Sexual terrors: what you should never do in bed

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Sexual terrors: what you should never do in bed. Take care of your intimate health with our products.

Anything's fair on Halloween is supposed to be fair when it comes to being scary, but what about in bed? To think that they say that "IN THE SEX FROM THE DOOR TO THE INSIDE EVERYTHING IS FAIR", the reality is that each person is different, and what you like, someone else may dislike and there are things that are terrifying for most people. So get ready to meet the great TERRORS of sex!

Sometimes, due to ignorance, we end up doing things that are not well received by our partner, we don't realize it and we repeat them over and over again; and it is that just as there are practices that we should all try during sex -either because you or your partner find them irresistible-, there are others that should never cross our minds, because they really kill passion in bed and They prevent everything from flowing as it should.

We hope this is not your case! But if so, we recommend you avoid them at all costs because it doesn't matter how much chemistry you have with someone or how good you are at sex, if you are making these mistakes, they will surely reduce your sex appeal and could kill the flame of desire and passion. . Let's get started! These are the most common sexual terrors to avoid if you don't want to scare your partner away :

  1. Believing yourself an expert: it's okay to think you're good at sex, but don't pass it on to your partner looking for a way to dominate all the time, much less make an effort to make it "perfect" because in intimacy it's spontaneity is important. In sex, you not only have to let yourself go, you also have to work on it together and according to the tastes of each one, so that both enjoy the moment.

    We all like to stay with that feeling of doing things right and feeling good lovers, but we can only achieve it when we listen to what our partner likes and make sure that the pleasure and enjoyment is mutual.
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  2. Faking pleasure: are you going to continue faking pleasure, and even worse, an orgasm? No more! It's fine that we talk in bed, that we make moans or sounds that reflect that we like it, but from there to overreacting, there is a limit. Realizing that someone is "acting" is easier than you think, pretending in bed does not bring anything positive for you because your partner will never know or explore with you what you really like, it is okay that you want to please him or her, but your pleasure comes first.

    Nothing like honesty in intimacy, if there is no communication and your partner is unaware that they are not giving you what you want, they will never do it and you will always feel dissatisfied. Better be natural and talk to her, surely it will be easier to reach orgasm if you do it together.

    On the other hand, there is nothing more frightening than faking pleasure when there is not even sexual desire, are you worried that you have lost the spark and do you think it is better to act than to make your partner look bad? Do not worry, it is normal for us to go through stages in which the libido has its lows, the important thing is that you do not pretend and that you give your body a little help with LibiZenzs WOMEN or LibiZenzs MEN , which will help you recover that desire and increase your desire and sexual arousal. Take one capsule a day and gradually increase the dose to two, or a maximum of three capsules a day, recover the energy and drive necessary to restore the desire to live.
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  3. Criticize your partner: do not criticize, or complain, much less compare your partner with another person during sex, because you can easily make them feel bad and put out the flame. It is important to have assertive communication at all times. In case you don't like something he is doing, take a little control, show him how you like it and with love and kindness tell him in the best possible way what you want him to do for you. Do not refer negatively to her performance, better guide her naturally with kind gestures, movements and why not, give her some subtle suggestions, the important thing is that this does not distract you and that both of you can let yourself go and enjoy each sensation.
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  4. Embarrassing and Inhibiting: Embarrassing yourself or your body can limit your own pleasure. Dare to turn on the light, if your body asks you to, you can scream, moan and move as you want , as well as share your sexual fantasies; Dare to express your desires, to tell him what you like and of course to discover what turns your partner on. Remember that just as you seek to satisfy your partner, it is also important that you enjoy it.

    Free yourself and give yourself the pleasure of experiencing what you want so much, a good way to do it is to start with self-exploration or masturbation. If you are not sure where to start, we recommend VagiYoga , which in addition to being the best trainer and ally to restore pelvic floor muscle tone, strengthens the area, teaching you to tighten your vagina and therefore improves the friction of the penis. inside the vagina, improving the pleasure for both members of the couple and the possibility of enjoying better and more intense orgasms. It also helps prevent urinary incontinence, can add creativity to your sex life, and improve your mood. It can be part of the recipe to have a fulfilling sex life and forget about your insecurities.
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  5. Feeling pain: this can be the worst of all terrors, sex does not have to hurt , so in case you feel any discomfort, do not hold back and stop, the idea is to enjoy, and surely it can be due to lack of lubrication or a bad position. The best thing is that before the penetration they do not forget the preliminary games since they increase the excitement, and therefore, the lubrication and dilation of the vagina, preparing the body for the next part.

    It is also advisable to keep a good lubricant on hand, the Intimate Gel with Hyaluronic Acid from Zenzsual , it is not only the best thing you can try to combat vaginal dryness (a disorder that can affect the hydration of your vagina and ruin your sexual life) , but it is ideal for lubricating your intimate area before, during and after your relationships. You only have to use a small amount, apply to the outside of your vagina and massage until completely absorbed; Also place a little inside by introducing your finger, let the product act, hydrating and regenerating the area while you just surrender to pleasure.
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  6. Poor hygiene - nothing can justify it, especially if you know what you're going for. Even if some encounters arise unexpectedly and are not contemplated in your plans, the use of dirty, ugly and sloppy underwear or a bad smell down there, can make the magic vanish immediately.

    For this, it is best to use our Women's Cleansing Foam in your daily cleaning , which is multipurpose and multipurpose, and is formulated for the hygiene of your intimate area. It cleans delicately and without detergents, hydrates, controls strong odor in your V zone and prevents the darkening of your vulva and genital area. A good way to always be prepared is to carry your Travel Size Cleansing Foam with you , a must-have in the wallet of women who are always on the go.
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  7. Lack of initiative: "it was not your fault, nor mine, it was the fault of monotony" . If Shakira says it, we confirm it; Monotony can be the worst in bed, nothing sexier than someone who knows what they want and takes the initiative and lets their imagination fly. Getting out of the routine is very easy, start by proposing a new position, give or ask for a massage or use sex toys. And how about a role play to get out of the routine?

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They say that colors are for taste, but if you don't want to feel bad because that person with whom you were starting something special didn't call you back, or because your partner doesn't want to make love with you; At least take a look at this list and make sure that your meetings from now on are more pleasant and with a guaranteed happy ending, as we like.

Avoid making these mistakes that, although they may seem harmless, are not, and can make your partner run away, and not only on Halloween, so your best trick will be to have this kit with you: Cleansing Foam + Intimate Gel + LibiZenzs Women and shipping free, also take your VagiYoga with 50% discount .

Something else escapes us, and that is that you will definitely never get the name wrong, unless it is a role-playing game, otherwise, you will scare him / her.

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