Why is Valentine's Day king of Valentine's Day?

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Valentine's Day

THESE TIPS ARE FOR YOU! Relationships are not easy and love is not eternal as it is portrayed in soap operas. Don't live one more separation. Put these tips into practice, so that they keep the flame alive and do not ask for miracles from Valentine's Day.

Every February 14 we celebrate Valentine's Day , in commemoration of the good works carried out by Saint Valentine of Rome . He was a saint who married couples in the cellars of the Empire's prisons at a time when Christianity was prohibited . Faced with this audacity, they ordered him to be executed and while he waited for that moment, he performed a miracle for the blind daughter of the prison judge, restoring her vision. It all happened when she was able to read a piece of paper that he himself gave her with the phrase: "Your Valentine." Some say that he fell in love with the young woman, which is why his symbolism as a saint of love was greater.

It is recorded that the first Valentine's Day was celebrated on February 14, 494 and since those days the Valentine's Day party is interpreted as an opportunity to celebrate love and friendship, regardless of the religion that is professed or the sexual orientation of each person.

Although it is a day when boyfriends, husbands and friends celebrate the day of love and friendship by giving flowers, cards and chocolates, and get together to share with loved ones, at Zenzsual we want to take advantage of Valentine's Day as an excuse to talk about love and as an opportunity to remind you of some keys so that your relationship as a couple lasts and becomes stronger over time with each Valentine's Day.

So WRITE DOWN THE 3 FUNDAMENTAL KEYS, which will help you to continue celebrating the next Valentine's Day with your partner:

  1. LET LOVE ENDURE : let's start with the first thing, for a relationship to be lasting and go from carnal to becoming something significant for your life, there must be love beyond attraction. Think of every detail that makes you admire, respect and thank that person who accompanies you. It often happens that on a daily basis we forget all those moments and that if in the end we rebuild, we realize that yes, that person is special and we love them!
  2. LET THE DESIRE LAST : if you already have the love of your life, it is necessary to feel Desire. But it is normal that with the passing of time or due to some difficulties it disappears from your life or arrives occasionally. If this is your case, remember that you must feed your mind so that it reacts to desire. How you do this, very easy: erotic reading, looking for your own memories that make you explode with desire or watching movies; Do not stop asking for help and looking for the solution to low libido, which may be related to hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone, which you can resolve in a short time by taking a controlled dose of Libizenzs daily . Zenzsual's nutritional supplement or libido booster that we created especially to help you level your hormones, with totally natural ingredients and recover the energy you need.
  3. MAY THE PASSION ENDURE: Spice up your relationship at every encounter! Don't settle for mediocre sex. You are responsible for enriching your sexual life with creativity, planning and a little daring to try what attracts your attention, and of course, everything that is pleasurable for both of you. Do not wait for your partner to propose to you. Do it yourself, first of all, find out well and allow yourself to experiment with your body to achieve greater pleasure when you are together, remember that with your brain and your clitoris you have enough to enjoy in any situation.

We on the Zenzsual social networks spend our time sharing recommendations so that you can achieve it:

  • Try new sexual positions and techniques . In the last shows of "An Intimate and Zenzsual Night", which we have every Monday through Facebook Live, you can tune in to us. We will be there: doctors Sofía Herrera and Klara Senior, accompanying María Marín, who opens the doors of her house for us. Here we leave you the link of the show where we talk about the Kunyaza technique so that you can start trying it out.
  • Seek help : if you need help at the time of stimulation, you have any discomfort, pain or discomfort that prevents you from achieving arousal, we offer you the Zenzsual KIT, which was created to solve the most frequent situations and take care of your sexuality in the future.

    This KIT contains: a Zenzsual intimate GEL that is a lubricant with full hyaluronic acid that hydrates your genitals, combats vaginal dryness and makes everything flow better. It also contains a VagiYoga vaginal exerciser to strengthen your pelvic floor over time and have better sensations with each contraction of your muscles by having them toned. In addition, you will find a LibiZenzs , our libido booster or nutritional supplement that contains natural ingredients that will help you solve the lack of desire (yours or your partner's).
  • Bring out your senses : Exploit each of them according to your tastes: sight, taste, smell and hearing. Talk about the things you like to do and don't put up barriers, without pressure or excessive expectations, the idea is that you find a way to please each other.
  • Experiment together – make every encounter an opportunity to learn more about your body and how it can complement each other. It is not bad to try masturbation (alone or accompanied) so that you can better understand how your body works and know the areas where you explode with pleasure.

Here we gave you an excuse to think better, how are you going to celebrate this Valentine's Day? Remember that you count on us to make that day a truly unforgettable evening.

Visit our website: www.zenzsual.com and read the articles that we are leaving you on our blog with all the tips and recommendations to make it a memorable night.

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