Quick Guide to Female Self-Examination

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female masturbation

We want you to know your body, stay healthy, understand your erogenous zones well, and feel safe to ask for and give yourself satisfaction without complexes.

If you have never touched your body alone , you have not explored your genitals in search of knowing what are those sensations that occur in you, and in the middle of the year 2020, you have not dared because of the thousands of taboos that go around our heads, it's time for you to start.

In this time that we are living in quarantine , many people distanced from their partners always ask us what to do if they are alone? Here we give you the basic information so that you can begin to explore yourself safely, because we live to take care of #TuSaludIntima.

First it is key to talk about the limiting beliefs that we have in our heads. Do you think that masturbating is normal? Well, the truth is that there are still a lot of misperceptions, for which many women feel guilty when masturbating or consider that they are doing something wrong.

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All these misconceptions can prevent you from enjoying masturbation or self-exploration:

  1. What if the woman is not made for pleasure, but to "bring children into the world."
  2. What if "you can hurt yourself".
  3. What scares them
  4. What if masturbating so often "affects your health".
  5. That it is something that "is frowned upon in society."
  6. "That is a sin."
  7. That my caregivers told me as a child "not to touch me."
  8. Or simply because you don't know how to do it.

The truth is that when many women are told about masturbation , the first thing that comes to mind is a woman with a dildo in her hand, inserting something into her vagina in the style of pornographic movies, and the truth is that it can be something as sublime and natural as you want. That is why it is prudent to talk to you about the benefits that it brings with it.

Benefits of Masturbation

Self-exploration entails a series of benefits beyond pleasure, it is about taking advantage of the moment of intimacy to know your erogenous zones, introspecting to get to know yourself better and learning to feel greater sensations of pleasure.

Here we list the main advantages of female masturbation:

  1. Activate your body's sensations of pleasure by releasing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the "pleasure center" in the brain.
  2. Improve your mood and reduce the pain of menstrual cycles by increasing the production of endorphins.
  3. Sleep better month thanks to the increase in the hormone prolactin, which will help us fall asleep at night.
  4. Strengthen your immune system by releasing cortisol and endorphins into the bloodstream that reduce depression.
  5. It makes you look younger and more attractive to the opposite sex because being more satisfied and in control of your sexuality gives off a sensual energy that attracts them.
  6. Doing it as a couple connects them more. A study published in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy found that women who masturbated had happier marriages compared to those who did not.

Remember that sexual health is a right of every woman, that will allow you to have greater self-esteem and perform better in all areas of your life.

4 techniques for female masturbation

We finally got where you wanted to go! Below, you will find the step-by-step of the recommended techniques to help you get to know your body, enjoying the benefits of self-examination:

Explore your body!

It is not about doing something mechanical, you have to enjoy it and prepare the environment for excitement. Choose music that evokes sensuality in you, aromatize your bed or with an essence that you like, make sure to put the phone on silent and that nobody interrupts you in your room or the place you choose.

Don't go straight to your vulva

Before you get there, you must stimulate the rest of your body to enter the environment of sexuality. Try starting by going through your arms, your neck and your belly, in such a way as to stimulate the sensations of your skin and promote desire.

Continue exploring your breasts

The nipple is super sensitive because it has many nerve endings responsible for pleasure. When you stimulate it, it becomes erect like the clitoris. If you play with the nipple gently and with lubrication, you can feel vaginal throbbing and lubricate. You can place a little lubricating gel and caress the areola and the nipple in a circular way, from the outside in. That way, you can even feel throbbing in the vagina and even lubricate.

Meet the clitoris: the king of your orgasms

To begin with the stimulation of the vulva, it is important that you know your clitoris very well , since the organ of the female genital apparatus whose function is to provide sexual pleasure to the woman, since the nerves that produce these pleasant sensations are concentrated in it. Its tip or glans is what we see that appears in the upper part of the vulva , but it is important that you know that the clitoris extends inside the labia majora into the vagina .

The body of the clitoris can reach a size of 15 to 23 mm in its entire length, while the glans (what you see on the outside) measures between 3 and 5 mm wide and long, in a state of rest. In erection it can reach 17 to 25 mm in length (since the clitoris is erected just like the penis).

The key thing to remember is that ALL ORGASMS DEPEND ON THE CLITORIS , which is why it is so important that you learn to stimulate it correctly, using a quality intimate gel to avoid irritation from rubbing, which could cause pain and interrupt the pleasant sensations it gives you. .

Continue below with stimulation:

After the previous process and knowing your clitoris well, you can continue stimulating your vulva. To do this, you have the option of trying massage techniques in the outer area (from the vulva to the orifice of the anus) or massages inside the vagina, which involve penetration with your fingers. You can also combine both techniques, but always using lubricant to take those sensations to another level.

Read each step well and choose your favorite!

1st motion:

Begin by massaging your vulva from top to bottom, to gently stimulate the labia majora and clitoris, helping to increase blood circulation to the area and promote greater arousal. Making micro pressures on the clitoris to improve the sensations and the soft tapping with your own fingers.

2nd. Motion:

Lateral stimulation: it is about giving massages that go from side to side, going from one labia to the other, passing through the clitoris, feeling the texture and contractions that can begin to be felt.

3rd. Motion:

Make circular movements on the clitoris, going around the area. This is the most popular technique and many times it is advisable to leave it last so that it leads you to orgasm.

It should not be something mechanical: step 1, 2 and 3. Rather, take your time with each of these movements for a long time, until you get the feeling of enjoyment of your preference, concentrating on one movement at a time.

The idea is to try, touching yourself and concentrating on your most erotic thoughts. Imagine that you are with that special person, remember that crazy night or think about that person you would like to be with, and resort to all that thought that encourages you to keep up with the rhythm that you like, combining the techniques, until you identify the one with which you feel more comfortable and that gives you more pleasure, because not all of us are the same.

There are even women who reach orgasm by stimulating the U-spot, which is the entrance to the urethra, a super sensitive area that if you want, you should stimulate it very gently and with lots of intimate gel.

Keep in mind that no tool replaces the other , they are all different. And the most important thing about all this is that you keep in mind that self-exploration does not replace your partner, but rather helps you get to know yourself better.

We leave you homework!

If you want to know more about female self-exploration, we recommend you visit our YouTube channel where we post several videos on the subject.

For example, you can see the video of Dr. Sofía Herrera @tu_ginecologa where she talks about self-examination when we are virgins . We share it with you below:

And if you want to start today?

As a minimum essential to start self-exploration we recommend two basic things:

  1. USE A LOT OF GEL : your best ally will be a quality lubricant such as Zenzsual 's intimate gel , water-based (without any oil), which takes care of the pH of your intimate area and hydrates your tissues, thanks to its high acid component hyaluronic This way you will avoid irritations or small breaks in the skin or mucosa due to rubbing.
  2. REMEMBER THE PRIOR CLEANING : In addition, it is an essential requirement that everything is clean down there on your genitals before starting the self-examination session to avoid cross-contamination by your hands. You already know that you have Zenzsual's cleansing foam that refreshes you, cleanses you and at the same time gently protects you without using soap.

You can get both products at the TuSaludIntima.com online store . And as we are accustomed to, we wait for you week by week on the #Zenzsual blog with recommendations that aim to care for your health, your sexuality and your femininity at each stage of life.

Follow us on social networks as @tusaludintima @tu_ginecologa and @doctoraklarasenior, and we will gladly answer your questions as a woman to a woman.


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