8 reasons why physical exercise benefits your sexuality

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World Day of Sport and Physical Activity

If you still have doubts about the advantages that sports practice has on your performance in bed and on your female health, here we list the main reasons why you should look for your dumbbells and call your coach at this precise moment.

Hundreds and hundreds of scientific investigations have told us in recent decades about the benefits of practicing sport regularly and moderately on physical and mental health . And these advantages, without a doubt, have an impact on the enjoyment and sexual performance of each person.

That's why today we want to remind you (in case you don't know) some of the direct benefits you get by staying active, take note of how physical exercise contributes to improving the quality of sexual relations :

  1. Exercising improves cardiovascular health , this aspect being present during sexual intercourse. Sex requires the dilation of blood vessels to provide blood flow to certain erogenous zones. For this reason, sport improves erections , both in the case of men and women (erection of the clitoris).

  2. Physical activity controls insulin levels , avoiding metabolic disorders that could affect the sexual arousal phase. Therefore, sport facilitates and improves the quality of excitement.

  3. The more sport we practice, the more We have sexual resistance and are more likely to enjoy the intimate act without ending up super tired and out of breath, due to lack of habituation to movement.

  4. By training frequently, you improve your flexibility, releasing tension, relieving muscle contractures, improving our strength and opening up more physical possibilities to experience more risky or demanding sexual positions or techniques for the body.

  5. By constantly exercising we improve our testosterone levels. The most important sex hormone that men have, because it helps maintain sex drive, sperm production and bone health. It is also important to female sexual health, as it contributes to libido and orgasm, as well as helping to maintain normal metabolic function, muscle strength, cognitive function, and mood.

  6. You look sexier: there is no doubt that, by exercising, we are able to shape our body, make it more defined, which in the eyes of the opposite sex is striking and produces a desire, rarely surpassable.

  7. Exercising and overcoming our own physical challenges improve our self-esteem , making us more desirable.

  8. And do not forget the exercise of the internal muscles . We always recommend women to exercise their pelvic floor with the VagiYoga vaginal trainer, a massage device that allows to tone and recover the pelvic floor muscles, which represents the best guide to properly perform Kegel exercises.

    It has the biofeedback function through a vibration emitted , easy to control with the visualization of the exercise on a screen of any smart phone or tablet, which you connect to the device application (free download). Kegel exercises are recommended at all stages of life, especially after pregnancy, in menopause and as prevention of urinary incontinence and prolapse of the genital area.

We have already seen that both sex and exercise can offer you great advantages, to improve our performance as lovers and to optimize our sports performance. The best recommendation for intimate health, for women and men, is to exercise regularly, under the advice of a professional, to keep your libido high, since lack of exercise can cause high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and even loss of sexual desire.

We must give importance to the fact that both sex and exercise encourage the release of hormones that can help us feel better , more powerful and vigorous , and raise our self-esteem . Raising our levels of endorphins , testosterone and adrenaline , so we can benefit from the action of these hormones in sports, as well as in intimacy. In addition to gaining muscle mass at the same time.

On the occasion of the World Day of Sport and Physical Activity that is celebrated on April 6, the United Nations Organization uses the slogan "Only together, we will play again" as a campaign and invites us to share a photo on social networks or a video that shows the value sport has in your life, highlighting the importance of ensuring that we are all protected from COVID-19 so that we can get back to doing what we love best. #SoloJuntos #DíaDelDeporte

At #TuSaludIntima we want you to stay active to enjoy all the advantages that physical exercise offers to your intimate health and sexuality.

Follow us for more content like this on our social networks, with the user: @TuSaludIntima. There we keep sharing intimate health and sexuality tips. We invite you to join #TeamZenzsual, replicate this information and leave us your comments.


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  • Efrain Villeda

    I liked these tips very much!
    I’m encouraged to make exercise part of my daily routine, after struggling with insomnia, so much of strees and because of that having lung cancer. I really looking to find a way to minimize the levels of stress, and sleep well that have affected so much in my life.

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