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If lately you don't feel like it and sexuality slips, you can stimulate your imagination to arouse that curiosity that stirs up your hormones and makes you revive sexual desire by reading some romantic-erotic literature.

Surely you heard about "The 50 Shades of Grey" and you were hooked with the story of the protagonists and wanting to read more. Or on the contrary, you have no idea of ​​the subject that is addressed in these books, but you need some ideas to stimulate your libido and your sexual imagination.

At @TuSaludIntima we are looking for a set of recommendations for romantic-erotic literature (it is not about pornography) to encourage you to read, because it has been shown that if you think more about sex and increase your mental files of erotic memories, your brain will send more signals to your sexual organs, to better lubricate and enter the ideal erotic environment, which allows you to enjoy your sexual encounters to the fullest.

Not to mention more! If you are still not convinced because you do not have time, you do not like to read or you think that "you do not work like that", try reading these synopses that we found, to see if you are not curious:

1. Make me enjoy, by Noni García

It is the story of Nuria, a 21-year-old girl, who has just come out of a complicated love relationship and finds herself again with the father of her first boyfriend, with whom she starts a relationship, although he is 23 years apart from her. A novel that shows a different face of love, overcoming the challenges that arise along the way, in which both agree to unleash their sexual fantasies without restraint.

2. "My choice", Elisabet Benavent

This is a trilogy written by Elisabet Benavent, made up of three books by her: "Someone who is not me", "Someone like you" and "Someone like me", which tells the story of a trio, showing the face of love two people at the same time and jumps out of the ordinary of erotic novels focused exclusively on the relationship.

Benavent is also the author of the saga “En los Zapatos de Valeria” and the books “Persecuiendo a Silvia” and Encontando a Silvia” .

3. "Masters and Dungeons" by Lena Valenti

It is a saga similar to a police thriller that is in its eighth installment. The story has something from the BDSM world , a set of alternative erotic practices —freely consensual— that combine Bondage ,Discipline , Domination , Submission , Sadism and Masochism .

However, it is not a book that contains harsh scenes. Aimed at the reader who is not familiar with this world, but is curious.

4. "Diary of a Voyeur" by Maya Reynolds

This erotic work mixes something of the voyeurs that we have inside, with intrigue, risque passages and abundant spicy scenes, in a direct and simple way. Starring a woman with a few extra kilos, who moves away from the canons and stereotypes of beauty.

5. "Venom" Trilogy, by Irene Hall

This trilogy of erotic novels is made up of the books "The poison that separates us", "The antidote that unites us" and "The scar we share". Three stories that take place in Spain and tell the story of Carla and Daniel Morales.

Carla is a woman who had a difficult adolescence and several complicated love relationships , who now shows an independent character, somewhat cold and a fighter, who does not allow herself to be dominated by anyone. She enters into a sex and business relationship with Daniel Morales. They both hide things from their lives and do not try to show much sensitivity, only to discover later that they have an unmatched connection.

6. Ask Me Series "Ask Me What You Want" by Megan Maxwell

Megan Maxwell, is the author of the "Ask Me" series, made up of the books: "Ask Me What You Want", "Ask Me What You Want Now and Forever" and "Ask Me What You Want or Leave Me". Successful trilogy that was expanded with more books such as: "I am Eric Zimmerman" (volume I and II), among other publications by this author that will give you some ideas.

«Ask me what you want» is a story with a high erotic content , framed in the exchange of couples, with threesomes and orgies. At times it can be reminiscent of the 50 Shades of Gray collection, as it wanders through the normalization of relationships out of the ordinary.

The book tells the story of a German businessman who, after the death of his father, travels to Spain to supervise his business . There he meets Judith and she agrees to be part of his sexual games, full of fantasies and eroticism. Together with him, he will learn that we all carry a voyeur inside and that there are submissive people and other dominant ones.

This author has also published other interesting works, such as: "Surprise me", "Ask me what you want and I'll give it to you" and the "Ask me what you want" Kamasutra.

7. "Crossfire" by Sylvia Day

Crossfire has 5 volumes: "I don't hide anything from you", "Reflected in you", "Bound to you", "Captivated by you" and "We are one". Its protagonists, with a rocky past, try to solve their problems by going to a professional and to couples therapy, in an attempt to redirect their relationship in a healthy way.

8. "Burning summer", by Noelia Amarillo

Maria is the protagonist of this work. A strong, brave and admirable woman. She evolves emotionally as the story progresses and is involved in a story in which curiosity, sex , intrigue and uncertainty play a fundamental role.

It's the perfect book for you if you've ever fantasized about having a sexual relationship with a stranger.

9. "My Secret Garden" by Nancy Friday

This book can be considered a classic , since it was published for the first time in the 80s. The interesting thing about this work is that there are hundreds of interviews with women who narrate their sexual fantasies . It is a combination between an erotic novel and a sexology book not suitable for the prejudiced, which will undoubtedly make your fantasies fly.

10. "I Hide Nothing From You" by Sylvia Day

This work narrates the life of a woman who is surprised by the arrival of a handsome, brilliant, unpredictable and sensual man, who will end up attracting her in a provocative and passionate way that she will not be able to let go.

Here's plenty to read and practice!

Choose which of these books should go through your nightstand to ignite the passion. Encourage yourself to read more erotic literature as a way to stimulate your desire and open your imagination to pleasure, taking the initiative in introducing innovations in your sexual relationships, because the responsibility to keep the spark burning belongs to both of you.

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