What I want this Christmas: A good massage to vibrate from head to toe!

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What I want this Christmas

Enough of the colorful socks and "Ugly Sweaters" Don't get stuck in the same old gifts: clothes, toys and appliances that you don't use later. Let's talk clearly about what women need this Christmas.

Aren't you tired of silencing true feminine needs?

We speak from the point of view of health. And many times what we women want at the end of the year is to rest, have fun and relax with a good sex session with a massage included, that's when VagiYoga can become the ideal gift for its many benefits. Keep reading!

With the passage of days and the flow of daily life , many times we do not realize the consequences of pregnancy, the impact of the arrival of menopause and we can even turn a blind eye to involuntary urine loss with minimal effort. , like laughing or just coughing.

This is how we got to December tired with no encouragement for anything else . And Christmas can be the ideal time to realize the needs we have to take care of our intimate health, so today we come to tell you to write down a Zenzsual Kit in your "WishList" as a good gift option for you and for women that surrounds you.

The idea is that you receive a really useful and lasting gift . And that leads us to recommend the Zenzsual Kit that includes the VagiYoga vaginal trainer and the Zenzsual moisturizing intimate gel.

Why are we telling you this?

Because it is a good gift option , and basically no matter how old you are, it will always be useful at any time of the year, because there is no time to care for and strengthen your pelvic floor. Just as you go to the gym and play sports, the muscles in your intimate area need to be constantly toned.

The pelvic floor is made up of ligaments and muscles , and whose function is to provide a support structure for the organs of the pelvis (uterus, vagina, rectum, bladder, and urethra). Its muscles form a kind of hammock or intertwined, which goes from the pubis to the coccyx (bone located at the end of the spine).

Among the benefits of performing Kegel exercises are:

  1. These exercises help us strengthen the functions of the pelvic floor, which consists of supporting and holding the internal organs in an appropriate position, something essential for their proper functioning.
  2. The pelvic floor plays a fundamental role in urinary and fecal continence, so it is key to keep it toned.
  3. Kegel exercises help to have better orgasms , because when a muscle is exercised, it receives a greater supply of blood, which is very important to facilitate arousal and climax .
  4. By exercising them you can better distinguish when they are tense/contracted or relaxed, and best of all, you will learn to control them voluntarily.
  5. Gynecologists in some cases indicate reverse Kegel exercises to women who feel pain during intercourse (dyspareunia), who find it impossible to have intercourse (vaginismus) because they involuntarily contract the pelvic floor muscles when they go to perform (or attempt) penetration. The idea of ​​these reverse exercises is to relax that muscle.

It's easy to demonstrate how women benefit from learning to control our pelvic floor. Thinking of these benefits, we created the Zenzsual® VagiYoga® vaginal exerciser, a product that has been designed to exercise and recover the pelvic floor muscles. Through the care and toning of your vagina, performing exercises and training manually or that can be monitored from your mobile phone by downloading a free application. Based on anthropometric studies and perimeter pressure technology.

The ideal is to use #VagiYoga in combination with Zenzsual's intimate gel, a water-based moisturizer that is useful to facilitate the introduction of #VagiYoga. In addition, when you finish performing the exercises you can continue using it in vibration mode, to give yourself a few minutes of relaxation and pleasure, discovering the erogenous zones that you can later stimulate with your partner.

Undoubtedly, intimate health cannot be missing from Christmas gifts . If you want to know other gift options to have a healthier and more pleasant sex life, check out our website: www.TuSaludIntima.com where you can buy these products and other tools to benefit your femininity and your relationship.

To get more tips like this, we recommend you visit our online store : www.tuSaludIntima.com and learn about new ways to shield #TuSaludIntima with #Zenzsual.

On our blog: www.Zenzsual.com you will also find more advice on women's health and sexual well-being. C onnect through our social networks, where we always publish videos, promotions and informative tips. Follow us on: @tuSaludintima @DoctoraKlaraSenior and @Tu_Ginecologa.


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