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plan my sexuality

Although it sounds unromantic, sometimes it is necessary to plan your sexual life, because when we already have an established partner and we have already been living a good time together in a relationship, we may spend our lives fulfilling commitments, leaving aside our sexual well-being. Thinking of you, we wrote this article with the 5 essentials to achieve it.

Beyond the personal satisfaction that sexuality gives us, relationships must be cultivated, precisely with those moments of intimacy that we appreciate so much.

Start 2022 by putting into practice these five recommendations so that you do not leave out the important thing about living your sexuality in a healthy way:

1. Make sure you take care of your body: There is no pleasurable sexuality if we are sick:
    1. The most basic thing is to go to the gynecologist as regularly as indicated or when there is the slightest doubt about your feminine health.
    2. Get a comprehensive physical check-up at least once a year and consult a sexologist if there are doubts about your relationship or the sexual performance of both.
    3. As you mature , you must also progress on the sexual level. By getting to know your body better, its strengths and weaknesses, it is easier to achieve sexual fulfillment and put aside the insecurities or discomforts that prevent you from moving forward. Pay attention to the details that allow you to evolve.
2. Quality time : just as you have a well-structured agenda so as not to leave out pending work, children and your family. Include in that agenda a regular time to share with your partner alone:
    1. Since going to dinner once a week,
    2. Get away for a weekend every three months,
    3. Lock yourself in your room on Thursday nights.
    4. Go to a nearby hotel when you have free time.
    5. Ask for separate children's room on vacation.
    6. Leave it with the grandparents from time to time.
    7. Do something unexpected, see a new place in the city, etc.

There are many ideas and they depend on your lifestyle and the relationship, the important thing is to do something for the two of you.

3. More innovation and less boredom : Don't just stick with the missionary position in the same bed. Try different techniques and positions, use sexual devices like VagiYoga, in different places that add some excitement to the intimate relationship.

4. Quality information : consume content on sexual health that provides new perspectives and panoramas on living a healthy sexuality, because many times we lock ourselves in our limiting thoughts and beliefs, which prevent us from seeing a little further and living fully with well-being and pleasure.

In the
Zenzsual blog and in the social networks of #TuSaludIntima we keep publishing information that points to this idea of ​​cultivating your knowledge about healthy sexuality.

5. Build your KIT of basic tools:

Sexual health is also taken care of. Just as we use products to care for the rest of our body. Depending on the age or the time of life in which you are in and #TuSaludIntima you will find a kit for you:

  • If you are living in your 20s : It is likely that a few years ago you began to actively live your sexuality, which is why we recommend the “ZENZSUAL KIT”, our essential, which contains the cleansing foam and the intimate gel from Zensual .

    Both take care of the pH balance in the area and protect you from infections . With the foam you clean yourself daily, without using soap or other products that irritate and destroy the protective layer of your vulva. Next, we recommend using the intimate gel to avoid vaginal dryness and use it in private as a lubricant. The difference of this gel is that it contains hyaluronic acid in high concentrations to hydrate the area, protect it and regenerate damaged tissue every day.
  • If you are living in the 30s : The " ZENZSUAL WOMEN'S KIT" comes in handy, because in addition to the gel and cleansing foam , this combo brings the Libizenzs nutritional supplement to combat lack of energy and keep us active, because It is formulated based on herbs and trace elements and has NO hormones.

    Its objective is to increase the feeling of well-being, give vitality and energy until the end of the day, it can help to lower the percentage of body fat (it is not designed for weight loss), improves muscle mass, strengthens the immune system and increases the overall sexual desire and performance.
  • If you are living in the 40s : If you have reached the fourth step and have not started doing Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, this kit is for you. Because, although we must start from a much younger age, the reality is that ignorance and misinformation often lead us to realize the need to exercise our muscles in the vaginal area when it is too late, when we experience incontinence. urinary or when we suffer a pelvic organ prolapse. We don't want that to be your luck, so we devised the "ZENZSUAL KIT" , which, in addition to the Libizenzs nutritional supplement and the intimate gel, contains the VagiYoga vaginal exerciser.

    VagiYoga is a mechanical massage device/apparatus that allows to tone and recover the pelvic floor muscles. It is a guide to properly perform Kegel exercises and has biofeedback through an emitted vibration, and by displaying the exercise on a screen of any smart phone or tablet, which connects to the free download application that includes the device. Its use after pregnancy, in menopause, and as prevention of urinary incontinence and prolapse of the genital area is recommended.
  • If you're living in the 1950s : there are two add-on kits for you:
    • The “ GOODBYE MENOPAUSE KIT ”, which contains the gel to combat terrible vaginal dryness, which affects us for many reasons in life and which, in the case of some women, worsens over the years.

      And the Bye Bye Menopause nutritional supplement, which, as its name indicates, helps you treat the symptoms of this stage of life with a 100% estrogen-free and soy-free natural vegan formula that regulates your hormones and frees you from the terrible discomforts of menopause.

    • The second kit that we recommend if you have already arrived healthy and happy on the fifth floor, is the " GOODBYE MENOPAUSE PLUS KIT" which, unlike the previous one, also includes the Libizenzs nutritional supplement so that your sexual desire does not disappear with menopause.

Regardless of age, if you want to stand out with a majestic and original gift for yourself and the women around you, the TOTAL INTIMATE HEALTH KIT is ideal for any of us, because in addition to bringing the two basic cosmetic products (foam and gel ), comes supplemented with two nutritional supplements aimed at shielding against infections:

  • Zenbiotic : because one of the first lines of defense in the body is the local bacterial flora. This nutritional supplement comes with a formula designed to boost vaginal health as well as digestive and immune wellness throughout the body.

    It contains 25 billion CFUs of probiotics , which are good bacteria that coexist in the human body, promoting proper functioning and promoting natural environments that stimulate defense systems against germs that can cause disease. Specially made with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli specific to the vagina, to reduce the frequency of the most common female problems such as: vaginal pH imbalance and the presence of yeasts or fungi (Candidiasis).

  • Bye Bye Cystitis: is a unique natural supplement, created to strengthen and protect the health of the female urinary tract. It has been formulated with a super concentrated Organic Cranberry extract, rich in Proanthocyanidins of the purest quality (PAC'S) and D-Mannose. These two ingredients together prevent the bacteria that regularly cause urinary tract infections from adhering to the bladder walls.

    In addition, it contains Vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbate (which does NOT harm the stomach), Propolis Extract, Oregano and Celery Leaf Extract. A formula that has a high antibacterial and antifungal power naturally. An excellent antioxidant that acts as a natural diuretic to increase urine flow and prevent fluid retention in the body.

Do not become the toxic one in the relationship

In our online store you can find all the products mentioned in this article, you just have to visit: to order them. There we leave you some tools to plan your sexuality and your feminine health, as you prefer, the important thing beyond this, is that you do not stop eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising at least 5 times a week and avoiding excesses.

In 2022 we will continue betting on #TuSaludIntima through our website, sharing relevant content for you, about your female health, for your life as a couple and your sexuality. Don't stop following us on social networks like @TuSaludIntima @DoctoraKlaraSenior @Tu_ginecologa.


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