Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

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Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

That moment will come, you will begin to think about having sex for the first time and many things will go through your head at once, you will begin to wonder what it will feel like, if your body will change, if it will hurt. Although the first time is different for each person, I wish we could all read this to get answers to our questions and feel a little more prepared.

If we start from what we already know, all, or the vast majority, we could say that the only thing they have taught us about the subject revolves around condoms and birth control pills, yes, to the prevention of pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). ; and it's not bad, but there's a lot more information around the first time that we should know.


What happens to my body when I start having sex?

You probably believe that once you start your sexual life your anatomy will change, that your breasts will grow or your hips will begin to widen, this is nothing more than a myth, after your first time there is no change in your body structure May I announce to everyone this great event in your life. The only changes that you will notice in your body are those produced by puberty or adolescence, and since most of them start their sexual life around that time, they can associate the changes with that.

What does happen with your body once you begin to experience your sexuality is that you begin to release hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin, happiness hormones, anti-stress and love hormones and if you have a "good first experience" and assume your sexuality with responsibility you will begin to feel happier and more productive.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

Can I get pregnant the first time?

Around this issue there are many positions, there are those who say that a woman cannot get pregnant when she has sexual intercourse for the first time and there are those who say that sex is synonymous with pregnancy and that is why we should not have it until marriage. The truth is that if you have already had your period and you do not use any protection method, you can get pregnant the first time. Take care of yourself, that's the first thing you should do, if you don't do it, it is very likely that you will experience a great physical change in your body, you will see how your belly begins to grow and at 9 months you will have a beautiful little person that will change your life forever. always.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

Does the first time always hurt?

No, the first time doesn't have to hurt. Why does it hurt in some cases? For a large majority, the first time is usually secretly, with the wrong person and out of simple curiosity; This means that there is no prior preparation and there is a high ignorance of your own body. A muscular tension is created in the area due to fear or anguish, and to this we must add the lack of lubrication, which are the main causes of pain.

The best solution for this is self-exploration, start getting to know your body before your partner does, and once you make the decision to be with someone, don't rush and prevent him or her from taking you to that first meeting. Start with foreplay and have lube on hand if needed so you can relax. A good option is the Female Moisturizing Gel with Hyaluronic Acid , a water-based product without hormones, perfumes or parabens, ideal for keeping your intimate area hydrated and lubricated. The most important thing is that it has the right pH for your area.

Also, did you know that lubrication is not only lost over time? There are many reasons why you can suffer from dryness, such as stress, anxiety and worries that you may feel the first time can also prevent you from being well lubricated and a lack of lubrication is one of the main causes of pain.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

How important is it to prepare for the first time?

It is very important that you prepare yourself emotionally and physically, seek to get a prior gynecological check-up, consult about contraceptive methods for family planning and ask him to help you choose the best option for you, safe sex above all! Talk about it with your mom, dad, or both. Having their support and having that trusting relationship will also favor your well-being and security as a couple.

Likewise, and as we mentioned in the previous point, seek to have a good lubricant to explore yourself alone and as a couple through masturbation and later when they make the decision to have sex.

Also, clean your intimate area correctly before and after your sexual relations with a product that is formulated for that area; our Feminine Cleansing Foam gently cleanses without detergents, and at the same time hydrates, controls the strong odor of the V zone and prevents the darkening of your vulva and genital area.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

Will I have an orgasm? Will it be like in the porn movies?

Just as love is not like Disney movies, sex is not like you see in porn movies, all those scenarios have a great production behind them and no, that's not real life.

In real life, sex does not follow any script and it is just a matter of letting go, many times the magic does not happen the first time, sometimes it is necessary to practice it several times with your partner to feel a complete rapport in which both feel comfortable , enjoy and reach the expected orgasm. So never go into sex with high expectations, that may be the best way for you to really enjoy the moment.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

Does it matter with whom?

Although we can all have different positions towards sex and love, for us it is a yes; May your first partner be understanding, respect your body and your times, understand your needs and desires, and be able to communicate, of course it matters. But then we are not referring to your first time being with the love of your life, this rarely happens and you must be clear about it, your first time will not necessarily be your only time, you will meet new people along the way, which is relevant is that the person with whom you are going to have your first meeting at least takes care of you, does not violate you, pressures you or speeds you up.

In addition, studies say that you are more likely to feel more satisfied when sex is with a person with whom you have a stable relationship and with whom you trust, that allows you to have greater control of the situation.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

What if I don't want to do it?

Do not do it! You have every right to say “no”, to have it happen at your time or simply not to happen. It may happen that you think you are ready, but as soon as the moment arrives you feel confused, your nerves take over and you think "I'm definitely not ready", you should feel calm about telling your partner and that person should respect your decision to stop at any time. moment. This does not only apply for the first time, in any sexual encounter a no is a no.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

They say that "the first time is never forgotten" and of course it is like that, just that nobody talks about why that memory is indelible; because no, not all of us have done well the first time! We tell you that even with experience we have also gone through moments of insecurity, humor or shame, but we believe that it is natural when you experience something new. So keep these recommendations in mind and once you feel ready to launch yourself into living your sexuality, just enjoy it responsibly.

Advice that I would have liked to receive before my first time

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    Mi madre y mis hermanas desde chica me hablaron sobre la sexualidad, pero hablar del sexo era como un tabú.
    Recuerdo que una de mis hermanas me dijo que el sexo la primera vez sería orriblemente doloroso, desde entonces me da mucho miedo intentar estar con un chico, incluso esto ha causado mucha inseguridad en mi, recuerdo que había veces que yo quería explorar mi cuerpo y me daba miedo el lastimarme, pero este tipo de consejos que brindan creo que se tiene que llevar a más niñas para que conozcan lo que es el sexo, que no precisamente tiene que se doloroso y ya tenemos que quitar el SEXO de ese tabú que nos han inculcado.
    Gracias por estos consejos, en verdad me ayudaron a prepararme para poder estar preparada para el paso que decidí dar.❤️‍🩹

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