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Never underestimate the power of a provocative look and image when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. In this article we talk about how to take advantage of this sense when it comes to sexuality.

The five senses play a very important role in the sexual response of every person , since they represent the express way through which we receive the information that arouses our desire. In this #TuSaludIntima article we want to address the particular influence of the sense of sight on men and their sexual response, because through the eyes (what they observe and how we process it), gentlemen quickly find that motivation that ignites their desire and positively predisposes them towards intimacy.

It has been shown that in men visual contact prevails in their sexual arousal process . It is a type of stimulation with which couples capture and express emotions within an erotic plane. Hence, millions of men's magazines and erotic movies are sold every year. That is why it is also common to hear from men that it turns them on to see two women in full sexual contact or a group relationship, beyond the traditional relationship of two.

Visual stimulation allows the couple to constantly innovate in their intimate relationships, being able to make all kinds of fantasies come true . So let's take advantage of the erotic power of a good image to stimulate the desire of gentlemen and enhance mutual enjoyment.

Here we list some interesting data to understand the visual eroticism of men:

  • The look! Men are excited to watch a woman who shows her desire in her eyes and gestures. Enjoying an intimacy session with our eyes closed is fine, that's why we spontaneously close our eyes with a passionate kiss, but it never hurts to open them to appreciate the moment, admire the other's body and the shared movements, because you can better observe the reactions of the other person, while you also receive and let yourself be surprised by new visual stimuli.
  • The genitals! Male eroticism tends to focus on the genitals and does not conceive of an erotic encounter if the stimulation of said genital area (and especially intercourse) is not present in some way. It is time to teach gentlemen to activate and eroticize every inch of their skin, because unlike women, many of them have that aspect of sensuality asleep.
  • What they would like to see! To promote this visual stimulation, the woman can use seductive lingerie, costumes, body paint, accessories and all kinds of elements that can build an erotic fantasy. Or simply use that intimate garment that fascinates you.
  • What they want to see ! Although we are talking about the fact that arousal in men often arises through the eyes and that women are more hearing, this does not mean that sight does not play a fundamental role in female intimacy. You also have to talk about what they want to see, defined muscles and tanned skin and underwear in good condition, are part of those common responses, but each couple will have to reach their conclusions.
  • For centuries man has been educated to give pleasure and satisfy women , which is why he likes to receive those visual signals that indicate that he is doing well and that the time for personal pleasure has arrived. So, as part of that communication during the intimate relationship, the woman can show with her gestures, words or looks how good she is having (if not, it's time to also communicate to guide him where they want to go).
  • Men usually like to be stared into their eyes during intercourse , as a sign of satisfaction. Unlike women, whose eroticism is more global and tactile stimulation becomes relevant in her because her entire body reacts as a sexual organ.

This is how you can take advantage of the powerful sense of sight, to make your sexual encounters more intense and satisfying moments.

But do not fall into generalities! We must consider that all men are not the same, they do not have the same tastes, nor the same behaviors. That is why we always emphasize communication as a couple to talk about their style, find out their preferences and concerns, as well as capture their non-verbal communication, read their expressions during intimacy and learn to get to know each other, to exploit the advantages that we have. offer our five senses.

At the end of the road, you should know that the activation process of eroticism is usually different between men and women (both physically and emotionally), because we have different rhythms and times, added to the unequal social demands that human beings impose on ourselves.

To overcome all these differences, it is extremely important that you know your body very well , your preferences, emotions and sensations, in order to fully and responsibly enjoy our sexuality.

If you consider that you manage to engage well in that couple's communication, remember that on our website: www.TuSaludIntima.com you have SexCoaching sessions to talk with professionals, who help you deepen and attend to those unresolved issues in the relationship .

Follow the content that we share on our social networks @TuSaludIntima and that of whom we speak to you here, Dr. Sofía Herrera @Tu_ginecologa and Dr. Klara Senior @DoctoraKlaraSenior, who will continue to share information that will help you start the year 2021 in optimal state of health and living a full sexuality.


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    Que importante toda la información que comparten. No tengo más que dar Gracias por existir son mujeres reales ayudando a despertar a los seres humanos que estábamos dormidos y reprimidos sensualmente, sus productos son de muy buena calidad, la presentación es bella, delicada y lo invaluable su acompañamiento🙏

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