5 Yoga positions that benefit your sexuality

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Although yoga developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. It is currently known as the optimal tool to exercise and reduce stress. In this article we talk about the benefits it has for your sexuality.

Yoga connects the body, breath, and mind , using physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Experts and practitioners narrate its multiple benefits to relieve stress, lose weight, improve our digestion. So it's time to analyze the benefits it has for our sexuality.

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga could improve sexual function , especially in women over the age of 45. This investigation reviewed the effects of 12 weeks of yoga in 40 women who reported their sexual function before and after the yoga sessions. It concluded that the women's sexual function had improved significantly across all sections of the Female Sexual Function Index: "desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain."

Let's go straight to review the tangible benefits that yoga can bring to your sex life:

  • Reduces stress. It has been shown that the constant practice of yoga decreases cortisol levels and we already know that precisely the increase in stress can have many negative effects, among which are the decrease in sexual desire, right where the erotic game begins. That's why it's surprising to see that it can help you balance your cortisol levels naturally and increase your libido.
  • It improves arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction, because by doing yoga you increase circulation in the pelvic region, activating the central region of the body and increasing oxygen levels in the body.
  • It balances our lives on all levels, so when you practice yoga you can better prepare yourself to live your sexual experience, meeting your expectations.
  • One day at a time! By teaching us to embrace every moment of life, yoga helps us better connect with ourselves and our partner spiritually, physically, and sexually.
  • By relaxing with your daily Yoga practice, it is easier to unblock negative emotions , living the sexual experience with more confidence and security, and concentrating on the full enjoyment of intimacy.
  • On a physical level, yoga improves your flexibility, your resistance and the synchrony that you can achieve by flowing better in intimacy with your partner, with the possibility of trying more demanding sexual positions.
  • It opens up the option of becoming aware and in control of your own body : a regular practice of yoga makes it easier for you to become self-aware in the present moment, which is very important when looking to boost your sex life. The more present you can be with your partner, the better the experience will be for both of you.
  • You learn to listen to your body and control your mind , to better understand what you like and don't like to do with your body and communicate better with your partner, benefiting your self-esteem and energy levels.

5 Yoga postures to get the most out of it in privacy

If with all these benefits you are already encouraged to start your regular yoga practice, it is time to look for the best instructor in your city and buy your mat. Here we are going to list some of the positions that the experts recommend, so that you can include them in your routines when you are ready, because they are recognized for their benefits to increase your libido:

1. The Cow – Cat: this exercise will help you:

  • Have more flexibility in the spine.
  • Relieve stress and create emotional balance.
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which contract during orgasm. And this helps create more controlled and intense orgasms. This is precisely the objective of the Zenzsual vaginal trainer, which in honor of this multifaceted practice we call VagiYoga , a massager device that allows you to tone and recover the pelvic floor muscles.

The VagiYoga is a guide device to properly perform Kegel exercises and has a biofeedback function through a vibration emitted and by displaying the exercise on a screen of any smart phone or tablet, which connects to the application of free download that includes the device. Its use after pregnancy, in menopause, and as prevention of urinary incontinence and prolapse of the genital area is recommended.

2. The happy baby: this position will help you:

  • Open the hip, release stress and anxiety at the moment of intimacy.
  • Release the lower back, sacrum and glutes, stretch the hamstrings and spine.
  • Relieve fatigue and calm the nervous system.

3. Downward Facing Dog:

In this position, the spine lengthens and forces you to bring the navel towards the spine, compressing the spleen, liver and kidneys. This movement will help you:

  • Activate digestion and feel renewed.
  • Improve circulation and release tension throughout the body.
  • Simultaneously calm the mind and invigorate the body, both important for sex.
  • Increase muscle tone and confidence.
  • If your partner is watching you from afar, some sensual movements may encourage him to get closer!

4. The Shoemaker:

This pose stretches the hips, groin, knees, and inner thighs. Its benefits are:

  • Improves circulation and blood flow, especially in the pelvis, which can ease menstrual discomfort and menopausal symptoms.
  • This increased pelvic blood flow also helps relieve sexual tension and frustration.
  • It is beneficial for pregnant women as it can help in childbirth.

5. Legs on the Wall:

You should lie on your back on the floor with your legs stretched out in the air, perpendicular to your body. You can also use a wall to support your legs to help keep them straight. This posture:

  • It will improve your circulation in the pelvic area.
  • It will help you release tension from your lower body.
  • It will send a flow of blood to the brain to benefit the experience of pleasure.

For all these benefits and many more, we consider Yoga a physically and mentally beneficial practice for comprehensive female health , seeing their sexuality favored with a constant practice of this discipline.

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