Step by step to clean your vagina without soap

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the vulva is not a vagina

Neither baking soda, nor lemon, nor strange washes, your vagina is practically self-cleaning and to clean it you only need fresh water and products that take care of its pH, without perfumes or aggressive components that eliminate its natural protection.

Did you know that the soap you use daily to bathe is not the best ally for your external genitalia? This is because the pH of your skin and the mucosa of that area are different from the rest of your body.

But before talking about cleaning your intimate area, it is important to keep in mind that it is one thing to talk about your vagina and another thing to talk about your vulva... Do you know the difference well?

  • THE VAGINA is the channel that connects the vulva to the uterus, where babies and menstruation come out. And it is also the place where the penis, sex toys, menstrual cups and tampons enter. In short, we are talking about the vagina being the internal part of your genitals that does not require particular cleaning or douching, because it is self-cleaning, as we have said.
  • THE VULVA is the external part, which is made up of the vaginal lips, the clitoris, the vaginal opening or entrance and the urethral orifice (where urine comes out).

Having this difference between Vulva and Vagina is very clear, now we can give you some recommendations for the TOILET OF YOUR VULVA. But please never confuse them again, give them the place they deserve; and rather join the crusade that we have in Zenzsual so that all women know our bodies better and speak clearly about our genitals.

Although your vagina does not require a particular daily grooming routine, YOUR VULVA DOES! There is a reason why pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies spend long hours of research in the creation of products for the skin of your face, for your hair and other parts of your body. Or do you use your hair care shampoo to wash your face? No, right! Then pay attention to the step by step that we give you at Zenzsual so that you learn how to clean your vulva correctly every day.

When to wash your vulva?

  • The hygiene of your vulva is something basic that you must do daily and with great care. Once a day is fine, but don't overdo it! More than twice is too many. Remember that by washing it excessively you can alter the vaginal flora and welcome infections.
  • During menstruation it is not necessary to wash more frequently. The important thing is that you change sanitary pads or tampons at most every 4 hours to avoid moisture and never sleep with tampons. You can use wet wipes to remove the remains. You don't have to wash with every change, but if you do, don't necessarily use soap. 
  • After intimate relations it is good that you go to urinate and that you wash your intimate area to eliminate possible germs that have been introduced through sexual contact.
  • After evacuating, wipe yourself from front to back, taking care not to move the feces towards the vulva. And later, you can rinse with water.
  • It is essential to teach girls the step by step of intimate hygiene from the time they learn to bathe themselves, so that they grow up with healthy cleaning habits.

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How to wash your vulva?

Cleaning it is very easy:

  1. Cool the area with lukewarm water. It is important that you know that water alone is enough to clean your vulva.
  2. If you've been to the gym, had a busy day, or sweated a lot, you can use a cleanser specially formulated for the intimate area . Later in this article we will teach you how to identify the ideal product.
  3. Put some of this product on your clean fingers and gently apply it to the outside of your vulva . Avoid using sponges that accumulate germs.
  4. Remember that you should only pass your fingertips gently between the folds of the labia majora and minora and around the clitoris to avoid the accumulation of waste.
  5. Clean your vulva with movements from front to back. You should always do it that way by introducing your hand through the back of your crotch. NEVER THE OPPOSITE! because you would transfer the germs from the anus to your vulva.
  6. To dry it and remove excess water, use a towel exclusively for that area and change it frequently (preferably with each use). And dry in the same way, from front to back, making sure to dry between the folds.
  7. Do not clean the inside (your vagina) . Needless! Cleaning will always be done in the outdoor area. That's why forget about douching that can cause an infection.
  8. Avoid the use of intimate deodorants , as they can irritate you, cause allergies or mask the bad smell, a symptom of infection.
  9. Don't rub your vulva hard, because it's a super sensitive area and it will never be dirty enough to hit that hard. In addition, you could end up with some cracks or small unwanted wounds, through which a large multitude of infectious agents can enter.

With which product should you clean your vulva?

We have already said that water by itself has enough virtues for your regular cleaning. The important thing is that you learn that in no case should you use the usual shower soap on your vulva , as it is very abrasive for the intimate area and instead of protecting you from infections, you will be eliminating the natural barrier that is part of our body.

However, it is good that you have a good product specialized in cleaning the intimate area on hand for those moments when you feel very sweaty, have sex, have your period or had a hectic day and need to feel fresh.

How can you identify the ideal product?

Verify that it is special for the intimate area and that it has an acidic pH (between 4 and 5), the closest thing to that of your vulva and vagina, that it does not have perfume, oils or added deodorants that can irritate you. In addition, it provides you with the protection and hydration you need.

Zenzsual's cleansing foam has those characteristics. It is vegan, super moisturizing, neutralizes odors, has an acidic pH (5.0) especially for the intimate area. In addition, it is biocompatible and biodegradable. It does not contain glycerin or paraffin, helps prevent urinary tract infections by bacteria and is not a GMO product (genetically modified organisms).

It is an intimate cleansing foam that facilitates the daily cleaning of your intimate area and helps you keep your vulva healthy and odor-free. Among its active ingredients are: Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Cranberry Extract, Chamomile Extract, among other wonderful ingredients, which make it unique in the market.

It is worth noting that hyaluronic acid provides extra hydration to your vulva, which usually presents dryness at some times in life (such as postpartum, after menstruation and menopause). In this link we leave you an article where we talk about its properties. And it also contains organic cranberry extract, an ingredient known to prevent vaginal infections.

6 basic care for your vulva!

In addition to the correct daily grooming technique, take these recommendations into account:

  1. Avoid tight pants . Less air, more space for the generation of bacteria.
  2. Avoid underwear protectors, which accumulate residues that rather become a breeding ground for bacteria, harming your intimate area.
  3. He prefers cotton underwear , a fabric that is softer and in accordance with his sensitivity.
  4. Store your underwear in a clean and dry place , out of contact with other types of clothing, especially those that you reuse and that can be dirty without realizing it.
  5. Do not abuse hair removal. And if you do, make sure that it is not total. You want to keep some hair around the urethra and clitoris to protect them.
  6. Visit the doctor! If you notice abundant discharge or bad vaginal odor, visit your gynecologist to rule out any type of infection or other disease and don't forget your annual check-up appointment.

Your vulva and vagina are key to you. Take care of them! Well, they play a fundamental role in your sexuality and motherhood. That's why at Zenzsual we constantly share information that helps you take care of your feminine health and break down the myths that surround your sexuality.

Visit our website and follow our social networks @zenzsual @doctoraklarasenior and tuginecologa, where week after week we share content to help you stay healthy and sexually happy.


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