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female orgasm

The female orgasm continues to be a social taboo in some parts of the world, which demonstrates the long way to go in matters of sexual education that highlight the satisfaction of women, as an important part of their overall health and well-being.

The International Day of Female Orgasm is celebrated every August 8 , an initiative that was born in Esperantina (Brazil) in 2006 when councilor José Arimateia Dantas Lacerda, upon seeing the results of a study from the Federal University of Piauí, discovered that 28% of women in that region were unable to reach orgasm, demonstrating a major public health problem. It was then that a worldwide debate over the female orgasm originated.

The female orgasm is known as that special moment of sexual intercourse when we reach the climax and feel more intense pleasure. But to understand its relevance, it is important to remember the complete cycle of a woman's sexual response, which consists of 4 phases:

  1. Desire, the woman responds to multiple stimuli, which can trigger her desire to have erotic exchanges that can range from a simple kiss, sensual caresses without penetration or a more explicit and carnal encounter. It is worth noting that no stimulus is better than the other, it just depends on the moment.
  2. The Excitement that occurs when desire appears and we begin to stimulate ourselves in multiple ways, alone or with our partners.
  3. It continues with the Plateau , the second phase in which the arousal is intensified through the physical stimulation of the erogenous zones and we reach penetration.
  4. Orgasm follows , known as the final explosion of sensations that release all the tension accumulated in the plateau phase and in which our brain releases a load of endorphins that intensify the sensation of pleasure.
  5. And finally, we end with the Resolution , phase in which our body returns to the initial state and we recover.

What happens in your body when we experience an orgasm?

The orgasm is a physical response that also has a physiological origin and outcome , in which numerous psychological, neurological, physiological, vascular and hormonal changes occur in women, among which are:

  • Vaginal lubrication and increased secretion of the exocrine glands of the urogenital tract.
  • Dilation and enlargement of the vulva.
  • Increased blood supply to the genital organs.
  • Erection of the clitoris, which in many cases reaches twice its usual size.
  • Intermittent contractions in the muscles of the genitals, which are felt as spasms inside the vagina.
  • Increased blood pressure, pulmonary ventilation and heart rate.
  • "Sex flush", pink coloration on the face or chest.
  • Elevation of pain thresholds in some areas of the body.
  • Elevation of the uterus.

Main benefits of the female orgasm:

The female orgasm is related to other physical and mental benefits that will help you achieve that balance and well-being that you are looking for in life:

  • Less pain : experts say that during an orgasm women increase the pain threshold and that it is also advisable to experience orgasms to reduce belly pain that comes with the menstrual period, thanks to the contractions that occur in our genitals.
  • More happiness: some women feel more self-confident by getting to know their bodies better, their capabilities, limitations, and what they are capable of feeling.
  • More peace of mind: orgasm reduces stress, promotes sleep, improves blood flow as it is an aerobic activity, which improves the appearance of the skin, which makes us feel younger.
  • Mental Health: it has been discovered that by having a healthy sexual life and experiencing orgasms frequently, you can influence a woman's mental health, avoiding diseases related to the brain, such as Senile Dementia and Alzheimer's.
  • Combat Migraine: Orgasm can also be an excellent therapy if you suffer from migraines or any type of headache.

How to achieve it?

You should know that the orgasmic response arises when the brain area called the limbic system is activated and manifests itself as a reflex produced by a series of stimuli that can originate in the genitals or in any other part of your body, such as your breasts, ears, feet, back, crotch, etc.

For example, you can provoke an orgasmic response by stimulating your clitoris or also by receiving visual, auditory, smell or mental stimuli (memories, fantasies or thoughts).

It is very important to recognize that the mental or psychological component represents a fundamental factor to achieve it. That's why we always say that the brain is the main sexual organ of women!

If you have never felt an orgasm or you are one of the women who finds it difficult, there are ways to achieve it, working on self-exploration and stimulation alone or with a partner. For this we share some tips:

  • Know your erogenous zones : identify them because they will be the activating center of the orgasmic response. It is essential that you discover them and explore the best way to activate them. Keep in mind that it's not just your genitals, they can find pleasure by stimulating your entire body.

