Vaginal odor: why me?

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If you're reading this, it's not because your vagina smells like roses, but because you're worried about a certain smell between your legs. It's funny that you worry about that, it's actually normal for your vagina to have a characteristic odor like any area of ​​your body. In fact, you may smell more intense than other women, but it does not mean that you have a bad smell. In addition, your vagina is exposed to the menstrual cycle, sexual intercourse, hygiene, bacteria, infections, and other factors that can alter its odor. Now, if your genitals are healthy, it is not normal for them to have a very intense and unpleasant aroma. Pay attention!

Andrew, 30 years old.

Hello! For days I have felt discomfort in the vagina, it hurts and itches. I even have a very yellow discharge with a bad smell, what can it be?

Does something similar to what Andrea tells us happen to you? should you worry? our body sends clues when something is not right, so activate the alerts. The following odors may indicate the presence of an infection or alteration of your vaginal flora.

Products for your intimate health

Sweet smell or similar to beer: If you have a sour and intense smell or similar to the smell of honey, be careful! you may have fungus. These are enemies of your sexual health and can get worse over time, you will notice a thick and yellowish cheese-like discharge.

Fishy smell: When the chemistry of your vagina is altered (specifically the PH) the bacteria grow out of control and cause this type of odor. It is possible that you have Bacterial Vaginosis, but calm down, it is not a sexually transmitted disease, it is only an imbalance of your vaginal flora. It is difficult to know if you have it because it does not cause inflammation, the biggest indicator is the smell.

Metal smell: This smell is produced by the menstrual cycle and the use of tampons and sanitary pads; usually disappears when the menstrual period leaves. But if it persists, something is wrong.

Do any smells sound familiar? There are other odors caused by hormonal changes or sexually transmitted infections, we know that your biggest fear is that other people can perceive it and we want to prevent it from happening to you, our first recommendation is that you never use perfumes to hide the smell! that will make your situation worse.

Products for your intimate health

The #1 enemies when it comes to eliminating the bad smell from your vagina:

  • Having unprotected sex.
  • The use of daily protectors, sanitary pads and tampons.
  • Wear tight clothing or synthetic material.
  • Take antibiotics frequently.
  • Douching or douching
  • vaginal vapors

It is impossible to get your vagina to smell like mint or cinnamon naturally, but we can give you some tricks to avoid the bad smell.

Your intestine and your vagina are connected... believe it or not, food influences the smell of your intimate area. Garlic, onion, coffee, dairy and spices do not help you have a good aroma. Drinking a lot of water will help you eliminate toxins and make the smell of your flow more pleasant. If you take care of your immune and digestive system it will be reflected in your intimate health; Zenbiotic can help you, it is a product specially designed to combat and prevent intestinal diseases and vaginal infections. Another good option is Bye Bye Cystitis , it is ideal to protect the urinary tract, reduce your chances of having infections and it will improve the symptoms of cystitis every time you have sexual intercourse. If you combine both products, you won't believe how much they can do for you.

Products for your intimate health

Hygiene is essential... avoid douching, they alter your PH. Do not use the soap that you use on the rest of your body in your V zone either, there are several options for intimate soaps on the market such as the Feminine Cleansing Foam , its water-based composition is ideal for eliminating bacteria and controlling strong odors from gentle way and without detergents.

Strengthen your sexual self-esteem: There is no reason to feel ashamed of talking openly about your genitals; no one has to tell you what your vagina should smell like, aren't there stinky penises? It is normal, even if you have a slight sweat, something similar to that of the armpit.. Now, vaginal health affects more than your sexual life, that's why we are here, to give you advice that has saved many women, just keep in mind that you should consult a gynecologist if you have concerns related to your particular case.

We hope that this information will help you to differentiate if your vaginal odor is healthy or if you should worry, your body is beautiful and it will warn you in some way that something is not right. Be proud of your vagina! It is the channel through which life passes; there are a thousand ways to solve and prevent the discomfort you feel. For this reason, we have prepared the kit " Total Intimate Health " Feminine Moisturizing Gel + Zenbiotic Probiotics for Your Intimate Health + Feminine Cleansing Foam + Bye Bye Cystitis with a 30% discount , in order to combine the benefits of these incredible products that They will help you keep your vagina happy and healthy. As if that were not enough, we give you "The secrets of a happy vulva", a guide full of valuable information for your intimate care. Take advantage!

Vaginal odor: why me?

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  • Yenivel Pirpignani

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