Can all women ejaculate? Do you know what squirting is?

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What is squirting ? Squirt is a term that comes from English and literally means SQUIRT. It is the expulsion through the urethra of a transparent liquid that is basically composed of a mixture of urea and other components similar to those of urine, but unlike urine. It does not smell and is transparent like water and occurs only in some women and may or may not be associated with sexual pleasure. It can occur just before or during orgasm without necessarily implying greater pleasure for the person experiencing it. In contrast tofemale ejaculation , which is usually the expulsion of a small amount of whitish liquid similar to the man's semen and which is often imperceptible and can be confused with the woman's natural lubrication. The truth is that squirting presents itself as a large expulsion of liquid that can even wet the bed and that for some it means a desired fantasy, sometimes unattainable and for others, although it may seem incredible, it means shame.  

Before going into details, we must clarify several points. Initially, we must be clear that the most important thing is that we do not feel frustrated with the subject, since it is common for us to be dissatisfied and we can feel that something is wrong, if we do not manage to experience it, when that is not the case! Keep in mind that there are women who fantasize about squirting and seek to obtain it at all costs, but cannot achieve it, there are others who can spend their entire lives without knowing of its existence (and have a sexually full and satisfying life) and there is another group that they just achieve it in a simple way; But what is worth highlighting is whether you achieve it or not, the important thing is that you enjoy your orgasms and enjoy your sexuality, because having a squirt does not necessarily mean having greater pleasure nor does it mean that you are going to become a “super woman.” Learn to enjoy the journey without obsessing about the destination. 

 It is also important that you understand how your body works. Your vagina can produce four different types of fluids during sexual intercourse, the best known being Vaginal Lubrication , whose function is to help the penetration of the penis into the vagina by lubricating the area, avoiding pain during sexual intercourse and facilitating the ascent. of sperm towards the uterus for possible fertilization. Another possible fluid is that of female ejaculate, which is a whitish liquid that some women can expel and that can sometimes be noticeable and other times not. This fluid is similar to male ejaculation, only in smaller quantities and should not be confused with Squirting , which as we already explained is the expulsion of a jet of a transparent, odorless liquid, similar to urine through the urethra. and it is important to highlight that it does not occur in all women either. 

 And finally, it is important that you know that there is Orgasmic Urinary Incontinence that occurs in some women who actually urinate during the moment of orgasm. This situation is associated with involuntary loss of urine with the efforts of daily life such as coughing, laughing or sneezing. , which is known as stress urinary incontinence. If this is your case, you need medical attention from a urogynecologist and train your vagina to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. 

 Now, how can you achieve squirting alone or with your partner? The first thing you should know so that YOU DON'T GET FRUSTRATED is that squirting does not occur regularly in all women, in fact, a recent study from April 2022 in the journal Clinical Anatomy revealed that between 4.6 and 54% of women Women can achieve it (as you will see, the studies are very variable and inconclusive). 

 The truth here is that having a squirt does not mean that you are going to enjoy greater pleasure, or more intense orgasms, and if you do not achieve it, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you or that you suffer from any type of sexual dysfunction. Is it clear? ? 

 That said, we want to give you some tips that could help you achieve it... and if it doesn't happen, it doesn't matter, we assure you that with these tips you will be able to enjoy better and more intense orgasms. Always remember that the important thing is to enjoy the journey! 

Know your body

We can compare the clitoris to the tip of an “iceberg”, since what we see is only the external part of it, but most of the organ is located below the surface, extending beneath the skin. The clitoris is the only organ in the body whose sole purpose is pleasure and sensation, it is much more than a "magic button" that can be stimulated in many ways and is very sensitive. It can provide a great deal of pleasure when stimulated properly, and we're not just talking about external stimulation, internal stimulation is just as important. You can start by exploring your body so that you can get your G Spot, which is not really a point, but an area located on the anterior vaginal wall, about 4 to 6 centimeters from the entrance of the vulva, (and internally, within the vagina corresponds to the posterior area of ​​the clitoris). To understand it better, we suggest you watch this video where our Dr. Klara Senior explains much more about the anatomy of female pleasure.

and also this other one about ▶️ Anatomy of Pleasure This can help you get the orgasm you want, but if you don't get it at once, don't worry, you can vary the positions or include sex toys, since these can be great allies helping you get greater stimulation, and achieve more intense orgasms. We invite you to try the Zenzsual Triorgasmic , a vibrator that facilitates triple stimulation of the Clitoris, G-Spot (vagina) and Anal Point, which are the most important areas of stimulation necessary not only to achieve the much fantasized squirt, but to enjoy of more intense orgasms, of course without skipping the foreplay necessary for arousal and to prepare your body for pleasure (remember that sex is not just about putting it in and taking it out... Learn to live and enjoy the experience). The TRIORGASMIC is made of a soft gel-like material based on TPE (an alternative compound that can be used in people allergic to latex) that allows delicate friction, and can be controlled at different speeds, thanks to the independence of the two motors. vibration. 

Don't feel pressured. 

Squirting can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, but it can also be something that causes anxiety or stress if you don't achieve it. Remember that you do not need to expel fluid from your bladder to have a satisfactory sexual experience. If you feel pressured or anxious, you are more likely to not achieve it. On the other hand, if during climax you feel a sensation similar to having to urinate and expel a fluid, just let yourself go, you should not worry about wetting the area or the sheets, that's the least of it, just let the moment flow. . And if you are very scrupulous and are worried about wetting the bed, how about placing a towel or mattress protector and letting yourself go? 

Control your pelvic floor. 

An important recommendation when looking for the desired squirt is that the moment you feel that you are reaching climax, you squeeze your vagina, buttocks and contract the muscles of your legs and hips, as it will help stimulate your G-Spot and your clitoris. . If you don't know how to control your pelvic floor, we recommend our Vagiyoga , which is a device specifically designed to restore pelvic floor muscle tone, prevent urinary incontinence, as well as add creativity to your sex life. 

Hydrate yourself. Lubricate yourself.

Hydration and lubrication are important in this fantasized search, for this you must drink enough water regularly, it is equally important that you are well lubricated during sexual intercourse, apart from prolonged foreplay that allows your vagina to be adequately lubricated. We recommend using Zenzsual Feminine Moisturizing Gel , with hyaluronic acid, which rehydrates, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin of your intimate area. It is hormone-free and significantly improves pleasure during sexual intercourse, in addition to regulating the pH of your vagina, avoid pain and bad odor in the intimate area. 

Talk to your partner. 

Everything related to our sexuality, just as it is important for us, should be important for our partner. We recommend that you share this article so that you can understand together that what is related to squirting is complex, and that, although it is true that for some women it may be simple, for others it is not, but that this does not mean that there is no full enjoyment of the experience. sexual encounter, we can be completely satisfied without reaching that point. On the other hand, if you are one of those who wet everything and your partner may find it uncomfortable, there is no need to worry, just cover the area with something that is then removed. 

So feel full and happy exploring your body, remember the more you know yourself, the more confident you will feel about yourself... So enjoy!!! 

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