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One of the biggest taboos revolves around female self-satisfaction or masturbation, this idea that a woman could need sexual satisfaction beyond what a man could provide, was inconceivable, even in academic settings or natural conversations with her friends.

Whether it's because you've had a bad day, you need to relax or just because you feel like it, masturbate! Women have the possibility to enjoy our sexuality in solitude if we want, sex does not have to be limited to moments of intimacy with your partner.

What is female masturbation?

When we talk about female masturbation we refer to the stimulation of the sexual organs of the woman to achieve pleasure; We all have different erogenous zones, which are those parts of your body that, when stimulated by a kiss or a caress, can cause sexual arousal, such as the neck, breasts, back, etc.; they can be stimulated in different ways to achieve this and stimulating them can lead us to climax.

Exploring your body alone can help you get to know yourself better and enjoy your encounters as a couple even more. In addition to sexual satisfaction, masturbation benefits your physical and emotional health, it can provide benefits such as: relieve pain or colic caused by the menstrual period, release sexual tension, improve your libido, prevent urinary incontinence, reduce stress, strengthen muscle tone, prevent infections and diseases, release endorphins (happiness hormones), strengthen your immune system, treat sexual problems, avoid pain during sexual intercourse if there is masturbation prior to penetration; and here we could stay mentioning everything that touching you can do for you.

Masturbation is something very personal and each one chooses the way to do it that gives them the most satisfaction, which is not always the same for everyone. Let's get to know the best female masturbation techniques together so that you can turn them into your best tools to achieve a good orgasm, but before, remember to keep a good lubricant on hand; its use can help you to satisfactorily improve intercourse as well as other sexual practices; being true that one of the main reasons that condition its use is vaginal dryness, but masturbation can also be a recreational tool to improve these practices, for this reason, the Intimate Gel with Hyaluronic Acid from Zenzsual is ideal, it is made from water, it does not contain any oily product, it does not contain hormones or perfumes, it does not contain parabens, it is not tested on animals (none of our formulations contain ingredients of animal origin) and most importantly, it has the right pH for your V zone, a pH special. Our gel is not only a solution to lubrication, it also rehydrates, regenerates and rejuvenates your intimate area while you dedicate yourself to enjoying all the pleasure you want.


female masturbation techniques

      • Foreplay. Did you think that they are only important as a couple? No, don't just think about touching yourself and reaching orgasm, just like you would with your partner, give importance to the initial details, put candles and relaxing music or watch a movie that will help you make the moment more pleasant. Set the mood!

        Information and products for your intimate health
      • Movements to stimulate your clitoris. Important! It is not necessary to go directly to the clitoris since it is a very sensitive area and it can end up being aggressive or unpleasant. Start these movements above the clitoral hood, so you will feel more comfortable. And remember, your hands can be your best allies.
        • Circular movements: Use your index and middle fingers around the clitoris making small and large circles.
        • From top to bottom: This technique is very simple as it consists of gently and slowly stroking the clitoris with your finger while arousal increases, following a vertical line.
        • Horizontal movements: Practice it with one or two fingers, follow the same procedure as above but with lateral movements.
        • The "V" or sandwich: Use your middle and index fingers to form a "V" and place them as if they were two slices of bread on the lips of your vulva while you begin to slide with vertical movements and apply pressure.
        • Touches: This technique consists of giving small touches or blows on the clitoris with one finger and at the rhythm that you prefer.
        • Crossed legs: It consists of crossing your legs forcefully while you are masturbating to increase the pressure on the clitoris and the rest of the vulva. You can also do it with your pelvic muscles, contracting and relaxing them.

          Information and products for your intimate health
      • Use your imagination. One of our best allies during masturbation.
        • Erotic books and podcasts: Reading is an incredible way to boost your imagination, but for comfort, listening to an audiobook or podcast can also be a good alternative to fantasize a bit during masturbation.
        • Activate your memories. Remember your best orgasms, a kiss or a caress that has marked you can make you get a thousand.
        • Connect with your imagination. Fantasize with whoever you want, wherever and doing whatever you want, don't set limits and discover new sensations.

          Information and products for your intimate health
        • Sex toys or other objects. Yes, the incorporation of other elements can also be very exciting and give you extra stimulation.
          • Vibrators: They are among the favorites since they are in different shapes, colors and textures. In addition to different speeds and forms of vibration. You can combine it with the movements of your fingers.
          • Clitoral sucker : An innovation in the market and a before and after in the life of a woman. It is a type of toy that stimulates the clitoris without touching it through a very subtle suction.
          • Toys for double or triple penetration. Double vibrators or dildos to stimulate several areas or for masturbation as a couple.
          • And our favourite, VagiYoga . Our pelvic floor rehabilitator but it is also an excellent source of sexual pleasure. Lie down, relax and enjoy while you strengthen the area, prevent urinary incontinence, improve your mood and add creativity to your sex life. The results will be noticeable inside and out.
          • We can also play with the pillow or any other object that can be placed between the legs and that can caress the clitoris when you move.

            Information and products for your intimate health

        These techniques are surely not infallible nor will they work for everyone, as you already know, each woman gets aroused and gets pleasure in different ways so don't worry if one of them doesn't work for you, try another or merge several of them until you get it. the results you expect, the essential thing is that you get to know yourself and dedicate enough time to find out what you like and how you like it, until you become your best lover. Remember that the goal is to enjoy that moment making it pleasant and only when you touch yourself can you understand it.

        What are you waiting for to apply these masturbation techniques? At Zenzsual we give you the tools to maximize your pleasure, so buy now the Intimate Gel with Hyaluronic Acid and VagiYoga with a 35% discount + free shipping.

        Intimate gel with Hyaluronic Acid and VagiYoga

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