The Female Ejaculation Ghost What does your experience tell you?

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female ejaculation

Dear readers, “not everything that glitters is gold and not everything you read or see in the media is true”. There is a lot of fantasy around this topic, so much so that it can become a dangerous obsession for some couples. There is a lot of speculation around the famous Female Ejaculation , so much so that many people create false expectations and even sexual frustrations, due to a lack of knowledge about the female body and its sexual functions.

At Zenzsual we decided to write this week about Female Ejaculation so that you understand it and know what to expect and what not to expect during your encounter with a partner, or why not, during masturbation.

What is Female Ejaculation?

It is a relatively new territory as an object of study for scientists, which has aroused speculation of all kinds, especially due to its widespread dissemination in the pornographic content market , which has led many to even doubt that it is something real. But in fact, it has been known scientifically since 2015 when a team of researchers from the Parly II hospital in Le Chesnay (France) delved into this consequence of the female orgasm .

Female Ejaculation is about the expulsion of a small amount of whitish liquid similar to semen that is formed in the Skene glands or urethral glands, near the G point and the hole through which they expel their content falls directly into the urethra, which is the little hose through which the woman urinates.

The expelled fluid contains various chemicals found in urine , in addition to prostate antigen, which is a protein produced in the prostate gland in men and in the aforementioned Skene glands in women.

What should you know about Female Ejaculation?

  • It is perfectly normal and for a few women it can be common.
  • Some experts believe that all women experience ejaculation, but most do not notice it. They may not know it because the fluid can travel back into the bladder instead of out of the body, plus it is so little that it can mix with the lubrication.
  • Each woman's experience of ejaculating varies considerably ; for some you may notice huge amounts, others much less. However, the most important thing you have to know is that the volume does not directly interfere with the pleasure you can get from the relationship.
  • There is NO evidence that female ejaculation is linked to any extra benefits and this fact is something important for everyone to understand as not ejaculating cannot be related to less pleasure. It is speculated that it may have a purpose beyond pleasure, such as making women urinate painlessly after sex.
  • The ejaculated fluid could have the function of expelling harmful bacteria from the urethra that may have reached there during intercourse, helping to prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Everyone is different , so the size of Skene's glands among different people may partially explain why some women experience noticeable ejaculations while others do not.
  • The psychological fear of getting wet is what prevents many from experiencing these jets, beyond being a physical obstacle. The fluid that comes out tends to be clear, not yellow, and does not have the same odor or taste as urine.
  • Many tend to confuse Female Ejaculation with squirting , which is the ability that some women have, at the moment of orgasm, to expel a greater quantity of liquid and with more pressure (hence the name) but which is mainly composed of urine , this is what you see in pornography.

How to get a Female Ejaculation?

The G-spot is an area where Skene's glands can be massaged , along with internal and hidden parts of the clitoris. Let's remember that the clitoris is like an iceberg: the hood and head is the outer part that we can see and is simply the tip of a much larger organ that extends down and around the vagina.

Many women who ejaculate say that it works for them to stimulate the G-spot : an area about 5 to 8 cm inside the vagina, which is located on the front wall (towards the navel, not the back) and sometimes feels a slightly rougher or with a surrounding meat-like texture.

Therefore, if you want to try it, here are some recommendations to look for a Female Ejaculation:

  • Have your partner rub their fingers over your G-spot , in a circular motion, but pressing firmly at the same time. Always using a good water-based intimate gel, without glycerin, like the one from Zenzsual, which as an added value has full hyaluronic acid to better hydrate your genitals.
  • Use markedly angular sex toys during masturbation (always with the help of a good intimate gel as well).
  • Continue to use the sex toys or vibrator after you have reached climax.
  • But if you feel that the search for the G-spot is uncomfortable, make sure you experience pleasure and seek more stimulation, according to your taste and your own style , without thinking about the pressure to ejaculate.

But do all women have to ejaculate?

Don't feel pressured!

Some women feel they must live up to the expectation of spouting fluid like Niagara Falls or high-pressure hoses , because of the image it may have left behind. porn in some people, or because they or their partners mistakenly believe that squirting is something "superior" to other orgasms and associate it with a kind of trophy of a sexual nature.

On the other hand, there are other women who hold back or feel self-conscious when it happens to them due to stigma and fear, feeling deeply ashamed of "peeing" because they believe it is not normal or they have the feeling that partners will be surprised, they will be surprised. they will tease or lose their excitement. This tends to increase distress and shame in women.

So what is the lesson learned today? There is nothing wrong with female ejaculation.

Just like there's nothing wrong with not experiencing it. Do not expect to have a Squirting Female Ejaculation at home, because you may be disappointed. But beware, in the event that you are one of the few women who experiences it, you should not feel ashamed of it.

How important is Female Ejaculation in your sexuality?

A wetter sexual experience is not necessarily better or worse!

The main recommendation is that you approach this experience with an open mind, without stress, without expectations, with the simple objective of experiencing and continuing to enjoy life as a couple.

Rather than having Female Ejaculation as a goal , we recommend that you focus your efforts on getting to know your body better and guiding your partner towards the areas and experiences of pleasure that satisfy both of you. At Zenzsual we work every day to help women and their partners to have a pleasant sexual life, and to make this possible, ensuring that you have a healthy vision of your femininity and your body. That motivates us to give you tips, techniques and treatments to recover your sexual appetite and maintain that balance that we all need to be happy.

To continue finding more information about your feminine health and sexuality , we invite you to visit our website and follow us on social networks as @zenzsual , where you will get our Zenzsual intimate gel and the VagiYoga vaginal exerciser , both of which will be of great benefit to you. help when stimulating you. You will also find our libido booster LibiZenzs , in its two versions for women and men.

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