The kiss: the master key to female arousal

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the kiss

Did you know that kisses are very important to achieve a good arousal in women? That is why we insist on not rushing the previous warm-up and enjoying the stimulation of your lips and the signals that it sends to your brain, so that you achieve the desired orgasm. Here we explain what is behind each kiss!

How was your first kiss? It sure was a memorable moment right? Here we are going to explain the importance it has in your life, on the occasion of International Kissing Day, which is celebrated every April 13, after a Thai couple won a contest for giving themselves the longest kiss in history for 58 hours. With the intention of remembering the simple pleasure of kissing, in its different expressions of affection and love, to our relatives, friends or couples.

Since when do we kiss?

Kissing each other wasn't always as normal as it seems, in fact, for a long time it was considered a taboo. But let 's see how the kiss has evolved in society:

  • The Romans kissed as a way of greeting.
  • The Greeks kissed on various parts of the body: hands, chest, and forehead. Very rare!
  • In Celtic culture, the kiss was said to have healing powers. And we agree with them!
  • In the Middle Ages, the gentleman who kissed a lady had to marry her.
  • At one time the kiss was a symbol of power:
    • Among equal people: kisses on the cheek were accepted and the ladies kissed their hands, because on the face it was daring.
    • If the person had a higher social level, his hand was kissed as a sign of respect (to cardinals and bishops, for example).
  • In the middle of the Industrial Revolution, kissing in the street was prohibited and was censored, being reduced to the private sphere.
  • In May 1968, the kiss became a symbol of rebellion, due to the censorship imposed.

The kiss as a greeting is quite recent! This is how today Europeans give two kisses when greeting each other, Latin Americans are more affectionate and give a single warm kiss, and on the other hand, Americans prefer a discreet kiss. Moving on to Eastern cultures that use it less or even avoid it, until reaching societies and countries that prohibit public kissing, such as: the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan and Bahrain.

The erotic kiss and excitement

Every #TeamZenzsual woman should know well that kissing awakens basic neurotransmitters that lead to optimism, excitement and well-being. Therefore, the erotic kiss hides a complex mechanism that causes sensations such as chills, heat, accelerates the heart and much more until it reaches excitement and orgasm .

To understand all the mystery behind a kiss , you should also know that the lips and the fingertips are the two areas of the body that, despite their small dimensions, have the largest number of nerve endings, hiding in their interior multiple receptors with great capacity to perceive, explore and transmit information to the brain.

Such is the importance of the kiss, which implies an important exchange of saliva that causes the man to transmit testosterone to the woman and acts as a kind of aphrodisiac, which activates the woman's sexual receptivity. And the magic happens! When all the information reaches the brain, it assesses whether it likes it or not, whether it rejects it or accepts it.

Pure chemistry to a million in each kiss!

When we kiss, our brain analyzes in tenths of seconds all the information that comes from our lips and begins to secrete a series of neurotransmitters or chemical substances that produce some particular effects in our body.

These are the 4 basic types of neurotransmitters that go on a rampage with every kiss:

  • Dopamine: that makes us feel pleasure and well-being.
  • Serotonin : with which we feel excitement and optimism, although it can also have an effect of anger and aggression (in this case what happens is a rejection of the partner),
  • Epinephrine : which increases heart rate, muscle tone and sweating, which is why we feel heat and heart rate.
  • Oxytocin : which generates attachment and trust. And they say it helps in the stability of relationships.

In addition, at the beginning of the relationship there is great hormonal stimulation where testosterone and dopamine dominate , but with the passage of time it changes and vasopressin and oxytocin are stimulated more; couples kiss less frequently and intensely, but in a more affectionate and stable way.

Friend, the key lies in being clear that the chemistry of the kiss can change over time within the same relationship , initiating a calmer second stage, in which we will not feel that fiery initial passion, but which will still make us feel comfortable with that person.

8 tips to give a good kiss

You already know what happens in your body with each touch of the lips, now follow these tips to honor International Kissing Day:

  1. Oral hygiene: take care that you always have a good breath, brush well and if necessary, have some refreshing mint tablets on hand.
  2. Moisturize your lips: moisturize them constantly and moisten them before kissing to avoid cracking.
  3. Lean into stroking: Give him gentle strokes around his neck, face, or torso to maximize sensation. play with your hands, move your head, get closer and use your best tools.
  4. Do not rush: watch the rhythm of your kisses, not so fast and violent, but not slow and boring. Start gently and you measure if they can end with more passion.
  5. Use your tongue gently. It is not a matter of putting it to the end, he prefers to generate subtle movements.
  6. Biting is not the best option on the first date. If you like the game of biting, let them be soft and playful without causing discomfort and closely measuring your partner's reaction.
  7. The view: Use the sense of sight in your favor. exchange glances or close your eyes if you prefer.
  8. The surprise factor: an unexpected and different kiss will always be well received and will add excitement to the relationship.

To kiss has been said! 

Kiss your children and your family whenever you can to show your love with such a simple but profound act and never forget to kiss your partner to remind him with that little touch how much you love him and want him.

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