Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way

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Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way. Your intimate health

Don't you know what to say to him, much less how? Talking naturally with your daughters about any topic, especially those related to her body, intimate health, and sexuality, is very important. And to do it about menstruation, it is best that you do it beforehand, that you explain to her what it is, what it means and what changes she can experience, before she receives this surprise visit for the first time.

Menstruation begins around the age of 12, although sometimes it may appear earlier or later, so it is important that you talk to her on time and as we know that it can be an uncomfortable subject to deal with, we have prepared these recommendations for you to address in a simpler, healthier and more positive way this conversation.

  1. The sooner the better! The sooner you start talking to your daughter, the better. You don't have to plan this conversation, just let it flow, tell her what you know and speak to her from your experience, and let her ask the necessary questions; you, answer them openly and honestly. Your daughter needs information about the menstrual cycle and all those challenges that puberty brings, so start by telling her:

    What is menstruation? You don't have to be an expert on the subject, but you can explain to her that the main reason for the menstrual period is that her body is ready to have a baby, to get pregnant. Do not panic! Don't avoid bringing it up just because you're terrified that she might lose her virginity or get pregnant at a young age; quite the contrary, being informed will allow you to know what to do and what not to do, when it is appropriate and how you should take care of yourself.

    When will it happen? Although we mentioned it at the beginning, there is no specific age, but it usually happens around the age of 12 when breasts start to develop, pubic and armpit hair start to appear, and your daughter begins to notice a whitish discharge in her underwear. ; This is a sign for you as a mother that the time to talk to her is drawing near.

    How long can it last? All women and bodies are different, but it usually lasts 3-5 days and works on a 28-day cycle.

    Does it cause pain? What are your symptoms? Premenstrual syndrome and menstruation as such, yes, they can cause pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, it can also trigger other symptoms such as tension and pain in the breasts, headache, nausea, weight gain, fluid retention , increased appetite, anxiety, emotional changes (urge to cry accompanied by a bad mood), fatigue and even diarrhea. What is the most important thing here?

    Keep the mother-daughter relationship from turning into a pitched battle! You already went through this, it's time to be patient with your little girl's changes.

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    What should you do? Talk to her about the different feminine hygiene products (sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cup) for the menstrual period, try to keep them on hand, let her get to know them, teach her how to use them and let her choose among them the option with which feel more comfortable and secure. An additional recommendation is that if you began to see some of these physical changes that we mentioned above, always leave a towel in her bag so that she is prepared and feels safe and calm when she goes to the bathroom and discovers that the time has come.

    How to take care of yourself? Teach her how to take care of her vulva:
    - Remind her that she should change her preferred menstrual hygiene product frequently, this to avoid accidents and irritation.
    - If the best option for her is sanitary towels, recommend those with wings, and above all, those that are 100% cotton to avoid irritation with synthetic products and bad odors.
    - Talk to her about the importance of hygiene of her genitals at this stage and to use a suitable product for it, one that helps her maintain the pH, avoid bad odor in the area and reduce inflammation in case due to the use of certain sanitary pads have caused irritation. We suggest the Zenzsual Female Cleansing Foam with Hyaluronic Acid that will provide you with the hydration you need, in addition to helping you maintain the balanced pH of your intimate area. You can surely keep this area healthy, clean and free of odors! Do you want to be prepared to give your daughter the best? Buy it here !

    Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way

  2. Listen to her. Ask her about her worries or fears about the menstrual period, allow her to share with you what she feels about this experience, in this way you can give her the confidence to seek you out to talk about it, when she needs to.

    Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way

  3. Don't overwhelm her! We believe this is one of the most important recommendations. AVOID imposing taboos or restrictions that in the end are nothing more than absurd myths around the subject; For example, don't forbid him from playing sports or changing his lifestyle, just because you probably did. Make sure that, although he must get used to these changes, he can continue with his life as normal.

    Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way

  4. Don't focus on the problems. Menstruation is a beautiful stage in the life of any woman, it has a great meaning, do not focus on how scary they can be: pain, bleeding, premenstrual syndrome, etc. It's good that you know, of course, but we don't want you to be terrified, let alone see it as the worst thing that can happen to you in your life. Make him see a realistic panorama around menstruation and that it is part of our growth.

    Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way

  5. Be positive. Build confidence and peace of mind in her, show her that there is nothing to worry about, that it is normal and that you are there for her to accompany her in the process and clarify all her doubts.

    Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way

  6. Don't take everything to the extreme. Finally, when your daughter has her first menstruation, don't tell everyone that your daughter is "already a woman." We are talking about earning her trust, not making her feel worse than she may already be feeling when experiencing something completely new. Please don't make her feel uncomfortable or angry, that will only make her worse.

    Hello menstruation: rules to approach the subject in a completely natural way

Menstruation is nothing special , treat this topic like any other and if for some reason you don't feel ready to do it, we recommend you visit your gynecologist again, he or she will help you and your daughter to solve all your doubts. they have and will surely be able to guide them along the way. If you have additional questions, count on us, write to us through our social networks or leave your comment below and we will solve it together.

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