Does shame kill pleasure? This is what you should do to avoid it

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Do you feel ashamed when having sex? We have all felt ashamed at some time and the reasons are infinite, something you do not like about your body, a scar, having an accident, doing something clumsy, a gas leak, we even feel sorry for the faces or sounds that we make. Feeling modesty or insecurity on certain occasions does not speak ill of anyone, but we must be aware that it is a factor that we must work on if it becomes a problem when it prevents us from enjoying our sexual relations.

Losing shame in sex seems like an impossible task, but when your obsession paralyzes you, fills you with fear, and becomes the cause of interrupting moments of pleasure with your partner, it's time to pay attention and find a solution, which believe it or not, it is simpler than it seems.


Yes, because it doesn't just happen to women who think they have a few extra kilos; The vast majority of us are embarrassed to show ourselves naked and this is due to many factors, among which are:

🚩 The false belief that we have been instilled that sex is "something bad".

🚩 The misconception that our genitals are "something dirty".

🚩 That our parents teach us to hide our genitals to "protect" ourselves and not be sexualized.

🚩 Very strict religious beliefs or education.

🚩Lack of self-esteem, which definitely does not understand weight, size, sex or skin color and which is often the product of seeing images of perfect bodies on social networks, advertising, fashion magazines or even porn movies; most of them filled with Photoshop and filters to turn them into unattainable ideals of beauty.


Dear friend, feeling anxiety and shame about our body frequently IS NOT NORMAL and it is very important to work together to overcome it. Therefore, we share some tips to improve your confidence and enjoy more in bed.

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  1. Become the most self-confident woman. This is the key to everything! You are the person your partner chose to share that moment with, not someone else, so if she enjoys who she is in front of, why not do it too? Do not hide what you are and have, feel proud. The man who truly loves you will love your body and what you think are imperfections too. Also, believe us! At the time of intimacy, a man will hardly be aware of finding a cellulite hole or evaluating the symmetry of "your lolas" (that is, of your breasts or breasts).
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  1. Focus on feeling. Do not let shame and nerves win you over, sex is very sensory and if your mind is scattered, you will hardly enjoy it. Focus on what you feel, on your breathing and on your partner's, on the touch, and not on what you see or think of yourself. And please DO NOT TURN OFF THE LIGHT! Most men are visual and love to see their partner while they are intimate... even looking into his eyes during sexual intercourse turns them on so much more. Try it and tell us!

Did you know that stress and worries can affect the hydration of your vagina and cause dryness? So please give yourself to the moment to prevent the lack of lubrication from turning into pain during sex. But if this happens to you, remember that our Zenzsual Female Intimate Gel with Hyaluronic Acid rehydrates, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin in your intimate area, helping you feel anything but pain during sexual intercourse. Try it, just buy it here and we assure you that you will love it.

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  1. Dare yourself. Do not let physical and mental blocks do their thing, inexperience is also usually one of the factors that causes us shame. Don't focus on meeting someone else's expectations and surrender to pleasure, opening yourself up to the possibility of trying new things without fear and without thinking about whether you're doing it right or not.
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  1. Create the perfect environment. An orderly environment, playing music, intimate clothing and appropriate lighting are some things that can help you feel more comfortable and calm; If the environment lends itself to the occasion, surely everything will work better.
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  1. Play and be creative. Playing makes it much easier for you to always start the same way, helping you not to think so much and just enjoy and let yourself go. So break the ice and send him a message or a photo before you meet so you can loosen up. You can also use your imagination and resort to the fantasies that you both have, role-playing is a great way to escape fear when you play others. Wear erotic costumes or lingerie to increase libido and make nothing else matter.

And to further increase desire and pleasure, combine the use of the intimate moisturizing gel with hyaluronic acid with our natural nutritional supplement LibiZenzs Women Energizer , a product that increases your sense of well-being and, taken daily, can give you more energy, strengthen your immune system and increase your sexual desire. Get to know it and buy it here .


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  1. Talk to your partner. If something really torments you, talk about it with your partner, she may help you overcome your fear, one of the biggest fears that affects us during sexual intercourse is feeling judged, so if you communicate better everything can flow better. shape.
  1. Look for information. Did you know that sexual shame is also born from misinformation? One way to counter their effects in your life is to counter their messages. Educate yourself on the subject and don't condemn your body, behaviors and desires. In this case we have 2 recommendations for you:

-   Our Master Class: The Secrets of the Female Orgasm , where you will be able to discover the most common mistakes that sabotage your sexual pleasure, the anatomy of pleasure, how to train your vagina to achieve better orgasms and much more together with Drs. Sofía Herrera, Klara Senior and the “Sex Coach” Amor Antúnez. Learn more here.

- Our Ebook: Intimately Powerful a guide with more than 150 tips, tactics and tools to enjoy your intimacy that you can't miss and is available here.

  1. Work on your blocks. If after all these foreplay and activities, you still feel strange, uncomfortable and disconnected, it may be due to a stronger block, limiting belief or insecurity, which does not let you let go and enjoy yourself. Find out what it is about and work on it, if necessary, in the company of a professional; Our specialists will be able to help you through the coaching sessions that we have available for you here , to strengthen your relationship with sex and especially with your intimate health. Shame as a sexual challenge is rarely discussed and how much it can affect us.


Do not insist on always doing it with the light off, or obsess over noises or faces, yes, most women feel a bit ashamed, the important thing is that you already have a couple of aces up your sleeve to control it and enjoy sex without taboos So don't miss out on this opportunity and take now your Kit "Active Life" Feminine Intimate Gel with Hyaluronic Acid + Libizenzs Women Energizer with a 30% discount. But wait! If you buy it now, you unlock a 60% discount on an additional product from our online store, only for a limited time.

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