10 foods you should NOT eat before a Zenzsual meeting

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10 foods you should NOT eat before a Zenzsual meeting

By mistake, gastrointestinal problems often end up being the reason for a gynecological consultation, because we often confuse them with a possible inflammation of the ovaries, belly pain or some problem in our reproductive area. The truth is that a poor diet or carelessness in the presence of a gastric disease ends up being responsible for an unforgettable explosive night, and not exactly passion, but for ruining what could have become a fabulous pleasure session.

Keep in mind that if you have suffered in the past or currently suffer from a stomach disease, you are more prone to presenting symptoms or pain "in the lower abdomen" that many of us confuse with "ovarian pain", when what could be inflamed is the colon.

The most serious thing is that these pains that occur due to inflammation in the colon can also be transferred to the moment of being intimate with your partner and feel a deep pain just at the end of the penetration of the penis into the vagina and that sometimes seems to spread all over the place. the abdomen, making it impossible in some cases to maintain a pleasant sexual relationship with your partner.

Among the main gastrointestinal reasons capable of "inflaming" your digestive tract and interfering with your sexual enjoyment are:

  • Consumption of gas-producing foods
  • diverticulitis
  • irritable bowel
  • intestinal infections
  • Gluten intolerance (not celiac)
  • Celiac Disease
  • Tendency to have poor digestion

As well as other irregularities present in your abdominal area , which must be attended by a Gastroenterologist.

For this compelling reason, at Zenzsual we want to help you prevent a bad experience and we share this list with the main foods that frequently cause gastrointestinal problems or cause excessive gas production or unpleasant symptoms, capable of generating pain and discomfort at the moment. of the sexual encounter and even of interrupting a pleasant intimate session, just because of the involuntary escape of gases. Not to mention the shame they make you feel in front of your partner!

Foods you should avoid

Although we do not intend to put you on a diet to achieve pleasant sexuality , it is important that we begin by remembering which are the most dangerous foods for your stomach, which you should consume in moderation and with caution if you plan to have a night of passion:

  1. Grains or beans : it is clear that they produce a lot of gas and intestinal inflammation. Avoid consuming them at dinner before sex, especially if you do not suspect or do not know when and how they were prepared.
  2. Dairy : milk, ice cream and the same coffee with milk that we usually drink after a meal, as well as all dairy products in general, are known to cause a lot of gas. If you have already had any previous experience with any of them or they have caused you discomfort, opt for a lactose-free version, an almond milk or another of the options that exist as substitutes on the market.
  3. Gumballs : if you want to combat bad breath, prefer mint tea or lemonade, since gumballs or chewy candies produce a lot of gas.
  4. Cheeses : the combination of dairy and its strong smell can generate more gases than you need in a sex session.
  5. Energy drinks : as their name indicates, these types of drinks can activate you and give you the extra resistance you require, but they are associated with a decrease in testosterone; which is detrimental to the sexual desire you need.
  6. Garlic and onion – Although it is unlikely that you will decide to eat garlic or onion right before kissing other lips. You can avoid choosing highly seasoned foods or with an excessive presence of these two ingredients to avoid the permanence of their smell on your breath. In addition, there are people for whom raw onion generates a lot of gas, just like foods with a lot of garlic.
  7. Broccoli – some hate it during childhood but love it when they grow up; It is a very healthy vegetable with many health benefits, but it is usually difficult to digest, requiring a large amount of energy, and its fermentation produces gases and strong odors. So if you know you might like it, avoid it on that special day.
  8. Junk food : saturated fats, fried foods and industrial packages provide an excessive amount of calories and sodium, which can alter your blood sugar levels, in turn causing the feeling of heaviness and drowsiness that interferes with your sexual desire. In addition, you should consider that high levels of sodium raise your blood pressure, preventing your genitals from receiving the necessary blood flow.
  9. Soy : some research associates it with decreased testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels (due to its high isoflavone content). For example, excessive consumption of soy milk, soy sauce (in sushi) or tofu could cause a drop in your libido and ultimately impair your sexual performance.
  10. Red meats : although they are an excellent option, their digestion requires high levels of energy, causing fatigue and sleepiness, nothing recommended to increase your sexual desire.

    This ratifies something that we always mention at Zenzsual through our articles , talks and personal sessions with our patients; Balanced eating is key to full sexuality. Seek balance in your life to have quality female health, and therefore healthy aging, because after all, it is not just about a night of passion, we are talking about enjoying your sensuality in the long term , and you can achieve it if you live every day taking care of what you eat and what you do, to feel like a fully happy and healthy woman.

    For more information related to your health, your well-being and your sensuality, we invite you to visit us on our website www.zenzsual.com and follow us on our social networks.

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