Fresh and Clean: Navigating Intimate Hygiene during your Monthly Visit

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The menstrual cycle is a natural and regular part of most women's lives, but it can come with discomfort and worry, especially when it comes to intimate hygiene.

Maintaining adequate hygiene during the menstrual period is crucial to prevent infections, bad experiences and stay comfortable and fresh at all times.

Before menstruation:

Before your period arrives, it is important to prepare properly to maintain good hygiene during the days of menstruation. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Wash your hands well : Before handling any feminine hygiene product, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  2. Choose the right products : Consider using feminine hygiene products that are comfortable and absorbent. You can opt for tampons, sanitary pads or menstrual cups, depending on your preference and comfort. Each of these options requires care to keep you comfortable and clean.
  3. Prepare an emergency kit: Keep an emergency kit on hand with feminine hygiene products, wet wipes and spare underwear to be prepared for any unforeseen event.
  4. Wear appropriate underwear: Tight clothing can trap sweat and create an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, so it is best to wear light, breathable clothing, such as cotton underwear.

During menstruation:

During menstruation, it is essential to maintain proper hygiene to feel fresh and comfortable at all times. Follow these tips to take care of your hygiene during “the monthly visit”:

  1. Change your intimate products regularly : Depending on the amount of flow and the day of your menstruation, keep in mind to change your tampons, towel or empty your menstrual cup with some regularity (depending on every 3-4 hours) to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and prevent possible infections.
  2. Clean your intimate area gently : Use warm water and a mild cleansing foam (syndet) to clean your genital area during the bath. Avoid using scented soaps or douches, as they can alter the natural pH of your vagina and cause irritation.

Should the inside of the vagina be washed?

The human reproductive system is skillfully created and does not require additional cleaning inside. For this reason, doctors and specialists advise against the use of any hygiene procedure aimed at eliminating healthy vaginal flora (such as douching).

  1. Dry your genital area well : After washing, make sure to dry your genital area well with a soft, clean towel. Moisture can create an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, increasing the risk of infections.
  2. Drink enough fluids: This can help cleanse the urinary tract and help prevent infections, such as yeast infections.

After menstruation:

Once your period is over, it is important to continue practicing good hygiene to prevent any risk of infection. Here are some tips for after menstruation:

  1. Continue with regular intimate hygiene: Even if your period has ended, continue maintaining good intimate hygiene by washing your outside regularly with water and detergent-free foams specially formulated for the intimate area.
  2. Wash and disinfect your reusable intimate products : If you use menstrual cups or reusable products, be sure to wash and disinfect them properly before storing them for next use.
  3. Observe any changes: Pay attention to any changes in your vaginal discharge or the smell of your intimate area. If you notice any symptoms of infection, such as itching, irritation, or bad odor, see your doctor for appropriate treatment.

It's crucial to remember that every woman is different, so it's important to find the products and practices that best suit your individual needs.

Wet wipes specially formulated for intimate hygiene have emerged as a practical and convenient solution, especially in specific situations where rapid and frequent hygiene is a challenge. Exploring their usefulness at this time can reveal the benefits of these specialized solutions.

  1. During Heavy Menstruations:

During periods of heavy menstrual flow , intimate wipes can provide a fresh, clean feeling between changes of feminine hygiene products. Their convenience and portability make them a valuable option to maintain comfort during these days.

  1. After Intimate Relationships:

After having intimate relations, intimate wipes can help refresh and clean the genital area quickly and effectively. Its use eliminates the need for full showers, providing a practical solution to maintain intimate hygiene without interrupting shared intimacy.

  1. In Situations of Restricted Mobility:

During long trips or outdoor activities where access to a bathroom may be limited, intimate wipes are indispensable allies. Their individual format and ability to provide complete cleaning without the need for water make them an ideal option to keep freshness on the go.

  1. Conscious Choice:

When choosing intimate wipes, it is important to opt for options that meet quality standards and respect for the skin. Look for pH-appropriate, fragrance-free, and environmentally friendly products to ensure a safe and effective cleaning experience.

By following the tips and recommendations for proper intimate hygiene, women can feel clean, fresh and confident during “the monthly visit” and at all times. Education and awareness from the first menstruation about the importance of menstrual hygiene are key to avoiding complications.

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