Citrulline brings well-being to your sexuality

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It is an amino acid that serves to improve power, energy, vitality and circulation in general, benefiting the sexual organs of men and consequently their erections.

Citrulline is an amino acid that favors our cardiovascular health, because it has an antioxidant action. This substance has the ability to relax blood vessels and boost our immune system.

Citrulline is converted by our body into arginine and nitric oxide , which is useful for the development of muscle mass, energy, strength and blood circulation at the level of the intimate area.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that is responsible for dilating muscle cells and thus making the muscles receive many more nutrients while we train, as well as helping us achieve better muscle recovery more easily.

By having the property of widening blood vessels and lowering blood pressure , citrulline improves sexual performance in men and women, producing firmer and more sustained erections in their case, helping those who suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. If our body has a citrulline deficiency we can feel fatigue and muscle weakness.

How to increase the consumption of citrulline?

It is a substance that is not very abundant in our diet, but we can find it in some foods, such as:

  • Watermelon and melons that contain a high proportion of this amino acid.
  • Vegetables like onions and garlic
  • Protein foods like salmon and red meat
  • in milk
  • In some legumes such as chickpeas and soybeans;
  • In nuts like almonds and walnuts.

Citrulline in nutritional supplements

To take advantage of the benefits of citrulline, you can also consume it through the intake of nutritional supplements, such as Libizenzs Men from Zenzsual , which brings a combination of amino-acid herbs such as citrulline and zinc, which acts as an internal regulator of testosterone production. , which translates into more strength, more energy and vitality for man. In addition to lowering the percentage of body fat and increasing muscle mass.

The effects of Libizenzs Men can begin to be noticed after 3 weeks of consumption . And its greatest effects up to 3 months later. It is a nutritional supplement that is not intended to treat or cure disease. And it is contraindicated in men with a history of cancer, hormone dependent and in the case of having a chronic disease it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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