Uncensored female orgasm: Separating reality from fiction

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Hello, beautiful Zenzsual readers!

Women's Equality Day gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about a topic that, surprisingly, is still covered in misunderstandings and taboos: the female orgasm!

Have you ever wondered what a world would be like where every woman was completely in tune with her body and understood what gives her pleasure? It would be a world of trust, communication and, of course, many orgasms. So why not work together to create that world?

The story behind the myths

From ancient civilizations that saw us as passive or even "hysterical" beings, to modern views that, although more advanced, still retain fragments of those ancient beliefs, female sexuality has been misrepresented and misunderstood. It has been the object of both adoration and repression, and we have often been told more about what we "should not feel" than about what we actually feel.

Myth #1: All women can achieve orgasm through penetration alone

Fact: While there are women who can experience orgasm through penetration, many require, desire, or enjoy external stimulation. The clitoris, with its more than 8,000 nerve endings, plays a major role in many women's pleasure. However, no two women are exactly alike in terms of what satisfies them.

Myth #2: Women are not as sexual as men

Reality: This idea comes from cultural and social stereotypes. While it's true that libido can be affected by factors such as hormones, stress, or even education, claiming that women are inherently less sexual is oversimplifying the complexity of female sexuality. Women desire, dream, and think about sex, but perhaps in ways that the dominant culture does not always recognize or value.

Myth #3: Masturbation is harmful or unnecessary for women

Fact: Masturbation is one of the healthiest and most liberating experiences that exist. It is an act of self-love and self-discovery. Helps women understand what they like and how they like it. Plus, it has real benefits, like improving mood, helping with menstrual pain, and improving sleep quality.

Myth #4: Women who cannot reach orgasm have a problem

Fact: Every woman is unique and, therefore, her sexual experience is too. While some women easily find their way to orgasm, others may find it more challenging due to physical, psychological or emotional reasons. It is essential to remember that there is no "standard" for the sexual experience.

Myth #5: Older women lose interest in sex

Fact: Sexuality evolves throughout our lives, but saying that it disappears completely is false. While women may experience changes in their desire or how they experience pleasure due to menopause or other age-related factors, many continue to have active and satisfying sex lives.

Myth #6: Women don't watch or enjoy pornography

Fact: Many women consume and enjoy adult content as much as men. However, it is essential to distinguish that mainstream pornography does not always authentically represent female sexuality. There is a growing industry of pornography made by and for women that focuses more on authenticity and consent.

Myth #7: Size does matter for female pleasure

Fact: Although popular culture places a lot of emphasis on size, what really matters for most women is how it is used and the emotional connection it has with its partner. Furthermore, considering that the clitoris is a main source of pleasure for many women, penetration is not the only way to achieve ecstasy.

Myth #8: Women don't have sexual fantasies

Fact: Of course women have fantasies! Like men, women have a wide variety of erotic thoughts and desires. The difference lies in how society has historically repressed the expression of these fantasies in women, leading them to be more reserved about it.

Myth #9: Women need a "perfect" environment to get in the mood.

Fact: While it's true that factors like the environment can influence a woman's (and anyone's) mood, it's not true that women always need scented candles, soft music, and silk sheets to feel aroused. The female libido is as varied and complex as the male one.

Myth #10: “Frigid” women are simply not interested in sex.

Fact: Calling a woman "frigid" is simplistic and inconsiderate. There can be many reasons why a woman doesn't show interest in sex at any given time, from hormonal problems to past trauma or relationship problems. It is essential to approach the situation with empathy and understanding.

Myth #11: Women only have sex to please their partner or to procreate.

Fact: Women, like men, seek sex for many reasons, including personal pleasure, emotional connection, adventure and, yes, procreation. To reduce female sexuality to simply pleasing or procreating is to ignore the depth and richness of the female sexual experience.

Myth #12: Women can't have multiple orgasms

Fact: While some women experience single orgasms, others have the ability to experience multiple orgasms in a single session. The key is to understand and respect your own body and its responses.

Myth #13: Women are not visually aroused like men

Fact: While popular culture tends to portray men as primarily visual beings and women as more emotional, many women also respond to visual stimuli. In fact, the variety and quality of pornography and erotic literature aimed specifically at women is proof that the visual aspect can be as provocative for them as it is for men.

Myth #14: Women don't have "unconventional" desires or fetishes.

Fact: Women, like men, can have a wide range of sexual interests and desires, including fetishes and fantasies considered "unconventional." The idea that women are only attracted to "softer sex" is misguided and limits their sexual experience to a narrowly defined box.

Myth #15: Single or unpartnered women do not have an active sexual life.

Fact: Being single does not equate to a lack of sexual desire or activity. Many single women have an active and satisfying sex life, whether with different partners, casual encounters, or through masturbation. Furthermore, the idea that a woman needs a partner to be sexually active is an outdated and reductive notion.

Myth #16: Women's libido always decreases after childbirth

Fact: Although some women experience a temporary decrease in sexual desire after childbirth due to physical and hormonal factors, many others experience a return of their libido over time. Additionally, there are women who find a new type of connection with their sexuality after giving birth.

Myth #17: Women don't enjoy casual sex as much as men

Fact: Women, like men, are individual beings with their own wants and needs. While some women prefer deep emotional connections before sex, others may enjoy casual encounters without commitment. There is no single "rule" that all women follow when it comes to intimacy.

Myth #18: If a woman doesn't lubricate enough, it means she's not aroused.

Fact: The amount of lubrication can vary for a variety of reasons, from the menstrual cycle, menopause, hormonal changes, to medication or hydration level. A woman can be deeply aroused and still need additional lubrication. Using lubricant is not a sign of lack of arousal, but rather a tool to make the sexual experience more comfortable and pleasurable.

Myth #19: Sex must hurt the first time for women

Fact: While it's true that some women experience discomfort or pain their first time due to tension, anxiety, or hymen breakdown, sex shouldn't hurt. Proper communication with your partner, the use of lubricants, and a relaxed environment can help ensure a more comfortable experience.

Myth #20: Women only climax during their youth.

Fact: Despite the hormonal and physical changes that can occur with age, many women report having more intense and satisfying orgasms as they age. Maturity often comes with better knowledge of one's body, which can lead to more rewarding experiences.

How can we change these misperceptions?

The key is education, communication and self-exploration. By understanding our bodies and sharing our experiences, we can begin to demystify these misconceptions and forge healthier paths to understanding and pleasure.

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Female sexuality is vast, complex and beautiful. By embracing it, understanding it and celebrating it, we not only enrich our own lives, but we also take steps towards a world where all women feel empowered in their sexuality.

And remember: you are beautiful, powerful and deserve all the pleasure and happiness in the world.

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