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multiple orgasm

Multiple orgasm or multi-orgasm. In some women this type of orgasmic response can occur in which consecutive orgasms of the same or different intensity occur. Needing in some women the continuation of stimulation and in others it is not necessary to continue with the stimulation.

In the patients that present them, they generally respond to intense arousal levels in short stimulation times and achieve repeated orgasms without effort. This is due in many cases to having a tonic perineal musculature, observed in women who do zone muscle exercises. pelvic, is seen in women who practice Pilates, dancers or simply who exercise the pelvic floor with the so-called Kegel exercises.

Frequently we achieve optimal desire frequencies in these women in addition to high frequency in sexual relations.

Are all women capable of reaching multiple orgasms? What does it depend on to be able to achieve it?

It is about pelvic floor training given by Kegel exercises, they are the contractions performed with the muscles of the vaginal entrance or pelvic floor at different time intervals, resulting in improving the strength of those muscles and other benefits they have for our genital and sexual health. They are generally recommended for women who begin to have urinary incontinence , grade 1 prolapse or sexual dysfunction, in addition to pregnant women who, due to the weight of the baby and delivery through the vaginal canal, may affect that muscle mass.


It is learned by placing a finger in the vagina , contract the muscles of the vaginal entrance by squeezing the finger, there verify the state of flaccidity that is perceived, do 6 series a day of 60 contractions each, for a period of 12 to 14 weeks and then maintain exercises so as not to lose the acquired tone, contraction and relaxation of these muscles must be performed at the time of intercourse, which improves the entire vaginal and sexual response.

What are the different types of multiple orgasms?

Polyorgasm and multiorgasm.

The multi-orgasm is one where repeated orgasms of the same intensity occur.

The polyorgasm where repeated orgasms of different intensity occur.

Are there tricks or techniques to achieve this?

It is essential to achieve this type of orgasm that you have a good repertoire to facilitate a better arousal response in addition to training the pelvic floor, since after the first orgasm you activate the second with the contractions of the vaginal muscles and the help of your partner is important to keep the level of excitement high and achieve the goal.

Without good muscle tone it is difficult to achieve this type of orgasmic response.

Are there positions that favor multiple orgasm?

  • The position where he penetrates from behind , that is to say, the posterior positions, give more opportunity to stimulate the G-spot and in parallel she stimulates the clitoris with her hands.
  • Another position that helps is the man sitting on the edge of a chair or bed, she sitting on his back and she swaying her body touching her clitoris.
  • She sits in front of him , in full penetration where she rubs the clitoris with the man's pelvis.

Can men have multiple orgasms?

There are works that indicate that if a man rehabilitates the pelvic floor with contraction or Kegel exercises, he can have multiple orgasms, they should learn that in most multiple orgasms he does not ejaculate, this makes the first orgasms more likely. be without ejaculation leaving the ejaculation last.

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