You can't stand your partner and you started the year without wanting to see it. Here we give you some tips

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your partner

Take advantage of the month of January and February to analyze your relationship as a couple, its achievements and failures in 2019. And get ready so that you can give it a positive spin that will help you continue to grow together.

At Zenzsual we share some New Year's recommendations with you!

Christmas can often become a reason for discussion and conflict with our partners, due to the multiple commitments we make and the difficulty in agreeing on priorities to achieve good compliance with everyone.

What happens is that in these times many of our negotiation skills and understanding are put to the test and we can come to put aside our role as a couple, giving priority to other issues such as children, family and friends. The responsibilities are not going to change, rather they will increase over time, however, definitely if we can assume them and solve them in a positive, joyful and very sensual way.

The couple relationship is basically based on satisfying mutual needs. Achieving it is quite a challenge. Thinking about it, below, we share 10 tips to not die trying and that together they spend a year full of satisfaction in the company of their families and friends. The key is that you incorporate positive changes throughout the year and that your partner is the priority, so that together they become the conductors of their lives, protecting each other within their imaginary bubble, in total complicity .

Here are our tips for you to have a happy relationship in 2020:

1.- Make the relationship a priority

When there are children involved, the relationship as a couple tends to take a backseat because of how complicated it becomes to manage family, work, fatigue and the time available. Despite all the routine that works against you, you have to try not to neglect your partner , quite the contrary, you should take advantage of the little time for leisure and entertainment to prioritize the relationship. Although this is not achieved by magic, they must work together, opening spaces for intimacy. Keep in mind that small gestures of attention and care can have a big impact and you can plan for them. Lean on your family or close friends to be your accomplices and take care of the children from time to time.

2.- Invent rituals to connect with your partner

To feel comfortable with each other it is important to get to know each other well and look for those small daily moments for the two of you . It is the opportunity to connect, to know what they think and how they feel about each other. It doesn't have to be anything very elaborate, the ritual can be as simple as sitting down together to have your first coffee in the morning, having dinner every Friday, sending a spicy photo every day of the month, saying goodbye before bed, seeing a series together, leaving key messages throughout the house that only you understand, not missing a touch before going out, talking for a while while walking the dog, etc.

The secret in these rushed days is to reserve time for the couple and try not to be so exhausted so that there can be true moments of connection.

3.- Relax together

Instead of confirming all the commitments for the weekend, give yourself permission to miss a few and take advantage of that space for a sexual connection that relaxes you. They can book a couples massage, a night in a hotel or a getaway to a bar or to the beach. It's important to slow down so we can connect more and create an atmosphere of trust and intimacy, with a touch of sexual innovation and curiosity.

If you can't think of anything!

We invite you to listen to our live show « An Intimate and Zenzsual Night» with María Marín, through our Facebook accounts @mariamarinonline @zenzsual @doctoraklasenior @tu_ginecologa; where every Monday night we give you ideas and share techniques and tips about real life.

Take a look at this one:

Sometimes when we are calmer, the best version of ourselves can come out , and on the contrary, when we run all day, it is possible that we are unbalanced and upset by life for no apparent reason. Try to plan these days so that you have time for everything and do not stress. 

4.- Do not get involved with the differences

    Respecting individualities is part of the game . Remember that on vacation the differences become more visible, because we spend more time together as couples and it is shared with the two families, which are not always compatible. You must take care of do not refer to the other in a disrespectful way , without judging or blaming; Because they can hurt each other. Express your opinions with great respect and subtlety so as not to enter into sterile discussions that lead to nothing, because you simply will not be able to change their decisions and their opinions. It is easier to ask for some concessions in an affectionate way, with tact and diplomacy, negotiating with your partner to achieve more and keeping in mind that next time it will be your turn to be more flexible and give in .

    Invent private games , where couple debts are paid with good sex and with moments to please the winner. The premise of not going to bed without resolving the differences or reconciling in bed is also valid.

    5.- Discuss like good friends

    Stress levels can skyrocket at certain times of the year due to responsibilities, work, and family. We know how hard it is to listen without blaming, but it's also possible to express your disagreements without threatening or hurting the other person.

    Practice active listening! It is important to be able to be silent for a moment to put yourself in your partner's shoes and understand their reasons and arguments, without getting defensive; In this way they will be able to relate better, understanding the experience of the other from empathy.

    Before jumping into your defense, express your point of view respectfully and without irony. And try to understand without judging, the reasons why your feelings are triggered. It is important that both feel heard and respected, before issuing an opinion or making a decision regarding the subject of the discussion.

    6.- Help him achieve his goals and dreams

    Usually we love as we would like to be loved . But the truth is that we are not all the same and we want different things; That's why it's best to ask your partner directly: how can I love you better ? And beyond asking him, it is important that you are interested in getting to know him in depth to find out about his individualities.

    7.- Be his accomplice

      The routine leads us to spend a lot of time without sharing with friends or close family . You can surprise your partner by organizing a dinner with the people they love the most , who are not necessarily your friends . Although they will not be alone, later they will be able to thank you for the detail, the effort and all the heart that you put into the event with their loved ones .

      If dinner seems boring to you. Take him to a SexShop and choose a new sex toy together or take advantage of when everyone is sleeping to visit the Zenzsual online store and explain to him what they can do with the intimate gel and VagiYoga . Make a team in the adventure of growing up, without prejudices and without grudges from the past, because that is part of evolving as a couple.

      8.- Give him a day off

      Let him choose for one day what he wants to do or where he wants to go. Take care of the children and do not call him every moment to see how everything is going. Also take the opportunity to go out with your friends. And at the end of the day they will be able to share the experience.

      9.- Fulfill some of your fantasies

      Ask him what are the secret fantasies that he would like to fulfill with you, and according to your possibilities, make some of them come true. He will surely appreciate your desire to go beyond what is expected. With a little will, creativity and preparation, you will see how you maintain complicity and surprise in the relationship.

      10.- Relive the spark with SexCoaching

      If you feel that not everything is going well with your partner, that they are disconnected and that it is not the same as before, although they love each other very much. Remember that SexCoaching can help you work on some aspects to evolve in the relationship.

      Take advantage of the moments together to talk about the option of taking some SexCoaching sessions to facilitate the task. At Zenzsual we can provide you with our team of specialists to help you answer your questions and give you some more detailed tips on relationships and healthy sexuality.

      SexCoaching provides couples with a targeted intervention to accompany and guide them to achieve assertive communication, with which they can resolve their conflicts and build their intimacy, reconnecting and developing a more effective, satisfactory and healthy relationship. In addition, it helps them to be able to recognize what their erotic style is, and together negotiate and build the sphere of intimacy, directing all the techniques, exercises and interventions in the development of their specific sexual goals.

      Show him your interest, love and generosity!

      We trust that you will be able to take advantage of this year in favor of your relationship . At Zenzsual we will accompany you on the path to being happy living a full sexuality, but for this you must empower yourself with your well-being and foster the growth of your sentimental relationship.

      For our part, we will continue to give you the best advice so that you plan your year 2020 as well as possible, for the benefit of your female health, your sexuality, always aimed at healthy aging and in harmony with yourself.

      On our website you will find more information about your female health, to enhance your life as a couple and your sexuality . In our online store you will get our Zenzsual intimate gel and our LibiZenzs libido booster , in its two versions for women and men, as well as the VagiYoga vaginal exerciser. Any of them can be the perfect gift on his birthday. And of course, don't stop following us on social networks like @zenzsual.


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