "normal" bodies... Each person is unique and different. Love, explore and relate to your genitals: they will be with you for the rest of your life, don't pretend they don't exist.

Luckily, we have found a way to help you recognize, accept and care for your body... Have you tried the TOTAL INTIMATE HEALTH KIT yet ? Many women have done it and it has changed their lives; includes the products that we recommend: Feminine Moisturizing Gel + Feminine Cleansing Foam + Bye bye Cystitis + Zenbiotic Probiotics. We know that with this kit you will have the possibility of having a healthy and friendly relationship with your intimate area and we will give you a 35% discount so that you can purchase it. Celebrate diversity and enjoy your sexuality!

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