Alcohol and sexuality: a combination that fails

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alcohol and sexuality

There is a myth that alcohol benefits our sexuality because it disinhibits us, but it does not necessarily help the development of our sexual response. Keep reading and let's tear down that myth together!

It hasn't happened to anyone who, after a couple of drinks, feels that sensations change in their body: nerves loosen up, distances shorten and we believe we feel freer to enjoy the pleasures of seduction.

Experts say that this can only happen with moderate consumption –between 30 and 60 cm3, which is equivalent to less than two drinks–, because in this way it becomes an appetite stimulant, tranquilizer, sedative and produces sensations. positive, facilitating interpersonal relationships and the physical encounter of bodies.

Thanks to these changes that we experience with the first drinks, there is a false idea that alcohol predisposes us to enjoy sex more and better. Above all, in those first meetings where its use can help you cross barriers, overcome the insecurities of shyness and increase self-esteem.

This is only half true , because excessive consumption interferes with the mental and physical response to sexual arousal, hindering relationships and, in the case of men, the ability to have an erection.

According to a study by the Boston Medical Group, 71% of men under the age of 56 who consume alcohol frequently suffer from erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual desire. And the percentage stands at 62.5% in the age group between 18 and 35 years, even without dealing with patients who are habitual consumers.

If more than two drinks are ingested, "interpersonal relationships can be made difficult and, despite the fact that it can arouse a high erotic stimulus, alcohol interferes with the ability to maintain an adequate erection, thus causing disorders in the mechanisms of erection, which leads to erectile dysfunction. In fact, experts say that more than half of men under 50 have erection problems when drunk, and erectile dysfunction can become chronic in the case of alcoholics.

After two drinks!

Everyone should know the contraindications of a substance like alcohol , which has the ability to turn a night of passion into a frustrated encounter. And it is that alcohol can have effects on our sexual response that are very contrary to those expected.

The problem arises when we overdo it. When we drink so much alcohol that the next day we do not remember if we enjoyed it or not, and that, in more extreme cases, leads us to expose ourselves to situations in which our physical or moral integrity is endangered (for example, contagion of diseases or having agreed to have sex without being sure).

Why is alcohol not a good friend of sexual performance?

  • Alcohol retards, distorts and slows down the perception and response of our senses , such as reflexes, vision or hearing; and, within these responses, there is also the sexual response.
  • It inhibits specific parts of our central nervous system, which is in charge of transforming the sexual stimuli we receive from the environment into arousal and favors reaching orgasm.
  • Getting used to having relationships under the influence of alcohol can generate dependency and end up being necessary to be able to abandon yourself and let yourself go in the sexual field.

In men this translates into:

    • Difficulties in maintaining an erection due to decreased blood supply to the penis, generating anxiety and fear, which can lead to erectile dysfunction in the future.
    • Difficulty for penetration and intercourse . If there is no correct communication between the stimuli, the brain and the circulatory system; the arrival of blood to the penis is hindered.
    • Delay in ejaculation, to reach orgasm . The anesthetic effect of alcohol reduces the sensation of pleasure and makes orgasm difficult, seriously affecting the quality of the encounter.
    • You expose yourself to generating a vicious circle – the man drinks a few drinks to loosen his inhibitions and increase his self-esteem and that alcohol consumption later affects the quality of his erection – that leads to the permanent development of impotence, because it increases the person's concern for knowing whether or not you will have an erection.

And in women:

    • Excess alcohol can decrease lubrication in the vagina, due to the lack of irrigation in the area and the dehydration that alcohol produces. In this case, the Zenzsual intimate gel can help hydrate and lubricate your genitals during sexual intercourse.
    • Excessive alcohol can also delay orgasm or make you feel less intense . Its sedative effect decreases the ability to perceive pleasant sensations and our ability to get excited is altered.

You already know that alcohol abuse has a very negative impact on the sexual health of men and women. It hinders the reaction of our senses, also the sexual response. If you continue with this lifestyle, you will have negative consequences for the proper functioning of other organs, and in the case of men, erectile dysfunction is the first symptom of other diseases, such as hypertension or cardiovascular problems.

So! Are drinks prohibited before intimacy?

Here we talk about how too much alcohol can block your ability to get aroused and orgasm. Alcohol by itself is not dangerous. The problem is the excess.

A moderate consumption can help to enjoy the sexual game because it relaxes us and makes us feel more confident and secure in bed. Alcohol in its proper measure can be an occasional complement, but never the determining means to enjoy sex.

And if you need more stimuli to let yourself go, look for other healthier mechanisms to find pleasure. Here are some options:

  • Take advantage of the previous warm-up . Take as much time as necessary to explore your body and that of your partner, stimulating every corner.
  • Get enough rest and save energy. When you are tired, stressed, sleepy, many times you want to speed up the process and sexual intercourse is reduced to penetration, giving your body less time to activate with the natural sexual response.
  • Eat in moderation. If you come from a large dinner prior to the meeting, in which you overindulge in food, desserts and drinks, your body will be concentrating on digestion and the sexual response may be delayed.
  • Stimulate your 5 senses to maximize sexual response : in the foreplay you can appeal to stimulation through smells, flavors, exciting images, which can help. A sensual aroma, an erotic movie, your favorite flavor, that song that fascinates you and evokes memories.
  • Keep your libido in tune! If you feel that your desire has diminished and that you have not felt like it for a long time, even though you lead a balanced life, have a good relationship with your partner, eat well and exercise regularly.
  • You can try LibiZenzs (for them or for them ) , as it is a nutritional supplement aimed at balancing the hormones responsible for desire, increasing your sense of well-being, energy and vitality until the end of the day, from a formula composed of natural ingredients, plant extracts and Zinc, which also strengthens your immune system.

If none of this works and you feel that you cannot put alcohol aside to have a satisfactory sexual relationship, we recommend you talk about it with a professional, in a #SexCoaching session, which you can order in our online store :

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