Changes in your Vagina Part II

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In our previous article , How Your Vagina Changes Part I, we talked about the changes that occur in your vagina throughout life, and we had already talked about the childhood period and the beginning of sexual and reproductive life.

Today it is the turn of the menopause and we wanted to discuss it in a separate article because at Zenzsual we believe that this is one of the most wonderful stages in a woman's life and that if we educate ourselves and prepare well to receive it we can win the battle at the same time. of time and enjoy a full, prolonged and healthy sexual life.

The GOLDEN Age, Menopause and Post Menopause

Women who are close to or are already in the menopause period, if they educate themselves well and empower themselves with all these great advantages of the changes, are super happy women and can be much more productive than in other stages of their lives.

Let's see, let's look at the positive side of things: you will no longer have to bleed every month, you will save on sanitary pads and you will not be afraid of getting pregnant after a sexual encounter. And if you had children, they will be grown up and you will be able to enjoy the freedom to reap the fruits that you sowed throughout

At this stage there are very important changes that, if not treated adequately, can lead to a decrease in quality of life in general and, very importantly, in your Sexuality.

Due to the decrease in estrogen levels in our body that occurs naturally over the years, collagen production decreases and its degradation increases, turning into a less elastic and lower quality collagen, which conditions the appearance of flaccidity at level of all the tissues of our body, and the vagina is no exception, appearing then a thinning of the skin of the genitals and atrophy of the vaginal mucosa with flaccidity.

Tissues that depend on this hormone, such as the vagina, become thinner, less RESISTANT, less elastic, and less moist. What can this translate into? Discomfort in the vaginal area such as irritation, pain, burning, itching and PAIN WITH SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

Let's talk about a simple example, imagine a leather or a fabric that is intended to suffer friction, or be rubbed; If it is thick, humid, moist and has a liquid layer, rubbing against another surface, even if it is fast and constant, will not crack or break because it is hydrated.

Now imagine the same cloth or leather, thin and dry: what happens if it is rubbed quickly without lubricant or liquid? IT CRACKS, IT BREAKS! Uhhh… Pain!

Now, do you understand why sex life changes in menopause? But it changes if ONE ALLOWS IT, if one as a woman does not express what is happening to both her doctor and her partner to find a solution together,

Some “old guard” doctors tell their patients that all these changes are “normal”, but NOOOO…. At Zenzual we refuse to keep thinking that this is "Normal", because although these changes are frequent and occur with age, they also have to know that they can be prevented and treated if they already exist...

We want you WOMAN who reads us today to become a multiplying agent of this important information, tell your partner about the changes you are feeling, talk about it with your friends and tell them that dryness, vaginal flaccidity and low libido and desire sexual, which are a consequence of the natural history of the aging process and the various events of our lives, TODAY THEY HAVE A SOLUTION.

The intimate life of a woman should not change drastically, neither after a pregnancy nor after the menopause. We have many options to return to normality in the form and function of your vagina at whatever stage YOU are in.

SPEAK, CONSULT AND EXPRESS YOUR DISCOMFORT OR DISCOMFORT, only then will doctors trained in gynecology and anti-aging medicine be able to help you with traditional treatments, such as minimally invasive vaginal surgeries, or with cutting-edge and revolutionary treatments such as LASER, PRP (platelet-rich plasma ), hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormones in the form of pellets and many others often forgotten, such as Kegel exercises and guided rehabilitation of the perineal muscles.

Here on our Zenzsual platform we offer you different tools that will help you prevent and even reverse the physical and emotional signs that experience and the passage of time have left in your privacy.

Do not wait to consult with the specialist, nor settle for a "this is normal" for an answer, in your hands is to have a healthy life even in the most intimate, regardless of the stage of life in which you find yourself.

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