From 1 to 10: how good are you at kissing?

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how good are you at kissing

From the mouth we send many signals to our brain that allow us to live a pleasant sexual experience, which is why it is important that you learn to give and receive the best kisses from the first date, so that both of you are left wanting more.

If you have wondered how you kiss , if you have never received any compliments about it or you simply want to improve your tactics to look good with the person you like, here we leave the gentlemen of #TeamZenzsual with some useful tips on this matter. Pay close attention to details, because it is in your mouth where the magic and the explosion of sensations begin.

The kiss is more important than you think , because it is one of the first contacts when the intimate relationship begins where there is an exchange of energy and fluids with that other person, so intimate that it creates an expectation that accelerates the heart and it causes blood flow to the genitals causing your partner's clitoris to begin to throb. Which translates into the subsequent lubrication of the woman. It happens like a two-story house: everything that happens above (in the mouth), is felt and has a direct impact below (on their genitals).

The kiss is one of the most powerful ways to provoke female lubrication and it is essential that you know how it works when starting the sexual game and preparing the ground for an excellent intimate session for two.

The truth is that the lips are even more sensitive than the fingertips , which is why they are capable of sending many messages directly to the brain. A good kissing session opens the way for you to ignite your partner's imagination, extend bodily sensations and generate the right climate for sensuality, igniting the sensations in her brain and transferring many of those sensations to her genitals.

What is the best kiss for you?

Surely there are many answers to this question , but we also know that there are those who do not know how to kiss very well, even if they try. However, you have to give those people who don't kiss well a chance, because your nerves can betray you and you could be missing out on the love of your life, especially if it's your first date and you're starting to connect intimacy.

On the other hand, keep in mind that many times we come across women in the #TeamZenzsual who think they have vaginal dryness, and what happens is that they and their partners skip this previous step of the intimate game of caresses and kisses, essential for that the adequate arousal occurs, so that the woman can achieve the correct vaginal lubrication.

That is why we say that it is so important for men and women to give a good kiss , because it can determine the continuation of the relationship, it is the first body-to-body contact, key for the woman to be aroused and lubricated.

Go easy gentlemen and enjoy the foreplay!

  1. Before you go straight to kiss her lips , start creating a provocative climate.
  2. It begins with eye contact and the mischief of that look before the kiss.
  3. Kiss her with your fingers . Yes, just as you read it! You cannot imagine how good it feels, that the person you want to kiss the most at that moment begins to gently run the edge of your lips with the tips of their fingers, generating a tingle and the chill that ignites the sensations of pleasure. in your body.
  4. Then you move closer and closer to her face, kissing her cheek right next to her lips, making eye contact.
  5. Play with your breath . Being very close it is ideal for him to feel your inhalation and your aroma.
  6. When you are face to face , start slowly with a soft lip touch without opening your mouth or inserting your tongue the first time, because it can be invasive. This is how you gauge his reaction.
  7. If you want to go one step further , begin to intertwine your lips and little by little, very attentive to the reactions of your body, you can deepen the kiss.

The kisses that you should not repeat!

You should also take into account those kisses that are not sensual at all, and that rather, can generate the opposite effect of driving away any woman, because they are almost never well received:

  1. The water kiss: when you run your tongue all over her face, beyond the border of her mouth, thinking that it's sexy. Better ask her if she likes that style first, because she usually doesn't.
  2. The vacuum kiss. When you suck his tongue in such a way that it seems that you are going to tear it out. That can hurt or simply annoy the other.
  3. The fish kiss : when you never go to the language exchange and you are left kissing only with the lips. As the passion increases, the body asks you to go further and your tongue is an ally, use it.
  4. The wiper kiss : when you constantly run your tongue over the outside of his upper teeth in a horizontal motion. Something weird! In addition, the sensation of saliva outside your mouth and its smell is not the most pleasant.
  5. The ninja kiss : when your tongue looks like it was Black Belt, because you kiss aggressively, with bites and an impetus that is even desperate. Believe us that, if it is the first meeting, he will run away.

How do you introduce yourself? with or without beard

Facial hair has its defenders and detractors, keep these tips in mind to use the tickle of the beard in your favor:

  • Be careful with cannons, tuquitos or those little hairs that are just beginning to grow on your face, because it can irritate and burn the skin from rubbing. Instead, it is better that you eliminate them and keep that beard neat and very clean (without food or residual odors), even after you are married.
  • Keep your lips hydrated : Coconut or cocoa oil is good for hydrating them. As simple as buying a shapstick at the pharmacy, you can even use her Zenzsual intimate gel to take advantage of the properties that hyaluronic acid provides.
  • Brush your teeth well : remember to clean your tongue and cheeks well too. And keep a few mint leaves handy to freshen your breath if necessary.

Whatever your preferred technique when kissing, keep in mind that your lips play an important role in your sexuality, because thanks to them you experience many pleasant sensations and you will set off the alarms of arousal and lubrication in it.

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