    With the stimulation of the erogenous zones, you will more easily produce the release of those neuromediators in your brain, which need to be released to stimulate the limbic system responsible for orgasm.
  • Give the clitoris the position it deserves: the clitoris is anorgan of the female genital system whose main function is to provide sexual pleasure to women. Its tip or glans appears at the top of the vulva (this is what we see in front of the mirror), but it extends inside and can measure from 15 to 23 mm in its entire length.

    It is the most sensitive erogenous zone of the female body and can be stimulated directly, internally (through the vagina) and/or through stimulation of the vulva.

    So pay attention to the clitoris and learn more about its internal or external stimulation , around the glans or inside the upper face of the vagina, behind the urethra where the famous G-spot is located , because although we have heard that there are many types of orgasms, most of them are related to direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris.
  • The route is important, do not go straight to the point: take the time necessary to stimulate your body. It is not about promoting penetration immediately. To get there, go through your entire body, and stop at the stimulation of these parts that you like the most.
  • Mind-Body Connection: you should also work on activating erotic thoughts , with sensual images, provocative smells, stimulating sounds or reading that erotic literature that gives you pleasure. Everything that is necessary to amplify the sensations that you obtain with physical stimulation and promote orgasm.
  • Try new positions that favor orgasm . There is no universal sexual position or technique that works equally for everyone, so each couple should look for the one that best suits their preferences and those that generate the most pleasure. In our #EncuentroZenzsual show on Fridays and in #UnaNocheIntimaySensual on Mondays, you will find many options. Connect to our YouTube channel and on the social networks of #TuSaludIntima.
  • Pay attention to your desire: there are many factors that cause a drop in female libido, from contraceptives to stress, fatigue, problems and some diseases that cause hormonal imbalance.

In these cases, we recommend you try #LibiZenzs , a libido booster from the Zenzsual family of products, which stimulates the natural production of testosterone and revives your libido and energy, through a combination of natural components.

You can start by taking one Libizenzs pill a day , for a week, and if you don't see changes, you can increase the dose to two pills a day a week and go up to a maximum of 3 a day for a week to see results. He prefers to take them in the morning because it will renew all your energy.

  • Let nothing interrupt the arousal: if you've already managed to get excited enough, don't let vaginal dryness ruin the moment, because it can occur for multiple reasons and cause pain during penetration. To combat it, use a quality water-based lubricant, without artificial odor or flavor, that additionally hydrates your genitals. Like the #Zenzsual intimate gel , which has a high component of hyaluronic acid that regenerates your tissues.

  • Take advantage of your multi-orgasmic capabilities : another interesting fact about the female orgasm is that, unlike men, who need time after one orgasm to reach another, women are capable of multiple and uninterrupted orgasms, so don't waste time and continue self-exploration and stimulation while your partner recovers.

  • Pay more attention to the sensations and do not become obsessed with orgasm : Do not lose patience and work little by little to achieve it, it is a matter of letting go and preparing all the ground to make the path easier.

You must focus on enjoying the moment and experiencing pleasure in the small details, do not focus all your attention on reaching orgasm, because you will miss the best part of the experience. Many times you can really enjoy an intimate relationship, even if you don't have an orgasm.

But yes! do not stop in your search, it is a matter of perseverance and of working on those points that are interrupting desire and satisfaction.

You've tried everything and you never get there!

The fact that a woman does not reach orgasm may be due to Multiple situations and detecting them in time is key to their treatment and resolution . The causes can be so extensive that we will leave it for another article, because in this one we wanted to honor the female orgasm, although we know all the difficulties you can experience to feel it.

If you consider that you have tried everything and still do not experience orgasms , or you simply want to resolve your doubts with a professional, we always recommend consulting a specialist. That is why we offer you our #SexCoaching sessions that you will find on our website:

Remember that through our social networks @tusaludintima @doctoraklarasenior @tu_ginecologa and on our YouTube channel "TuSaludIntima" and our live shows, you can count on us to answer any questions that arise around female orgasms and your sexuality.

We are here to help you take care of your health , always seeking the well-being of the couple. We also put Zenzsual products at your disposal , to stay sexually active and healthy.


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